hire in global real or fake? Reviews and complaints


Welcome to our in-depth review of the Hire in Global website located at hireinglobal.com. In this blog post, we will explore the site in detail to determine whether it is a legitimate work from home opportunity or a potential scam.

What is Hire in Global?

Hire in Global presents itself as a site where users can earn money by completing data entry and typing jobs. They claim no experience is necessary and that anyone can sign up to start working.

On the surface, the concept of online data entry jobs is not unusual. Many reputable companies do offer this type of remote work. However, there are some red flags with Hire in Global that suggest it may not be on the up-and-up.

Owner Information Lacking

One of the first things we check for when evaluating a work from home site is information about the owner and company. Legitimate businesses always transparently share details like owner names, addresses, phone numbers, and incorporation documents.

Hire in Global provides none of this. There is no mention anywhere on the site of who actually owns and operates it. All contact details are generic web forms with no names or direct phone/email listed. This lack of transparency is a major red flag.

Jobs and Payments Seem Too Good to Be True

The types of jobs and earnings presented by Hire in Global seem unrealistic and inflated when compared to standard data entry wages.

They claim new users can earn upwards of $1500 per month for just a few hours of work per day. However, typical data entry roles pay closer to $7–$12 per hour for full-time workers. Earning $1500 monthly would require unrealistically high hourly wages or workloads.

Reported payment proofs also appear fabricated, with experts noting signs of photo manipulation. Successful completion payment screenshots look directly copied from other sites. This implies the earnings claims are just for marketing and no real payments may be involved.

No Verified Company Information

Doing a Google search turns up almost no legitimate information about Hire in Global as a company. There are no business listings, organization records, or third-party verification of their business activities.

We could also not find any active social profiles, mailing addresses, or phone numbers for the domain owner through public records searches. All of this suggests Hire in Global is likely not a properly registered corporate entity.

Reviews Point to Scam Operations

An in-depth review of discussions and comments about Hire in Global paints a clear picture – it’s a scam. Dozens of complaints across forums accuse the site of being unresponsive after registration, making impossible task demands, and never paying out earned wages.

Some also noted getting strange requests after sharing personal details like asking for upfront payments or transfers using payment forms – both signs this is part of a larger identity theft or phishing effort. Legitimate employers never behave this way.

Conclusion – Avoid Hire in Global

After vetting Hire in Global thoroughly based on standard checks for online work opportunities, it is evident this site should be considered fraudulent and users advised to avoid it.

The complete lack of transparency about ownership, inflated but unsupported earnings claims, fake payment graphics, and wealth of complaints indicating non-payment of wages are clear red flags this is not a real job opportunity but rather a scam meant to harvest personal information from would-be workers.

Stick to reputable companies you can fully research and verify rather than sites like Hire in Global that fail basic legitimacy testing. Your personal security and finances will be at much less risk that way.

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