everest aircon review and complaints on energy consumption

Cooling Comfort with Everest Air Conditioners: Affordable Quality for Every Home

When it comes to beating the heat, Everest, a renowned Filipino brand of air conditioners, emerges as a trusted ally, offering a harmonious blend of affordability and quality. With a diverse lineup of air conditioning solutions, including window-type, split-type, and portable units, Everest caters to the cooling needs of households across the nation.

Balancing Budgets and Quality: Everest’s Value Proposition

Everest air conditioners have made a name for themselves by striking a delicate balance between competitive pricing and commendable performance. This unique blend has captured the attention of consumers seeking a cooling solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

A Spectrum of Choices: Everest’s Versatile Range

The array of Everest air conditioners encompasses various models, sizes, and features, catering to a wide range of preferences. From compact window-type units to versatile portable options and powerful split-type models, Everest ensures that there’s a cooling solution for every room and requirement.

The Price Puzzle: Determinants of Everest’s Cost

The cost of Everest air conditioners varies based on factors such as the specific model, size, and included features. For instance, a 1.0 HP portable air conditioner from Everest can be acquired at an approximate price of ₱15,599.00, while a 1.5 HP split-type inverter air conditioner is available around ₱29,999.00.

Confidence in Warranty and Support

Everest air conditioners come fortified with a one-year warranty, reassuring customers of the brand’s commitment to product durability. Furthermore, the availability of a 24/7 customer service hotline ensures that assistance is just a phone call away, addressing potential concerns promptly.

Elevating Comfort: Highlighted Features

Everest air conditioners are equipped with a suite of features designed to enhance user comfort and satisfaction:

  • Healthy Air Filter: This innovative filter diligently eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other air pollutants, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.
  • Ionizer: The built-in ionizer serves to infuse the air with refreshing ions, offering a rejuvenating sensation that complements the cooling experience.
  • Sleep Mode: Energy-conscious consumers will appreciate the Sleep Mode, which optimizes energy usage during restful hours.
  • Timer Functionality: The timer feature grants you the convenience of setting specific activation and deactivation times for the air conditioner.

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Evaluating Everest Air Conditioners

To provide a comprehensive overview, let’s examine the advantages and potential drawbacks of Everest air conditioners:


  • Affordable pricing that suits various budgets
  • Reliable quality that ensures long-lasting performance
  • An extensive range of models catering to different needs
  • Backed by a one-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Round-the-clock customer service support for immediate assistance


  • Certain models may exhibit less energy efficiency compared to rival brands
  • Features might be more limited in comparison to higher-end brands

Exploring Cooling Alternatives: Beyond Everest Air Conditioners

While Everest air conditioners offer a compelling blend of affordability and quality, it’s always beneficial to explore a range of options before making a decision. Here, we delve into alternatives like Daikin, OX, and AUX, providing insights into their offerings and unique attributes.

1. Daikin: The Pinnacle of Precision Cooling

Daikin stands as a global leader in air conditioning technology, renowned for its precision engineering and innovative solutions. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and performance, Daikin air conditioners cater to those who prioritize top-tier quality. While they might come at a higher cost than some other brands, the brand’s reputation for reliability and cutting-edge features often justifies the investment.

2. OX: Embracing Innovation and Affordability

OX air conditioners offer a balance between innovation and affordability, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking modern features. With a focus on functionality and sleek design, OX air conditioners provide an attractive middle ground between premium and budget options.

3. AUX: A Spectrum of Choices

AUX boasts a diverse lineup of air conditioning solutions that cater to various needs and preferences. From basic models to those equipped with advanced features like inverter technology and smart connectivity, AUX offers a spectrum of choices that can fit different budgets and requirements.

Comparing Features and Benefits

Let’s take a comparative look at some of the key features and benefits offered by these alternatives:


  • Precision engineering and high-quality components
  • Focus on energy efficiency and optimal cooling performance
  • Cutting-edge features and innovative technology
  • Reputation for reliability and durability
  • Comprehensive warranty options


  • Affordable pricing without compromising on modern features
  • Sleek design and user-friendly interface
  • Suitable for budget-conscious consumers seeking quality
  • Varies by model, offering options for different room sizes and requirements


  • Diverse range of models catering to various preferences
  • Offers both basic and advanced features
  • Inverter technology for energy efficiency
  • Some models may offer smart connectivity options
  • Suitable for those seeking a balance between features and budget


Making an Informed Choice

While Everest air conditioners provide a unique blend of affordability and quality, alternatives like Daikin, OX, and AUX offer varying features and benefits that cater to a broader range of preferences. Daikin’s reputation for precision engineering, OX’s focus on innovation without breaking the bank, and AUX’s diverse lineup all present compelling options for those in search of an optimal cooling solution.

When selecting an air conditioner, consider factors such as your budget, the features that matter most to you, and the size of the space you intend to cool. By thoroughly exploring these alternatives, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your cooling needs and preferences.

The Final Verdict: A Cool Choice for Many

In conclusion, Everest air conditioners present an appealing choice for those in search of cost-effective and dependable cooling solutions. The brand’s commitment to providing a wide selection of models, coupled with warranty assurance and accessible customer support, positions Everest as a reliable companion in the pursuit of comfort. While some models may not offer the pinnacle of energy efficiency or an extensive list of features, Everest air conditioners offer an attractive balance that’s well-suited for the needs of many households.

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