How to get free Bitcoins without stress.

How to get free bitcoins.

How to earn free bitcoins.

Top Best Working Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins.

Using CoinTiply. download 44

Cointiply is a website that drips Bitcoins. It’s a website that rewards it’s users with bitcoins. It’s one free working way to earn free bitcoins.

The bitcoins that are dripped by the website are little, but they add up quite well if the user is consistent!

Below are other ways that you can earn free bitcoins. We’ll try to explain them in our other articles!

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Coinbase Earn.

Play Games and earn Bitcoin.

Get Bitcoin from One of these websites.

Shop and earn free Bitcoins.

Work For Bitcoin.

Earning Bitcoin From Trading.

Earn BTC By Lending.


The efficacy of Gambling as a way of earning Bitcoins can’t be overemphasized.

Gambling is a really good sure way to lose cryptocurrency and gain as well too. Many gambling sites would allow you to withdraw your earnings in bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but you’ll need to win games of luck or place a bet.

Or gamble with them.How to get free Bitcoins without stress.

Bitcoin gambling sites are most often just as legit as other types of online gambling or betting with any other kind of currency. The sites may be full of ads, and if you lose a bet, you’ll typically lose your money, but if you win, you get cryptocurrency, bitcoins!

Hence, it’s very possible to get free bitcoins from it.

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Bitcoin faucets

A bitcoin faucet is a feature that exists on some websites that steadily drips bitcoin. For instance, the website might dispense a little amount of bitcoins every few minutes. It’s usually an extremely small amount, equivalent to maybe a dollar or few dollars, and is given to the users every few minutes.

The longer the amount I time a user spends on the website, the more they earn the coins.

This is most often done as a promotional or engagement feature. If a Bitcoin faucet holds down and brings site visitors to the website, then the website gains more earnings and engagement.

Simply, it translates to increased engagement, higher ad revenue or other benefits for the sites owners that made the stay on their site worth while.How to get free Bitcoins without stress.

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Playing Bitcoin games.

These are games that give or drip bitcoins as a reward for playing them.

They work similarly to Bitcoin Faucets.

Bitcoin Games award to their users some minute amounts of bitcoin as prizes for playing the games!

They’re most often full of advertisements. The bitcoin rewards that are awarded help keep users playing the games and viewing the ads. But it’s a cool way to earn Bitcoins.

If you won’t mind viewing adverts and you actually enjoy the game you’re playing, the tiny bitcoin prizes will eventually add up, making you rich!

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I wrote this in bold because it was and can still be the best way to earn free Bitcoins.

Some years ago, all you needed to mine bitcoin is just a computer System. You would have been able to mine hundreds of Bitcoin right at home with a cup of tea on your table.

As of now, it’s really, really difficult!

The bitcoin mining network now ruled by and full of big stakeholders with hundreds of thousands of dollars of computing energy and power all dedicated to bitcoin mining.

To be able to make money from bitcoin mining now, you need to have lots of very powerful hardware.

Otherwise you’ll end up spending more of your resources than you will earn from bitcoin.

Affiliate marketing.

This is the best way to earn Free Bitcoins as of 2021.

It is the easiest way to get free bitcoins that’s worthwhile.

I mean that you can earn a lot of Bitcoin by just being an Affiliate Marketer.

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Affiliate programs are now used in almost all industries.

Infact, if you register as an Affiliate Marketer on Jumia, all the products you will purchase henceforth,

are discounted!

So you see, Affiliate Marketing has got lots goodies for you!

You can register as an affiliate marketer with some organizations and ask to be paid in Bitcoin.

For example, you might refer a friend to an earning site, then you get a referral bonus (Bitcoin).

When the person you referred makes a purchase, you get a percent of Bitcoin and the earning continues!

When you can get discounts or free money, it can be worth going out of your way to sign up for a service through a referral link instead of signing up directly, just to earn Bitcoins signup bonuses!

Work and Get paid directly in bitcoin

This method I just suggested is not so free, but it’s virtually the same though, because you’re also working for any bitcoin you might get from a faucet or as a game reward.


You may ask for bitcoin donations on your website through a bitcoin wallet address or your unique Bitcoin QR code.

Working as a freelancer.

Working for a company that pays you directly in bitcoin. For example, if you are a freelancer and work for a cryptocurrency business or you are a well known Service provider, you could actually get paid in bitcoin.

Asking your employer to pay you in bitcoin.

This is a fifty percent chance. A majority of employers would disagree.

You may ask for part or all of your salary in bitcoin.

Working for Bitcoin.

Yes, working for bitcoins.

You may be a freelancer, engineer or whatsoever, but you can work for Bitcoin, and get paid in Bitcoins!

You can also mine Bitcoins on sites like Binance and others.

Getting free bitcoins would be really great, but it is mostly difficult and doesn’t go on forever. It’s cool, but one method doesn’t continue to work forever.

You will have to continue looking for new ways to earn free Bitcoins.

And you will get the news on this site!

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Warning: Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins are really complex and involve a load of risks, we shall not be responsible for any Bitcoin scam or Cryptocurrency scam that happens to you!

We only provide the information above on how to earn free bitcoins for organic traffic.

The performance of all Cryptocurrencies is quite unpredictable and their past performance is not a guarantee of their future performance.

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