Elitemond (Elitemond.com.ng) full review.

Elitemond is a mining platform which you can access while on your phone and can perform some tasks and get paid for it .

It’s very simple to navigate and easy to understand and it helps you make money while on your phone through all the daily tasks


How does elitemond  works?

As I mentioned earlier, elitemond is a mining platform where tasks is being carried out and you get paid for each you do daily. The tasks include sharing sponsors post and making sure you login to your account daily for you to earn your self all these daily benefits and aside this you can also earn your self extra cash by engaging in some other activities such as inviting your friends to the platform and by so doing you get paid for each person you bring and in your dashboard you will see that your referrals earnings is added already


Is referral compulsory on elitemond?


Elitemond is an affiliate website. Do not be deceived if you are told referrals is not compulsory. You wont be paid at the end of the day without referrals.

You get paid either ways but referral will earn you more money than just doing daily tasks

And you are getting 1000 every person you bring and if you are very smart with that you can earn your self a lot of money and you will surely get paid no curse for alarm



Elitemond packages?

Elitemond has three different packages.



Welcome bonus=N500
Daily minning=N350
Referral bonus=N1000

(REG FEE:N5000)

Welcome bonus = N1000
Daily mining=N550
Refferal bonus = N2000

(REG FEE:N10,000)

Welcome bonus = N1,500
Daily mining =N900
Refferal bonus =N4000



hmmm. that question need a lot of thinking. Im not ready to spoil anyone business but the fact is that I wont see people losing their funds and i know about it. According to what I heard and the formation I received, the project is owned by investor J or someone close to him. The first reason that made me search and go wide about this was because of an error I saw. The error was seeing Investor J programmer A.O webtech on the website. It may be deleted by when you view this post and that was why i made the screenshot.scrnli 4 25 2022 7 58 16 AM scrnli 4 25 2022 8 05 08 AMAfter making more researches, i noticed he owns it and his intention was to scam people as usual. Ask your upline for or about Investor J/JUMBO/CHUKS to tell you more about him. Starting from Blinkways, ending with webmine and continuing now with elitemond.

Why should I join Elitemond?


According to them, You should join Elitemond because this is a huge opportunity tabled in front of you that would enable you to make money even while at home and on your phone without no stress whatsoever !!!



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