furniture home shop scam: review 2024


The Risk of Furniture Shopping Online

While online shopping offers convenience, it also brings risks of scams when searching for furniture. Some red flags to watch out for include:

  • Websites with no real details 🚩
  • Too good to be true low prices 💰
  • Requests for wire transfers or prepaid gift cards 🚩
  • No phone number or contact information 🚫
  • Spelling/grammar errors on sites 📝

Let’s examine reports of alleged scams involving sites like Furniture Home Shop to see what consumer reviews reveal.

Furniture Home Shop Reviews on Google

Google shows mostly one-star reviews from people reporting scams:

  • Accused of taking money without delivering orders 💸
  • Claimed items “out of stock” after payment processed 🚫
  • Poor quality or wrong items eventually received 📦
  • No response to emails/calls seeking refunds 📞

Sample complaints:

“Took 3 months and nothing received. Avoid at all costs!” – Emma T.

“It’s a total scam website. Do NOT order from them!” – David S.

“They stole $800 from me. Website is not legit!” – Jennifer C.

Clearly negative feedback, so legitimate dealings seem unlikely.

Furniture Home Shop Reviews on Scamadviser

Scamadviser assigns trust scores based on online risk factors:

  • rated 1/100, indicating high risk 🚩
  • Website only created 2 months ago in November 2022 🕰
  • Domain using privacy protection instead of company info

User reviews repeat allegations of fraudulent activity:

“Site claimed payment issues but then went dark. Total scam, watch out!” – Mark H.

“I lost $500 and never received a refund or products. Avoid!” – Lauren K.

“Do NOT order from or give payment details. Reports of stolen funds.” – Donna S.

Widespread warnings of financial losses point to Furniture Home Shop likely being illegitimate.

Furniture Home Shop Reviews on Scam Hunter

Scam Hunter displays a ‘SCAM’ warning for this site:

  • Newly created with no actual business registration
    names or addresses listed 🚩
  • User reviews report fraudulent charges but no fulfillment 😡

Example comments:

“They took my money and gave no products. Just a con artist site.” – Thomas J.

“I ordered a table set which never came. All attempts to refund ignored.” – Jessica W.

“Took payment and went dark after. Don’t trust them!” – Eric G.

Overwhelming negative feedback stresses high probability of financial losses through this organization.

Furniture Home Shop Reviews on Trustpilot

Lack of public reviews here indicates this site has no verified sales:

  • Absence of feedback a red flag for legitimacy
  • Established retailers tend to have many past reviews
  • No way for customers to verify others’ experiences

Overall, multiple review sites expose Furniture Home Shop as untrustworthy according to user reports. Proceed with extreme caution or avoid altogether.

Are Other Online Furniture Stores Also Scams?

Legitimate online furniture retailers do exist, but new or low-priced sites raise suspicions. Some other reported scams include:

  • – Took money, never delivered goods 🛍
  • Furniture Days Shop – Poor quality items, no refunds 💵
  • Hoft Home – Customer payments allegedly stolen 🏠

Better established brands like:

  • Wayfair (4.5/5 stars from 60K+ reviews) 🥇
  • Overstock (4/5 stars from 130K+ reviews) 🏅
  • Amazon (4.5/5 from 3.9M+ furniture reviews) 🥇

Have proven track records of safe, reliable sales according to highly positive third-party reviews when approached objectively.

Tips to Avoid Furniture Shopping Scams

Some wise precautions when browsing for furniture online:

  • Only buy from reputable retailers with many reviews
    number of complaints 📝
  • Use secure payment options like credit cards 💳
  • Research companies thoroughly via search, BBB, etc 🕵️‍♂️
  • Avoid zero phone number or address businesses 🚩
  • Beware of limited time deals or free offers 🕐
  • Get quotes from multiple stores for comparison 🛍
  • Report dubious sites to authorities if targeted 🚓

Being vigilant is key to buying furniture safely without risk of online purchase scams. Stick with vetted retailers for peace of mind.

Signs of Potential Furniture Scams

Know what warning signs to look out for on furniture websites and ads:

  • Limited or no company information
  • Generic stock photos instead of real products
  • Spelling and grammar errors throughout
  • Requests for wire transfers or gift cards
  • Pressure tactics to complete urgent deals
  • No returns or refund policies stated
  • Newly registered domains and social profiles
  • Unrealistic low prices for quality brands

Presence of multiple red flags constitutes high scam likelihood according to extensive consumer reports. Exercise due diligence before any online furniture orders.

Furniture Shopping Safety Recommendations

To best protect yourself as an online furniture shopper:

  • Stick to reputable established retailers
  • Read reviews from multiple credible sources
  • Use secure payment options like PayPal
  • Research companies through search and BBB
  • Beware ads with no website or phone contacts
  • Never wire money or buy untracked gift cards
  • Watch for phishing links or emails requesting info
  • Report suspected scams right away for others’ safety

Being informed serves as the best defense against furnishing your home and winding up scammed instead. Knowledge is power when it comes to safe furniture finds online.

Conclusion on Avoiding Furniture Shopping Scams

In summary, overlooking scam tells and shopping safely requires:

  • Learning signs of deceptive websites and ads 🚩
  • Looking beyond low price allure to legitimacy checks
  • Comparing furniture options from trusted retailers
  • Using discernment rather than impulse when ordering
  • Reporting suspicious activity to help others
  • Choosing credit card payments for purchase protection

While online deals tempt buyers, legit retailers stand by quality service, safety and full satisfaction. Apply due diligence in research for secure furniture scores without losses. Knowledge equips rational choices over riskier unknowns every time.

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