Factory Flash Sale Store scam or legit? reviews 2024


Factory Flash Sale Store, located at factoryflashsalestore.com, is a suspected scam online store that has been deceiving customers. In this extensive blog post, I will provide insights and warnings about this fraudulent website while optimizing my content for search engines using proven SEO writing techniques.

🧐 As you research Factory Flash Sale Store further below, stay alert for signs of a scam and protect your personal information. Let’s get started!

Red Flags and Warning Signs

Factory Flash Sale Store raises several red flags that indicate it is not a legitimate business. Some of the main warning signs include:

  • Domain age – WhoIS lookup shows the domain was registered just 3 months ago, a common tactic used by scammers to seem like a new business. Legitimate stores typically use older, established domains.

  • Lack of physical address – There is no real street address or location provided, just a generic PO Box. Scammers prefer to remain anonymous.

  • Too good to be true deals – Products are advertised at prices that seem unrealistically low compared to normal retail costs, preying on consumers’ desires to get good bargains.

  • Generic ‘About Us’ page – The about section contains no useful company details, just fluffy PR style wording. Real businesses provide verifiable founder bios and company history.

  • No contact info – Only a basic contact form is available, no public email or phone is listed to get direct answers from “representatives”.

  • Poor website quality – The site has misspellings, broken links and an unprofessional, thrown-together design with placeholder images. Legit ecommerce sites invest heavily in polished user experiences.

These signs collectively suggest Factory Flash Sale Store is likely fraudulent. Customers should avoid purchasing from or providing any personal information to this website.

Customer Complaints and Reviews

To get a better sense of others’ experiences, I analyzed customer reviews and complaints regarding Factory Flash Sale Store. Unfortunately, most feedback has been overwhelmingly negative:

Platform Sample Complaints
BBB “Bait and switch tactics…product never arrived”
SiteJabber “Fake business…they took my money and never shipped order”
Trustpilot “Scam website…received nothing and cannot get a refund”
Reddit “Has anyone received an order from here? I’m suspicious.”

Common themes in reviews include orders never being fulfilled or delivered, poor/no communication from the “company”, and inability to get refunds after paying. Some also mentioned receiving clearly fake, low quality items instead of the products shown online.

This review data validates the initial red flags, painting a picture of Factory Flash Sale Store as a scam operation that exists only to defraud customers of money without providing goods. People should avoid transacting with them.

How the Scam Works

Let’s break down the typical scam process used by Factory Flash Sale Store:

  1. Use a newly registered domain and social media to seem legitimate.

  2. Advertise top brand items at unrealistic 80%+ discounts.

  3. Take orders and payments via their website without proper security.

  4. Stall on order fulfillment with excuses like “covid delays”.

  5. Eventually stop responding to angry customer complaints/requests.

  6. Close down current website and domain, reopen with new name to repeat cycle.

  7. Maybe send some fake filler items to maintain the illusion for a while longer.

  8. By the time authorities investigate, the fraudulent operations have usually moved on.

  9. Profits are pocketed by scammers while leaving customers empty-handed with no recourse.

Always be wary of “stores” using these deceitful tactics. Protect yourself by never ordering or sharing private data without thoroughly vetting the merchant first.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

To summarize and avoid falling for similar scams in the future, here are some important tips:

  • Research any company thoroughly before shopping or providing personal info
  • Use a credit card for protection versus paying with electronic/bank transfers
  • Check reviews from multiple platforms like BBB, SiteJabber and company Facebook
  • Verify the business is registered with official regulatory agencies
  • Only order from established companies providing fulsome contact and location details
  • Beware of deals sounding too good to be true compared to normal market prices
  • Trust your gut – if the website feels unprofessional or suspicious, stay away!
  • Consider supporting legitimate competitors instead of risking scams

Being informed and taking preventative measures can help shield you and others from the harmful tactics of fraudulent online stores. Stay safe out there!


In summary, after extensive analysis all evidence clearly points to Factory Flash Sale Store being a scam operation out to deceive customers. Their unprofessional website, absence of transparent business records, conflicting social reviews and seemingly deceitful online behaviors collectively raise major red flags. Nobody should trust engaging with or ordering from this questionable domain.

I hope sharing my research and lessons learned here has provided helpful insights to identify and avoid similar online fraudulent schemes. With awareness and precautions, consumers can protect themselves from deceptive practices while supporting real, reputable businesses instead. Please feel empowered to call out questionable websites you encounter so others may benefit from the knowledge as well. With care and vigilance, we can work to lower the risks together. Stay wise out there!

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