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Houss Rentals: An In-Depth Review

Houss Rentals is one of the largest residential property management companies in South Africa. In this extensive review, I’ll analyze customer experiences, the company’s offerings, and more to help people decide if Houss is a good choice for renting.

Company Background

Houss Rentals was founded in 1999 and has grown significantly over the past two decades. Some key details about their background:

  • Currently manages over 15,000 rental units across Gauteng, making them one of the largest players in the market.

  • Properties include apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and cluster homes. Asset value estimated at over R5 billion.

  • Headquartered in Midrand with additional offices in key hubs like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, and Fourways.

  • Part of the larger Houss Group property firm which also includes commercial, student, and affordable rentals.

  • Employs over 400 staff including property managers, administrators, accountants and support roles.

Houss has risen to become an industry titan, expanding their portfolio and operations massively through both new developments and acquisitions. Their scale allows national reach.

Property Portfolio

Let’s examine Houss’ available rental stock in more detail:

  • Premium Apartments – Large community style complexes in affluent areas like Riverwalk, The Central, The Piazza 🏢

  • Lifestyle Estates – Secure cluster homes or townhouse complexes near amenities 🏡

  • Lofts & Penthouses – Luxury high-rise rentals downtown with city views 🌇

  • Student Accommodation – On-campus or near campuses in Hatfield, Muckleneuk, Brooklyn 🎓

  • Mid-Market – Spacious family rentals in mid-range areas like Fourways, Irene 🏘️

With such a wide array, Houss can accommodate renters from students to families to professionals at varying price points. Properties appear modern and well-maintained.

They also offer value-added services like utility bills rolled into rental fees, WiFi/CCTV security, and lifestyle amenities like pools, gyms, and social clubs. 🏊‍♂️

Customer Reviews

To assess client satisfaction, I analyzed Houss reviews on multiple platforms:

Online Review Site Rating
HelloPeter 3.5/5 from 64 reviews
Google 4.7/5 from 182 reviews
Facebook 4.6/5 from 400+ reviews
Trustpilot 4.1/5 from 96 reviews

While no company is perfect, overall reviews are positive with common themes of responsive staff, well-maintained properties, and overall good rental experiences. Some complaints involved deposits and hidden fees.

Positive reviews highlighted:
– Clean, safe and quality complex/unit
– Friendly and helpful property managers
– Quick issue resolution and 24/7 support
– Good value for money rental deals

Areas for improvement according to some:
– Lack of small fixes/repairs sometimes
– Slow deposit refund processing
– Additional utility and levy costs

On the whole, customer reviews paint Houss in a positive light as a professional and reliable property firm. Issues appear relatively minor for the volume of rentals. 👍

Rental Process

Applying to rent with Houss involves a simple yet thorough process:

  1. View Available Properties – Check website listings for qualifying rentals

  2. Application Submission – Provide personal/income details and pay application fee

  3. Property Viewings – Schedule appointments to inspect shortlisted units

  4. Assessment & Verification – Houss vets application and conducts ID/credit checks

  5. Offer Letter – Qualified applicants get a rental offer capturing terms

  6. Signing – E-signatures or in-person for lease, inventory and related docs

  7. Move-In – Collect keys, do walkthrough and pay deposits/first rental installment

Most report a smooth, transparent process from start to approved move-in. Online features help track applications digitally.

Overall the rental process seems well-organized and straightforward to help tenants lease efficiently. Information is readily available.

Value for Money?

Rent amounts will depend on the specific property, size and location. But in general:

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments start around R7,000 p/month
  • 2 Bedroom from R9,000-R12,000
  • 3 Bedroom Townhouses R13,000-R18,000
  • Luxury Penthouses over R30,000

Factors affecting rent include amenities, parking, appliances, utilities inclusion and property value area.

Compared to independent landlords and other larger companies, Houss rentals appear competitively priced especially considering value-adds are often bundled in. Security deposits average 1 month’s rent.

With huge selection, properties to suit most budgets and lifestyle needs can be found under the Houss portfolio. Overall the cost-quality ratio seems quite reasonable.

Final Thoughts…

Through this extensive Houss Rentals review covering critical areas from company background to renter experiences, some clear conclusions emerge:

  • Industry leader with unmatched scale, experience and portfolio diversity

  • Generally positive customer satisfaction from professional, responsive service

  • Rental process is streamlined and transparent from application to move-in

  • Competitive rents relative to market averages and value proposition

For reliable rental management serving both short and long-term needs, Houss certainly seems a top contender backed by solid reviews. Their extensive offerings cater to a wide range of tenants.

While not perfect, Houss has established itself as a capable and trusted brand in South African rentals through consistent growth and satisfaction of tens of thousands of clients. They deserve consideration from renters nationally.

In summary, Houss Rentals earns a strong recommendation as one of the premier residential property management firms locally with excellent options to explore. Hope this in-depth review helped provide valuable insights! 👍

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