flaxx.co reviews: complaints by users in 2024

An In-Depth Look at Flaxx.co Reviews

Flaxx.co is an online payment platform that allows users to send and receive money internationally. As with any new company handling financial transactions, it’s important to look closely at reviews and analysis to evaluate trustworthiness and safety. In this post, I will dive deep into Flaxx.co reviews from various sources on the internet to get a well-rounded picture of people’s experiences using their services.

Trust Score and Initial Analysis

One of the first sites that comes up in a search for “Flaxx.co reviews” is Scamdoc.com. This site runs a comprehensive analysis of websites and assigns them a “Trust Score”. For Flaxx.co, the Trust Score given was 45%.

The site explains that a 45% score indicates a moderate level of trust – meaning more investigation is still needed but there are some positive signs. Under the “Good Points” section, Scamdoc notes that Flaxx.co has been actively operating since 2021 and appears to provide the services it advertises for international money transfers.

However, the analysis also notes that important details like ownership and location are not clearly disclosed on the Flaxx.co website. Scamdoc recommends further looking into customer reviews and reports before deciding whether to trust Flaxx.co with financial transactions. So their initial analysis was cautiously neutral, neither a strong recommendation nor condemnation.

User Reviews on Nairaland

Nairaland is a popular Nigerian discussion forum where many locals share reviews and opinions. Searching “Flaxx.co” on Nairaland turns up several discussion threads from users asking about or discussing experiences with the platform.

In one from October 2022 titled “Who Has Used This Site Before Flaxx.co I Need Honest Review”, the original poster explained they need to send money internationally and asked if anyone could vouch for Flaxx.co based on personal experience. Several responses followed:

  • One user said they had successfully used Flaxx.co twice to receive funds from abroad with no issues. Transfer times were relatively fast at 1-2 days.

  • Another echoed that experience, having used Flaxx.co on 3 occasions in 2022 to receive dollars from clients overseas without problems.

  • However, one response was more cautious, saying while Flaxx.co seems to work for receiving funds, they would not feel comfortable yet using them to send large sums internationally due to the company still being relatively new.

So in summary, the Nairaland reviews were predominantly positive about using Flaxx.co for receiving international transfers. But some unease remained about trusting larger outward transfers due to lack of long-term proven track record.

YouTube Tutorial and Review

YouTube houses many tutorial and review videos on financial services and platforms of interest in Nigeria. A December 2022 video walks through how to receive an international payment using Flaxx.co.

The creator receives a trial transaction during the video and guides viewers through the process step-by-step from registering an account to providing bank details. Their Flaxx.co account shows the deposit landing successfully within minutes.

Overall the tutorial presents Flaxx.co in a positive light, highlighting its competitive exchange rates and simplicity of use compared to alternatives. No major issues are encountered during the live test transaction.

In the description box, the creator also links to their full written Flaxx.co review on their personal blog. This more in-depth review echoes the video’s favorable sentiment while also acknowledging the company is still growing and establishing trust over time based on customer service quality.

Additional Review Aggregators

Beyond direct customer testimonials, it’s also insightful to check review sites that aggregate feedback from multiple sources. A few other notable mentions:

  • TrustedReviews.ws has a page dedicated to analyzing Flaxx.co reviews. They report the general sentiment is cautiously optimistic but note the need for more long-term data as the business matures.

  • ScamAdviser, another extensive review checker, also classifies Flaxx.co as legit and safe based on technical scans and user feedback studied.

  • On the Nigeria-focused TrustPilot, no dedicated Flaxx.co page yet exists possibly due to low usage, but related African payment platforms tend to have average 4-star ratings there from a few hundred reviews each.

So in summary, while review volume is still building up for a young company like Flaxx.co, the collected feedback from across trusted review sites paints a picture that their services appear to be delivering as promised for recipients thus far barring any major red flags. Of course, longevity will be key to solidifying trust over the long haul.

Other Mentions and Consistency

A couple other noteworthy points found:

  • Flaxx.co maintains an active presence on social media and works to quickly respond to any queries or issues raised, showing engagement with customers.

  • Searches turn up no reports of the Flaxx.co brand name or website itself ever being involved in any known scams or shady activities so far.

  • Information across all official Flaxx.co properties, third party articles and customer discussions reviewed was entirely consistent without contradictions – a good sign.

So in these peripheral areas as well, no glaring red flags stood out that would drastically alter the cautiously optimistic outlook emerging based on review analyses. Consistent messaging and responsiveness provide more confidence.

Final Thoughts on Flaxx.co Reviews

To summarize the major takeaways after a thorough review of available Flaxx.co customer feedback and analysis:

  • For receiving international transfers, experience appears smooth so far for the majority based on direct user reports. Exchange rates also competitive.

  • Sending larger amounts internationally still carries some unease due to the relative newness of Flaxx.co needing to build long-term trust over time.

  • Official communications and third party review findings have been responsible with no attempted cover-ups of potential issues.

  • While review volume is still limited, aggregate sentiment is cautiously positive rather than expressing clear concerns so far.

Therefore, if international receipts better suit your needs, Flaxx.co seems a reasonable option to consider based on current user reviews. However, those needing to outward remit larger funds may prefer established competitors until Flaxx.co has a longer proven track record. Monitoring their further performance over the next year will provide clearer insights into long-term trustworthiness. Overall the reviews analyzed paint a cautiously optimistic initial picture for Flaxx.co. But as always, do your own comprehensive research as an individual.

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