Hello rache reviews & salary 2024; An honest review

The Evolution of Healthcare Assistance: Unveiling Hello Rache

In the dynamic realm of virtual healthcare support, Hello Rache emerges as a prominent player, revolutionizing how medical professionals handle non-clinical tasks. Established in 2014 in the Philippines, Hello Rache has grown to become one of the oldest and largest virtual medical staffing agencies globally, employing over 1,000 skilled medical assistants dedicated to supporting doctors, nurses, therapists, and various medical practices worldwide.

Hello Rache Unveiled: A Snapshot

Founded with a vision to streamline non-clinical workflows for healthcare professionals, Hello Rache operates on a robust foundation. Here are some key insights:

  • Founding Legacy: Since its establishment in 2014, Hello Rache has stood the test of time, evolving into a stalwart in the virtual medical staffing arena.
  • Global Assistance: With a workforce of over 1,000, Hello Rache provides round-the-clock support through chat, email, and phone channels to medical practitioners worldwide.
  • Service Specialization: Hello Rache excels in a spectrum of administrative tasks, including transcription, patient intake, appointment scheduling, billing, insurance verification, and other essential non-clinical functions.
  • Training Excellence: Before joining clients’ teams, Hello Rache assistants undergo intensive training in medical terminology, Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, and HIPAA compliance, ensuring they are well-equipped for the demands of the medical landscape.
  • Subscription Model: Clients subscribe to Hello Rache’s services, gaining access to a dedicated team of 2-5 assistants providing 8-12 hours of support per day.

In essence, Hello Rache stands as a cornerstone, facilitating healthcare practitioners to focus on direct patient care by efficiently managing the non-clinical intricacies of their practices.

A Panoply of Services: Hello Rache in Action

The suite of services provided by Hello Rache assistants is diverse, covering various aspects crucial to the seamless operation of medical practices:

  • Transcription Mastery: Hello Rache assistants adeptly transcribe doctor’s notes, procedures, letters, referral information, and other critical documentation.
  • Patient Intake Expertise: From gathering insurance and medical history to collecting contact details during appointments, Hello Rache assistants streamline the patient intake process.
  • Scheduling Prowess: Managing calendars, confirming visits, and rescheduling appointments as needed are handled with finesse by the adept teams.
  • Billing and Insurance Proficiency: Filing claims, checking coverage, and diligently following up on pending payments contribute to the financial health of medical practices.
  • Guardians of Medical Records: Hello Rache assistants meticulously update files, retrieve test results, and ensure compliance with prevailing standards.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Handling non-clinical phone and email queries from patients showcases Hello Rache’s commitment to holistic patient care.
  • Administrative Virtuosity: From organizing invoices and expense reports to managing mailers and other paperwork, Hello Rache assistants tackle all back-end operations, ensuring practices operate seamlessly.

This comprehensive support system enables healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of their profession with unparalleled ease.

Crafting Excellence: The Hello Rache Training Process

The journey to becoming a certified medical assistant through Hello Rache is no small feat, demanding commitment and dedication. The training process spans 2-4 months and encompasses various facets:

  • Medical Terminology Mastery: Trainees immerse themselves in understanding thousands of terms and acronyms commonly used in the medical field.
  • Anatomy and Physiology Exploration: Learning the intricacies of body systems, conditions, diseases, and their respective treatments is a fundamental aspect of the training.
  • Software Proficiency: Trainees become proficient in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) like Epic, Cerner, and clearinghouse programs.
  • Specialization Focus: Training is tailored to focus on specific specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics, and more, aligning with the diverse needs of medical practices.
  • Soft Skill Development: Beyond technical prowess, soft skills such as telephone etiquette, customer service, and cultural awareness are honed to perfection.
  • Role Play Simulations: Practical scenarios are simulated, allowing trainees to navigate various assistant scenarios with confidence.
  • Qualifying Exams: Trainees must successfully pass qualifying exams to demonstrate their competency before being deployed to clients.
  • HIPAA Compliance Emphasis: Understanding privacy laws, particularly the intricacies of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is rigorously ingrained in trainees.

This immersive training program ensures that Hello Rache assistants are not only technically adept but also equipped to handle the nuances of remote medical support.

Navigating the Threshold: The Hello Rache Hiring Process

For individuals aspiring to become part of the Hello Rache family, the hiring process is a multi-step journey that sifts through the most motivated candidates:

  1. Application: Aspiring assistants submit an online form, providing details about their education history and work experience.
  2. Qualification Test: A multiple-choice exam assesses the basic medical knowledge of candidates.
  3. Video Interview: A brief phone conversation delves into suitability and career goals.
  4. Skills Assessment: Practical evaluations of typing speed and computer skills gauge candidates’ technical proficiency.
  5. Background Check: Identity, residence, and screening for any red flags are rigorously verified.
  6. Medical Entrance Exam: A test covering anatomy, terminology, and physiology is a critical checkpoint.
  7. Job Offer: Conditional upon successfully completing the 2-4 month paid training program.
  8. Training Phase: Candidates enter a phase of rigorous learning, exams, and certification assessments.
  9. Deployment: Upon approval as qualified medical assistants, candidates are placed with a client.

This meticulous hiring process ensures that only the most motivated and capable individuals make it through, maintaining the high standards set by Hello Rache.

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Cultural Symphony: The Work Environment at Hello Rache

The work culture at Hello Rache is a mosaic of feedback from current and former employees, offering a nuanced perspective:

  • Competitive Compensation: Employees commend Hello Rache for providing above-average pay, starting at $500 per month, a commendable figure in the Philippine job market.
  • Core Company Values: The company places a strong emphasis on values such as customer service, integrity, and the quality of work, fostering a culture of dedication and commitment.
  • Collaborative Environment: A collaborative atmosphere encourages assistants to support each other, contributing to a collective improvement.
  • Advancement Opportunities: High performers are presented with opportunities for growth, with potential transitions into trainer or coordinator roles.
  • Management Dynamics: While generally supportive, some employees note a tendency for management to be rigid with rules and exhibit micro-management tendencies.
  • Shift Challenges: Shift timings, extending late into nights to accommodate global client needs, can pose challenges for work-life balance.
  • Workload Variability: The workload fluctuates significantly depending on the assigned doctor’s schedule, requiring adaptability.
  • Training Phase: The unpaid and intensive nature of the training phase demands full dedication, which can be a hurdle for some.

In essence, while demanding, those willing to invest effort in their roles at Hello Rache feel respected and find the experience to be a stepping stone to meaningful, long-term careers.

Decoding the Reviews: Hello Rache through Employee Eyes

Venturing into the realm of employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed offers valuable insights into the intricacies of working at Hello Rache:

  • Compensation (4/5 stars): While the training period is unpaid, employees highlight that the pay post-certification is above the market rate in the Philippines, and overtime is eligible.
  • Benefits (3.5/5 stars): Standard benefits such as healthcare and paid time off are provided, but retirement plans and stock options are notably absent.
  • Work-life balance (3/5 stars): Long shifts, sometimes required to cover clients in different time zones globally, and busy weekends contribute to a challenging work-life balance.
  • Management (3.5/5 stars): Supportive of growth, the management is noted for being strict on processes, with some employees expressing frustration over micro-management tendencies.
  • Job satisfaction (4/5 stars): Motivation derived from helping others and the availability of career progression opportunities are cited as significant sources of job satisfaction.
  • Stability (4/5 stars): The low turnover rate signals job security post-certification, and defined growth paths keep talent engaged.

In summary, while the training phase could see improvements, actual employee reviews suggest that Hello Rache generally lives up to its promise of providing meaningful medical careers for those who persevere.

Exploring Alternatives: Beyond Hello Rache

While Hello Rache stands as a leader in the virtual healthcare assistant domain, there are viable alternatives catering to diverse preferences:

  • Portiva: Focused on US clients, providing similar services in a smaller-scale setting with diverse specializations.
  • Medscout: Primarily offering clinical intelligence research roles, with flexible hours and a shorter training program (6 weeks).
  • Anthropic: Integrates AI-assistants to supplement tasks like documentation, prioritizing tech skills over extensive medical training.
  • ValueHealth: Targets international insurers and telehealth firms, offering more entry-level roles.
  • Athena Health: Specializes in providing medical coding and billing assistants, offering a narrower scope but with an established reputation.
  • Medicall: Specialized in large hospital support, primarily focusing on appointment scheduling.
  • OneHealth: Exclusive focus on digital marketing services, including social media and website content for medical practices.

These alternatives provide a spectrum of options catering to varied location preferences, skill sets, industry focus, and company sizes.

Critical Reflection: Things to Consider Before Joining Hello Rache

Embarking on the journey of joining Hello Rache’s intensive training program requires careful consideration of personal factors:

  • Commitment: The commitment to completing months of unpaid, full-time study with no guarantees of deployment demands dedication.
  • Passion for the Medical Field: An inherent passion for the medical field, coupled with the stamina to rapidly learn thousands of terms, is crucial.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing schedules, potentially working odd hours or weekends, is a prerequisite.
  • Relocation Readiness: A willingness to step away from family or relocate fully during the live-in program is essential.
  • Global Remote Work Comfort: Comfort with switching to long-term remote work from any location globally is a consideration.
  • Strict Process Adherence: A willingness to work under strict processes and management oversight indefinitely is a key factor.
  • Workload Fluctuations: Acceptance of fluctuating workloads depending on assigned doctors’ practice patterns is vital.
  • Preference for Collaboration: A preference for collaboration over autonomy is crucial, given the teamwork involved in managing large accounts.

Weighing these personal factors is paramount before committing to the Hello Rache career path.

The Verdict: Is Hello Rache Your Professional Haven?

In conclusion, Hello Rache stands as a robust platform that generally delivers on its promise of providing a springboard for careers in medical administration. However, it may not align with everyone’s circumstances. Let’s dissect the verdict:


  • Market Leader: As the largest player in the domain, Hello Rache boasts a sizable client base and a strong brand reputation.
  • Above-average Pay Potential: The long-term pay potential offered in the Philippines is commendable, providing financial stability.
  • Rigorous Training Program: The intensive training program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.
  • Clear Growth Paths: Opportunities for internal mobility and growth highlight a clear trajectory for career advancement.


  • Uncertainty in Training: The lack of guarantees during the intensive unpaid training phase poses a challenge for some candidates.
  • Schedule Inflexibility: The inflexible schedule requirements for certain roles may clash with individuals seeking greater flexibility.
  • Management Dynamics: Some employees express frustration over micromanagement tendencies, which may not suit those desiring autonomy.
  • Autonomy Preference: The structured environment may not align with the preferences of those leaning towards independent contracting.

For self-motivated candidates willing to fully commit, Hello Rache can be a worthwhile investment toward securing roles in the virtual healthcare sector. However, prospective hires need realistic expectations of its demands to determine the proper fit. It remains a respected leader in the realm of virtual healthcare staffing, offering a platform for meaningful and long-term careers.

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