FC 24 Pro Clubs Reviews; How to fix FC 24 Pro Clubs not working?

Connectivity Issues Plague EA FC 24 Pro Clubs Mode

The Pro Clubs mode in EA FC 24 has been plagued by persistent connectivity issues, leading to frustration among players. Despite player expectations and developer delays, the problem continues to hinder the intended gameplay experience. This specific issue affects the Pro Clubs mode, preventing players from fully enjoying the game. While no known fix or workaround has been mentioned, players can try troubleshooting steps such as checking internet stability, updating the game, clearing cache, and contacting support for assistance.

It is crucial for EA Sports to promptly address these connectivity issues to ensure a seamless gaming experience for their dedicated player base. The blog post will delve deeper into the common connectivity problems faced, troubleshooting methods, tips to improve connectivity, and how to contact support.

Common Connectivity Issues in FC 24 Pro Clubs

Experiencing frequent disconnections and lag during online gameplay is one of the common connectivity issues faced by players in FC 24 Pro Clubs. These issues can be frustrating and hinder the overall gaming experience. Players have been unable to connect with opponents, leading to difficulties in playing the game as intended.

Despite player expectations and developer delays, the problem persists and has not yet been fixed by the developers. Lag causes delays and desynchronization between player actions and what is happening on screen. This makes skills and passes unreliable. Disconnections mean matches are abandoned mid-game, invalidating time spent and progress made.

Troubleshooting Steps for FC 24 Pro Clubs Not Working

During the troubleshooting process for FC 24 Pro Clubs not working, it is essential to follow these steps to identify and resolve any underlying issues:

Locate the game files in the installation folder on your computer. Find two files named Eaanticheat.gameservicelauncher and eaanticheat.gameservicelauncher.dll. Right-click on each file, go to Properties, and then to the Digital Signatures tab. Select the signature from the list, click Details, and then View Certificate. Install the certificates by clicking Next and Finish, and restart the game.

These precise troubleshooting methods can help diagnose connectivity problems on an individual level. Ensuring game files are up to date and properly certified is a critical first step to improving stability.

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Tips to Improve Connectivity in FC 24 Pro Clubs

Significantly, to enhance connectivity in FC 24 Pro Clubs, it is advisable to implement certain measures. Improving the gameplay experience and optimizing network settings can help address connectivity issues and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Firstly, players should ensure that their internet connection is stable and running at an optimal speed. They can test speeds and check for any obstructions. A slow or unstable connection will exacerbate problems.

They can also try restarting their gaming console or computer, as well as updating the game to the latest version. New patches may have addressed connectivity bugs. Clearing the cache of the gaming console or computer can also help improve connectivity by removing temporary files.

Additionally, relocating the gaming hardware to a more central location in the home, closer to the router, can boost signal strength. Using an ethernet cable instead of WiFi can provide a more stable connection. Limiting other device usage during gameplay prevents network congestion.

Contacting Support for FC 24 Pro Clubs Connectivity Problems

The recommended course of action for players experiencing FC 24 Pro Clubs connectivity problems is to contact the game’s support team for assistance. Troubleshooting steps to resolve connectivity issues in FC 24 Pro Clubs include:

  • Check internet connection stability

  • Restart gaming console or computer

  • Update the game to the latest version

  • Clear the cache of the gaming console or computer

  • Contact the game’s support team for further assistance

By reaching out to the game’s support team, players can receive personalized guidance and support to address their specific connectivity issues. This approach ensures that players can enjoy the game as intended and overcome any obstacles hindering their ability to start matches in the Pro Clubs mode.

The support team will likely provide additional troubleshooting steps such as logging diagnostic data or changing match settings. They may also suggest workarounds like rebuilding game files or reinstalling software in severe cases. With support involvement, a tailored solution can be found.

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In conclusion, the connectivity issues in EA FC 24’s Pro Clubs mode have been a persistent problem for players, hindering their ability to enjoy the game fully. While there is no known fix or workaround mentioned, players can try troubleshooting steps such as checking internet connection stability and updating the game.

Connectivity issues are complex with many potential causes. Taking a methodical approach and exhausting troubleshooting options is key to isolating problems. Reaching out to developer support should be a last resort, but may provide solutions for unique issues. With concerted effort, these connection woes plaguing the Pro Clubs community can hopefully be resolved. The onus is on EA Sports to continue improving online infrastructure and stability.


The blog post provided an in-depth look at the connectivity issues facing the Pro Clubs mode in the popular soccer video game EA FC 24. Players of this online multiplayer mode have been frustrated by frequent disconnections and lag that prevent them from enjoying matches as intended.

While no official fix has been released by the game developers, the blog post suggests troubleshooting steps players can take to potentially resolve connectivity problems themselves. This includes checking the stability of their internet connection, updating the game to the latest version, clearing cached files from their gaming device, and contacting technical support as a last resort.

Common connectivity problems experienced in Pro Clubs are described, such as lags causing desynchronized gameplay and disconnections aborting matches prematurely. The post stresses how these issues undermine the core gaming experience.

To thoroughly troubleshoot the source of connectivity problems, a series of specific steps are provided to located game files, validate digital signatures, and restart the game. Taking a methodical approach to troubleshooting at an individual level is emphasized.

The blog post also shares multiple tips that may help boost connectivity stability within Pro Clubs itself. Ensuring a fast, reliable internet connection as well as optimizing network settings on the gaming device are recommended. Restarts, game updates, and clearing cached files can resolve software-related issues.

Contacting the game developer’s support team is positioned as the most effective way to find a tailored solution if problems persist despite troubleshooting. Support agents can provide additional steps, workarounds, or identify unique issues requiring specialized fixes.

In summary, the extensive blog post shed light on the ongoing struggle Pro Clubs players face with unreliable connections. While no permanent resolution exists, the troubleshooting advice and connectivity enhancing suggestions offer a process for players to potentially overcome the hurdle on their own. Developer responsibility to address infrastructure issues is also stressed throughout.

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