flyer m880 review 2023; is flyer m880 a good brand? Find out!!

An Affordable and Versatile Electric Cargo Bike for Urban Needs

The Radio Flyer M880 electric cargo bike brings practical pedal power and cargo hauling capacity to commuters, families and deliverists looking for an affordable workhorse for navigating the city. As a mid-drive electric bicycle with fat tires and a spacious rear rack, it aims to smoothly handle cargo loads up to 300 pounds while keeping the rider energized over longer distances. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this e-cargo bike such a compelling option.

Fat Tires and a Comfortable Ride

A key feature of the M880 is its high-volume fat tires measuring 26 x 4 inches. Rolling on oversized rubber provides stability and shock absorption to glide over road imperfections, gravel or grass with ease. The tires generate a plush riding experience whether roaming local streets or light off-road terrain. An upright seating position complements this comfort, keeping the body naturally upright versus hunched over handlebars. Combined, these ergonomic touches make the M880 notably pleasant for a wide range of riders to pilot for lengthy periods carrying cargo.

Powerful Pedal Assistance

At the heart of the M880 is a 500-watt rear hub motor. This mid-drive design integrated unobtrusively within the rear wheel axle supplies natural and responsive boost to the rider’s pedaling motions. Pedal assistance reaches speeds up to 20 mph using the bike’s 5-level sensor system. The motor and controls activate seamlessly without detection. For those needing an initial kick or uphill push, a convenient twist-grip throttle also props the bike forward briefly without pedaling involvement. This 500-watt motor packs enough muster for steady cruising yet remains fairly efficient regarding mileage range.

Long-Range Riding Ability

A beefy 720 watt-hour lithium-ion battery powers the M880’s motor. This large-capacity cell allows for impressive riding distances between charges. Radio Flyer estimates a range up to 50 miles is possible, though terrain, cargo load, rider weight and use of pedal assist versus throttle will impact actual mileage. Either way, the battery gives the M880 excellent legs to reach destinations far beyond the average non-electric bike’s limitations. An onboard LCD display clearly shows remaining charge levels too. For trips requiring beyond 50 miles, partial recharging during use further extends the usable range.

Rigid Steel Construction

Helping the M880 to stand up to regular demanding urban use is its rugged steel frame construction. Welded frames using steel tubing result in durable designs that can withstand corrosive outdoor elements and heavy loads far better than some aluminum alternatives. The M880 also features eyelets to attach optional front and rear racks as needed, expanding the cargo potential. Together with its fat tires, integrated chain guard and included fenders, the M880 is built to withstand weather, terrain bumps and cargo hauling abuse day after day with little worry of damage. Reliability is a top concern met by a rugged build quality.

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Accessories Included

Right out of the box, the M880 arrives pre-equipped with useful add-ons like full rear and front LED lighting for visibility, rear fenders to keep spray off the rider, and a large rear-mounted rack. This 47-inch long by 22-inch wide steel platform can bear loads up to 300 pounds, enough space and strength to securely transport most cargo imaginable from building materials to kids. An included bungee net, rear pegs and sturdy rear cargo straps provide versatile methods to ensure items don’t shift during transport too. These stock components immediately unleash the cargo potential without extra purchases needed.

User-Friendly Pedal-Electric Drive

Usability remains a priority as well, starting with the linear pedal-assistance sensor and five included power levels. Pedaling gently enables low settings perfect for casual cruising, while mashing the pedals calls up to level five for maximum half-battery draining power on demanding routes. A easy-to-reach twist throttle also grants acceleration sans pedaling as desired for stops, hills or showing off a bit. Controls are simple to learn too via a backlit LCD control pad mounted cleanly on the handlebars. Overall, the M880 proves a joy to pilot thanks to natural and tunable power delivery.

An Affordable Workhorse Solution

Priced very competitively at only $1,799, the M880 electric cargo bike brings immense practical value to its owner. When accounting for its cargo capacity, long stated range and extensive standard components, the M880 surfaces as a complete and well-rounded urban utility machine. Whether hauling kids to school each day or transporting supplies for a local business, it proves more than capable of serving diverse needs. For individuals and families on a budget seeking heavy hauling power with pedal assistance, few other options exist delivering such a well-rounded package for the reasonable cost.

Backed by a Trusted Brand

Over 120 years of experience building iconic children’s toys and wagons lays the groundwork for Radio Flyer’s confident entry into electric bikes. While new to the e-mobility world, the company wisely partners with EV drivetrain leader Bafang to engineer capable electric components. A one year warranty also protects the investment out of the gate. Plus, an expanded dealer network of local bike shops means assembly, service and repairs stay convenient should any issues arise down the line. Overall Radio Flyer established solid brand reputation, partnerships and support make the purchase quite low-risk too.

Verdict – A Worthy All-Rounder

Offering capable pedal power, long range, rugged construction and included accessories for a fair price, the Radio Flyer M880 electric cargo bike brings immense practicality and value ready to serve diverse city transportation needs. Whether hauling kids, groceries or work materials, its fat tire comfort and 300 pound capacity gets the job done Dependably. Backed by a trusted brand with local support, the M880 surfaces as one of the best economical options for routine urban cargo carrying on two wheels enhanced with electric assistance. Especially for multi-tasking families and solo operators, it deserves inspection as a worthy urban workhorse.

Is the Radio Flyer M880 Worth Buying?

After examining the feature-packed Radio Flyer M880 electric cargo bike more closely, several aspects shine through that demonstrate clear value:

Foundation of a Sturdy Built

The all-steel framework paired with integrated components like chain and mud guards have been engineered by Radio Flyer to withstand punishment from cargo loads, weather, terrain and daily use reliably. Few other e-cargo bikes at this price can match such rugged durability right out of the box.

Complete Package Straight Away

Not only does the M880 include framed racks front and rear, but also built-in lights, toughened tires and necessary mounting anchors – ready to transport cargo immediately without extra investment. Other brands commonly sell add-ons separately hiking costs.

Impressive Standard Range

An estimated 50 miles per charge exceeds what many competitors provide at this cost point. The large battery gives flexibility for longer daily commutes or multipurpose weekend rides in style.

Fairly Priced All-In-One Solution

Weighing performance, features and the inclusion of components commonly sold separately, the M880 surfaces as a fairly-priced complete system. Few other options exist merging cargo utility, pedal-assistance and long range as ably for under $2,000 out the door.

Backed by Reputable Partner

Despite its cyling greens, Radio Flyer leverages Bafang’s proven e-bike experience. And having over a century of toy-making expertise proves competence in durability and customer satisfaction too.

While not perfect for especially hilly or off-road terrain, the M880 ably handles varied urban transportation needs of hauling kids, groceries or parcels with powered riding comfort. Factoring capabilities and included inventory, it stands as one of the best values on the e-cargo bike scene today. For commuters, deliverists or families on a conservative budget, the M880 warrants strong consideration.

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In conclusion, the Radio Flyer M880 presents a compelling case as an affordable and versatile electric cargo bike well-suited for everyday urban transportation needs. With its powerful yet efficient motor, high-capacity battery providing an impressive 50 miles of travel per charge, durable steel frame, fat tires enabling a comfortable ride, and generous 300 pound weight capacity cargo rack, it has the functionality to serve as the one bike solution for hauling kids, cargo, groceries and more.

Backed by over a century of expertise in durable toy manufacturing and partnering with industry-leading electric drivetrain innovator Bafang, Radio Flyer has established credibility delivering an electric bike that can withstand the rigors of routine use. Even more compelling is that the M880 arrives complete with lights, racks, guards and straps to transport cargo right away rather than requiring additional add-on costs like competitive options.

When factoring in the extensive standard components, rugged construction, ample power from the reliable 500-watt motor, and competitive pricing below $2,000, the M880 surfaces as an outstanding value. It trounces most electric cargo bikes and traditional non-powered versions in functionality and utility for the affordable cost. Whether for commuters, families, business owners or anyone toting heavy loads regularly, it deserves strong consideration.

While pedal-electric performance falls short on extremely steep hills, in general urban terrain the M880 performs admirably. Its tackling of daily hauling duties in style makes a compelling case as perhaps the best all-around electric cargo bike in its price class. Versatility, affordability and go-anywhere dependability endorse it as a worthy commuter investment that enhances both productivity and quality of life for its users. For these reasons, the Radio Flyer M880 stands out as a sensible choice for navigating life’s daily transportation needs sustainably on two powered wheels.

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