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To set indeed ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin is not always easy for first timers including me. Even the so called ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin documentation is not easily arranged on their website. Before we start this, please, kindly watch the video dropped below for better understanding. It is a short video of five minutes.

Switch to desktop mode for better view.

Register first to see all the notes

I do not know the main reason why you check this, but I am going to draw it from the start from noobie. When I say from start does not mean explaining what the plugin is or some thing like that. It just mean explaining how to install pages. If you are damn new and do not know how to install code in pages, please learn.

Firstly, get the plugin. You can get the plugin from anyone at anywhere but make sure you got the premium own. You can chat me on whatsapp if you need it.

Please login  or register before continue or else, you will not see the note: and important points


only login members will see this

Please, delete all pages the plugin added

So, after the above steps have been completed, let us talk about how to create a new page.

Use the following short code to create all new pages.  [if_not_affiliate]Only login members can view the rest😏[/if_not_affiliate]


  • Login page – [uap-login-form]
  • Register page – [uap-register]
  • Logout page – [uap-logout]
  • Forgotten password page – [uap-reset-password]
  • Account page- [uap-account-page]


  • This same plugin can also be used if you do not want login members to see some things and also, if you do not want not login members to see things also. Use [if_affiliate][/if_ affiliate][if_not_affiliate][/if_ not_affiliate]. Kindly mind the space if you want to use it. I am presently using it now for this post. Logout members can never see the noted point you people see. If affiliate will be used if you want only affiliate to see and you write the content after the first ] and before the second [.

Now after all pages has been successfully created. I hope you all watch the videos I publish down. You really need this to set ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin.

Note: you want to learn this. So, follow all instructions.

  • 1. Watch the video
  • 2. Register or login
  • 3. I do not know yet.

I do not really know what you want to use the plugin to do. But, if you are logged in, you will see my dashboard and see how I did that. The dashboard is under account page which I gave the short code to only logged in members above.

Now, let’s go on how to change currency

Clicking on general options tab on the plugin can make you change currency. Just go to the general options, then, you scroll to amount value option on ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin. But in case your currency is not part of the options, such as naira, kindly move to custom currency under extension and add your currency including the logo.(Copy and paste from maybe goggle). Then, you add it. After adding, go back to the general options and choose. Watching the video on top can be better.

As I have said earlier, I do not know what you want to use the plugin to do. If it is an affiliate website just like holyprofweb, you need an extra plugin like mycred. But if it an affiliate website like amazon, you need an extra plugin like woo commerce. But I am going to explain here what the two can work for.


Paying members for referring

There are different ways you can pay members. Is it by paying member when they refer or paying members when they refer people to signup to buy product or paying them when they refer people to visit, e.t.c. Not all will be taken into consideration. But the most important ones will be used. I do not really know if your own site has rank (free, basic, premium, e.t.c) but me setting this does not have any rank. You can not set or use ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin without the referring aspect because that is the main reason for the plugin.

If you want to pay members for paying users to sign up, just click sign up sub menu under the extension man menu. One of the thirteen main menu on the header. Also, if you want to pay members for referring visitors to visit PPL(pay per click) sub menu under main menu extension beside the sign up sub menu on top. You can set this for different ranks but in case you want same amount, use the default amount. If not, leave the default amount empty. In case the amount is not functioning, then, you have set the maximum amount to be shared. Kindly click maximum amount under extension to change this settings.

Add sub menu to ultimate affiliate pro account page

There is a tab inside the affiliate account page. Login members would have seen and understand what I mean when they check their dashboard. You can either add or remove from it. Its an easy something. To get started, click account custom tab sub menu under extension main menu. Then, add the new ones you want to add. To remove, you need to go to your account page by clicking showcase tab. You can set your login, register and account page in showcase tab.

Note 4: An admin can not become an affiliate or see anything about affiliate. So, create a new account and operate.



How to set ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin is the topic

Invalid links on my ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin

Yes, that is possible. Either it is linking to another site, or the register link and forgotten password link on the login page is wrong or vice versa. It is very easy to change this. If you want to change the site URL, kindly go ahead to general options and change the based referral link to your site gan gan gan. If you want to change a link as I have said earlier, go to default pages sub menu under general options main tab and change it.

Redirection after completing an activity on ultimate affiliate pro WordPress plugin

If in case you want to redirect users to a page after they have logout or redirect them to a page after login, you can simply do that. Just go to default redirect sub menu tab under general options and change that.

Note 6: This plugin makes website slow than normal. Takes 153kib on my website.



So, after all this, if you still need any other thing, kindly create a new forum on our page and ask the question. Thanks.

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