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Here today, we are going to talk about how to unblock Facebook link from Facebook.

What is Facebook??

Facebook is the most popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload videos, posts and photos. It was created for the students of Harvard but has expanded to an open membership. It was created by fellow Harvard students to their mate. Students like Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. It was created together with the head which is regarded as the most popular in terms of Facebook. MARK ZUCKERBERG. It was also said he (Mark Zuckerberg) own Instagram and WhatsApp.



People share loads of things on Facebook. that has each footage of cats and links to malicious files that may hijack a person’s laptop.

To protect individuals from things just like the latter, Facebook can block bound web site URLs from being shared in Facebook posts, groups, Messenger, etc.

Now, if you’re reading this post, there’s most likely an honest probability that you’re not making an attempt to try and do something malicious (if you’re, this post extremely isn’t for you).

However, there area unit many reasons why you continue to might’ve gotten held in Facebook’s web, though you’re not making an attempt to try and do something wrong.

1. A Community Standards violation

First off, if you’re violating Facebook’s Community Standards, Facebook goes to dam your web site URL from being shared.

For example, your website} may well be blocked attributable to the Community Standards if your site includes content regarding shopping for, selling, or trading…

  • Firearms
    Non-medical medication
    Endangered species
    Live animals
    Human blood
  • Alcohol and tobacco
    Diet product
    For legitimate stores (e.g. a firearms store), Facebook can enable a number of these topics, however prohibit viewing to those who area unit 21+.

The Community Standards additionally cowl alternative topics such as:

  • Violence and incitement
    Hate speech
  • Spam
  • Nudity
    False news
    If you haven’t already, you’ll wish to browse through the Community Standards to envision if any of them may apply to your web site.

2. Malicious chatting

Facebook could be a piece of land wherever each web site is competitory for Facebook users’ eyeballs.

Rather than contend by providing a lot of attention-grabbing content, some individuals have chosen to undertake to require out the competition by maliciously coverage URLs.

If millions of individuals use Facebook’s coverage system to report your web site, that may cause your web site obtaining blocked.

3. Facebook algorithms

There’s no manner that Facebook will manually review each single post, therefore Facebook depends loads on algorithms to dam web site URLs.

For example, there’s associate anti-spam rule to forestall individuals from spamming their websites. If you post your web site URL too repeatedly in an exceedingly short amount. One may accidentally trigger the Facebook anti-spam rule, that may lead to your web site being blocked.

Or, you might’ve simply gotten blocked through no fault of your own. Facebook’s algorithms aren’t excellent and you’ll generally simply be unlucky. For instance, perhaps your web site is comparable to a different web site that was blocked.


If you dont believe all the things above, you can just go to your Facebook and comment ”useless nigerians”. Pls dont try it if your Facebook isn’t up to a year because you may lost it.


How do I unblock my blog site link from Facebook
Why did Facebook block my URL? You may ask…
The short but unpleasant answer: You are not VALUABLE.
You might get upset about that answer and say: “but I am valuable. I only shared my link to few groups and across Facebook. What made you say such? Am I not on Facebook? Is that not value?
My reply: You are still not VALUABLE.
Some people will still say: ” but, i went to Facebook debugging tool and reported that my link is blocked. They still block my link after five of my friends do the same thing. Is that not value that 6 of us reported 1 link?
My reply: You are still not VALUABLE. If you used Facebook debugging tool multiple times and still no reply or your link is still blocked, then Congrats! You have then gotten a straight ticket to Facebook’s black book.
When you use Facebook debugging tool multiple times, what Facebook sees is SPAM!
So, one might ask, “how do I become valuable to Facebook?”
My reply: Have a Facebook business account aka Facebook page(which is free to create).
If you are submitting your link to Facebook and no reply, you are doing this as a FACEBOOK USER even if you have a page. You need to switch accounts from USER to BUSINESS.
Paying for someone to unblock your blog URL is like paying someone to create facebook for you.
Now, creating a FACEBOOK page is easy but what’s easy is usually easy not to do but you have to get it verified.


When you have created a FACEBOOK page, you are still a USER. You still have to do 3 things.
1. Verify your page from
2. Verify your domain from
3. Verify your phone number and if possible, connect it with your WhatsApp business account.
Note: WhatsApp business can be very painful. It suspend accounts permanently and temporarily. That’s why I advice you reading their FAQ before downloading.
If you do not do 2 or the whole 3 of these, you won’t get “live support” or “chat with fb representative.”
1. Click


2. Click in “Get Started”


3. Click on “Policy & Account Security”


4. Click on “Chat with a representative”


5. Click on “Start Chat”


Wait a few minutes and a FACEBOOK agent will chat with you.


Tell the person Facebook blocked your URL and you need it unblocked (be polite).


Add this extra juice if you may: Tell the person you also want to run ads but since your URL is blocked on facebook, you can’t.
Within 24hrs or few weeks, your URL will surely be unblocked on facebook. You may or may not receive an email from FACEBOOK but after 24hrs, keep testing your URL on Facebook to see if it is unblocked.


The problem will be from your site if your link is not unblocked from Facebook due to INSECURE CONTENT. The FACEBOOK agent will tell you that though but you will have to find those connects on your site and remove them (could be images or a code in your site or https).
Still not get it?? Click here
This really works!!
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