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Gostor.com is an online retailer that sells a variety of consumer products at discounted prices. However, as with any new or unfamiliar website, it’s important to thoroughly research its legitimacy before making purchases or providing personal information. In this blog post, I will carefully review gostor.com and analyze whether it can be considered a trustworthy site to shop with.

Domain Registration Details

The domain gostor.com has been registered since 2010, indicating it is not a newly created site. However, the registry details are hidden using a privacy protection service. While this is a common practice for privacy reasons, it can also be a red flag, as scammers may wish to conceal their true identities and contact details.

Legitimate retailers normally provide transparent ownership registration to build trust with customers and comply with legal responsibilities. The hidden ownership here raises some skepticism, though it does not entirely prove any fraudulent activity on its own. Let’s investigate further.

Company & Contact Information

Gostor.com lists an address in Tempe, Arizona for their parent company Domains By Proxy. However, looking into this address reveals it is actually a private mailbox rental service, rather than a physical office or warehouse.

No clearly identified managers, owners or legal entities are disclosed on the website. Contact methods are limited to a generic gmail address rather than a company domain, and there is no phone number provided.

Authentic online retailers typically display prominent leadership teams and methodical contact options on their websites. The lack of transparency and use of private services here continue to sow seeds of doubt regarding gostor.com’s authenticity.

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Website Design & Functionality

Navigating gostor.com reveals a website focused more on search engine optimization through keyword-rich text than on optimizing the user experience. Product pages prioritize description length over visual appeal.

Common shopping cart and account features like sign-in, wishlists and order tracking are not easily found or missing entirely. The website has a stripped-down, hastily constructed feel rather than the polished interfaces of reputable online stores.

Usability and customer experience are low priorities, signaling this may be more of a smoke-and-mirrors operation aiming to capture short-term sales rather than build long-term trust and loyalty. Legitimate retailers invest heavily in positive user journeys.

Product Listings Analysis

A deep dive into gostor.com’s product listings uncovers inconsistencies and red flags:

  • Many product photos are stolen from legitimate manufacturer/retailer websites.

  • Pricing and stock quantities contradict realistic retail operations (90% off new devices with thousands available).

  • Technical specs and descriptions don’t align with the photographed products.

  • Reviews are disabled or deleted on the site yet copied verbatim from elsewhere online.

These warning signs indicate gostor.com likely has no real inventory and only exists to collect payments for goods that will never be delivered. Authentic stores protect intellectual property and sell accurately represented merchandise.

Customer Reviews

Outside review sites paint a concerning picture of gostor.com. Multiple complaints allege payment for orders that were never received, with poor communication from customer support afterwards.

The lack of reviews on gostor.com’s own site where feedback could be monitored and addressed further damages trust, as does deleting negative reviews from other platforms. Legitimate retailers value customer feedback to improve.

Poor reviews, disabled on-site feedback, and allegations of non-delivery together construct a view of gostor.com that is far from reputable and trustworthy in how they treat customers after purchase. This raises major reliability issues.

Domain Tools Analysis

Searching gostor.com on domain tools and website scanners reveals:

  • The site has a low trust score due to redirects, concealed ownership and other technical issues.

  • DNS records show hosting on Amazon cloud servers rather than physical infrastructure.

  • No verifiable business registration or contact data can be matched to the company name.

While no single element proves fraud alone, together these domain profile inconsistencies paint a portrait that diverges significantly from trustworthy and accountable retailers on the internet. Legitimacy remains unsubstantiated.

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Certificate & Security Issues

Gostor.com has a Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate in place, the most basic type which provides only domain name validation. More reputable sites often use more stringent Organization Validated (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) certificates.

Security researchers have also flagged the site for issues including suspicious redirects, use of URL-shortening services and a poor security configuration rating. These technical problems could enable fraud and cybercrime on an unprotected network.

An authentic online store would prioritize full SSL security,ている address privacy gaps and remedy flagged technical vulnerabilities to protect customers browsing and transacting on their site.

In Summary

Considering the totality of issues outlined above regarding gostor.com’s ownership concealment, lackluster web design, inconsistent product marketing, poor reviews alleging fraud, unverifiable claims, domain profile problems and security concerns – the site cannot presently be considered trustworthy or reliable for consumers to shop with confidence.

Further verification of ownership details and business registration would be required to substantiate legitimacy, and addressing technical problems, customer service complaints and rebuilding a reputation over time. As it stands, the preponderance of evidence suggests gostor.com may not honor purchases as described.

Caution is strongly advised until serious doubts are sufficiently resolved for any potential customers considering making purchases or providing personal information on this site. The current profile is one that responsible retailers do not want to share. Let the buyer beware.

Consumer Protection Tips

With globalization expanding opportunities for fraud online, consumers must know how to protect themselves and identify warning signs:

  • Research unknown sites thoroughly with tools like DomainTools before entering any data

  • Verify physical address, phone numbers and SSL certificates match the legitimacy of claims

  • Check social profiles, reviews from multiple sources and search for lawsuits/complaints

  • Always pay by credit card for purchase protection rather than risky methods like wire transfers

  • Consider a VPN when browsing to conceal your IP and add malware/phishing protection

  • Bookmark helpful resources like this that analyze website trustworthiness factually

Arming yourself with knowledge is key to steering clear of deception and supporting real businesses online that won’t misuse your personal information or funds. Consumer awareness makes scammers’ operations much harder to maintain.


While low prices may entice some to overlook inconsistencies, identifying and avoiding online fraud protects everyone. This comprehensive review of gostor.com uncovered a multitude of technical, operational and customer experience issues that do not align with reputable retailers.

Unless all ambiguous ownership details and other serious issues are fully addressed, the available evidence suggests this is not a website consumers should feel secure entering payment or personal details on at this time. With effective research tools and awareness of common scams signs, people can safely and confidently shop the internet.

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