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Faye Travel Insurance Overview

Faye is a travel insurance provider based in the UK that offers single and multi-trip travel insurance policies for individuals and families traveling both within the UK and abroad. Some key things to know about Faye travel insurance:

  • Established in 2002, Faye has nearly 20 years of experience in the travel insurance industry.

  • They offer a wide range of travel insurance policies for different durations (single trip, annual multi-trip) and destinations (UK only, worldwide).

  • Core policy benefits include medical cover, cancellation & curtailment coverage, baggage and personal belongings protection, and personal liability cover.

  • Policies can be purchased directly through the Faye website or over the phone.

  • Faye is part of the ERGO Travel Insurance group, one of the largest travel insurance providers in Europe.

In this in-depth review, we will look at Faye travel insurance policies in more detail, including coverage details, pricing, the claims process, and customer reviews. Keep reading to find out if Faye is the right travel insurance provider for your needs.

Faye Travel Insurance Policy Options

Faye offers two main types of travel insurance policies – single trip and annual multi-trip. Let’s break down the options:

Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • Covers a single trip abroad or within the UK that is 31 days or less in duration.

  • Annual multi-trip policies are preferable for longer trips or multiple trips within a year.

  • Cover levels include Silver, Gold and Platinum. Higher levels offer additional benefits for a small premium increase.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • Covers unlimited or a set number (typically 5 or 10) of individual trips within a 12-month period.

  • Trips can be either domestic UK visits or overseas destinations.

  • No single trip can exceed 31 days except on Platinum level policies which include 45 and 62 day trip options.

  • Again offered in Silver, Gold and Platinum levels with increasing cover amounts.

With both single trip and annual multi-trip options available, Faye travel insurance plans provide flexibility depending on individual travel needs and budgets. Let’s explore cover levels and inclusions in more detail.

Faye Travel Insurance Policy Cover & Benefits

Faye policies include some core cover areas regardless of level, with additional benefits tiered by Silver, Gold and Platinum. Here are some of the key inclusions across their plans:

Core Policy Benefits:

  • Medical expenses – Up to £10 million of medical cover for in-patient and out-patient treatment costs abroad.

  • Cancellation or curtailment – Reimbursement of unused trip costs if cancelling or cutting a trip short due to specified reasons.

  • Personal belongings – Cover for baggage and personal effects against theft, damage or loss.

  • Personal accident – Compensation for death or disablement from an accident on your trip.

  • Personal liability – Legal costs and compensation if legally liable for injury or damage.

  • Emergency medical assistance – 24/7 emergency helpline and medical assistance abroad.

Added Benefits by Cover Level:

  • Silver – Delayed baggage, missed departure & some winter sports options.

  • Gold – Extended cancellation/curtailment, additional activities e.g. winter sports, wedding cover.

  • Platinum – Increased limits for personal belongings and passport loss, additional sports coverage.

So in summary, higher Faye policy tiers provide broader and enhanced cover for more comprehensive protection during trips. Let’s explore pricing options next.

Faye Travel Insurance Pricing

Faye offers competitive travel insurance pricing on a sliding scale depending on:

  • Travel duration (single trip or annual multi-trip)

  • Cover level selected (Silver, Gold or Platinum)

  • Age of the traveler or oldest person in a family package

  • Destinations (UK only or worldwide including some restricted regions)

  • Medical pre-exisiting conditions or hazardous activities

For example, a sample single trip policy for:

  • A 30 year old traveling to Europe for 15 days
  • Gold cover level
  • No medical conditions

Would cost approximately £30-35 depending on exact trip dates. Annual multi-trip packages start from as little as £50 per year. Quotes can be customized online for accuracy.

In general, Faye pricing compares favorably versus average travel insurance companies in the UK. Discounts are also offered for family, multi-trip and repeat customer bookings creating good value over the long term. Flexible payment options via credit/debit cards are accepted.

So while not always the cheapest single trip, Faye offers competitive and fair pricing on quality protection suitable for all budgets. Let’s examine the claims process next.

Faye Travel Insurance Claims Process

If the unfortunate need arises to make a travel insurance claim, Faye aims to offer a quick, smooth and customer-focused claims experience. Here are some key things to know:

  • Claims can be reported pre-travel if cancelling, or post-trip for all other issues via phone, email or post.

  • A claims form and supporting documents are required. Faye provides clear checklists of required proofs like invoices and medical reports.

  • For medical claims abroad, Faye has a network of appointed advocates that can liaise directly with providers on the policyholder’s behalf.

  • Claims are handled in-house by the Faye claims team based in the UK. Outsourcing is avoided for better oversight.

  • Payments are made promptly via bank transfer once a claim is approved, often within a few days or weeks depending on complexity.

  • In the event of a dispute, the policyholder is guided through the complaints procedure and absorption Ombudsman escalation if needed.

Overall, customer feedback on claims is positive, with most praising the quick and efficient process. A dedicated claims advisor ensures requests are properly understood and supported every step of the way.

Faye Travel Insurance Customer Reviews

To understand real user experiences, let’s examine what customers say about Faye travel insurance in online reviews:

Trustpilot – Faye holds a “Excellent” 4.5/5 rating based on over 1,500 Trustpilot reviews. Repeated positive themes include:

  • Speed and ease of online purchase process. Policies emailed immediately after.

  • Comprehensive cover suitable for diverse trips and budgets. Gold offered best value.

  • Claims handled smoothly and efficiently, with quick reimbursements.

  • Excellent customer service via phone, email and live chat. Queries always answered.

Some occasional negatives centered around very minor glitches, but overall customer satisfaction seemed high.

Google Reviews – Out of 300+ reviews, Faye’s rating is 4.5/5 stars also. More praise for:

  • Clear and accurate quotes tailored to individual trip needs.

  • Straightforward process to add extra cover if plans changed.

  • Policies containing all necessary documentation emailed instantly.

Overall, it’s clear from unbiased Faye reviews that their ease of use, comprehensive protection at reasonable costs, plus quality of claims and customer experience leaves travelers satisfied with their purchase decision.

Faye Travel Insurance – The Verdict

In summary, Faye travel insurance appears to offer a strong overall package for UK and international travelers:

  • Nearly two decades of experience and reliability as part of a major European insurer.

  • Flexible single trip or annual multi-trip policies for any travel need or budget.

  • Core and optional extra cover areas provide peace of mind whether venturing abroad or in the UK.

  • Pricing that’s fair, transparent and competitively priced for quality protection.

  • Customer reviews consistently rate Faye’s purchasing, claims and support processes highly efficient and stress-free.

While not necessarily the absolute cheapest at all times, Faye seems to get the balance right between value, choice of cover and service – essential for travel insurance. Their online resources are also excellent for preparing any type of trip.

So if comprehensive coverage, a quality brand you can trust, plus an easy customer experience is important, Faye travel insurance certainly deserves strong consideration for individual travelers and families alike. For securing full financial protection on your next adventures, Faye is a top option.

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