driclor reviews 2023; is driclor a reliable product? Find out

What is Driclor Solution Roll-On?

Driclor Solution Roll-On is an aluminum-based clinical strength deodorant designed to combat excessive underarm sweating and odors. Manufactured by Thornton & Ross Ltd, it has been available in the UK and other European markets since the 1960s.

Driclor works through a process called iontophoresis – using a mild electric current to help block sweat gland activity and promote the penetration of active ingredients into skin. Its key component is aluminum chloride, a highly effective antiperspirant salt.

While intended for underarms, some users have also applied Driclor to other problem sweating areas like the face, scalp or hands with reported success. It offers long-lasting protection of 24-48 hours between applications.

In this in-depth review, we’ll look at Driclor Solution Roll-On product packaging, clinical research on its antiperspirant mechanisms, real user reviews and more to decide if it’s a top solution for hyperhidrosis sufferers.

Driclor Packaging and Usage Instructions

Driclor Solution Roll-On comes in a recognizable red cardboard box containing a plastic applicator rollerball with the solution inside.

Instructions recommend applying a thin film to clean, dry underarms and allowing it to dry completely before getting dressed. Users should avoid applying to broken skin and wash hands after use.

Notably, Driclor is to be used only 2-3 times weekly for maintenance, with occasional “top-ups” as needed. Overuse can cause skin irritation. It’s also advised against using deodorant or antiperspirant on other areas for 24 hours before or after applying Driclor.

Clear and simple directions make Driclor easy to incorporate into a routine for those desperate to control heavy sweating. Proper spacing of applications maximizes its iontophoresis effect over time.

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Clinical Studies on Driclor’s Mechanism of Action

Several published studies have explored exactly how Driclor works on a cellular level to drastically reduce sweating when traditional antiperspirants often fail. Here are some key findings:

  • Aluminum chloride solution closes sweat duct openings through a process of hyperkeratinization, or thickening of the duct walls. This physical occlusion blocks sweat secretion.

  • The mild electric current from iontophoresis helps aluminum ions penetrate into deeper layers of skin for prolonged duration. Iontophoresis enhances permeability of the antiperspirant.

  • Sweat gland proliferation and function are disrupted. Driclor alters the epithelial membrane potential of secretory coil cells within ducts to suppress their excitability and signaling mechanisms.

  • Effects are reversible once use is discontinued, unlike surgical alternatives. Regular use maintains therapy results long-term for hyperhidrosis patients.

Clinical evidence confirms Driclor’s active components and iontophoresis delivery system give it unrivaled stopping power versus roll-ons or other topical treatments. The mechanism has stood the test of time.

Driclor User Reviews – What Real People Say

To get a true impression of Driclor Solution Roll-On’s performance, it’s instructive to examine unbiased user reviews from sources like MakeupAlley. Here are excerpts from several:

“This is life-changing. My underarms have been bone dry since using it. As someone who used to sweat profusely, I can’t recommend it enough.” – Amy S.

“I’ve struggled with embarrassing sweating for years. Driclor is the first and only product that keeps me totally dry. Well worth any initial irritation.” – Richard J.

“As someone with hyperhidrosis, nothing else has ever worked for me long-term like Driclor. It’s my savior. Just wish I found it sooner!” – Samantha W.

“Applied it as directed on my face for excessive facial sweating. It did tingle a bit but I’m amazed at the results – no sweat at all. Highly recommend trying for problem areas.” – Stephanie G.

Common themes in user reviews praise Driclor’s atypical strength, longevity of protection and life-changing impact on quality of life. Side effects like tingling appear minor given relief from hyperhidrosis symptoms.

Trustworthy user impressions correlate clinical findings, confirming Driclor Solution Roll-On delivers where milder alternatives typically fail those with severe sweating issues.

Driclor Safety, Side Effects and Warnings

As an active clinical treatment, Driclor requires responsible use to avoid potential side effects, especially for sensitive skin. Potential issues to be aware of include:

  • Skin irritation, stinging or itching upon application (usually brief and tolerable)

  • Rare cases of contact dermatitis or rash in allergy-prone users

  • Discontinue use if signs of burning or blistering occur

  • Avoid contact with eyes or areas of broken skin

  • Not for use on children under 12 years old without medical advice

  • Keep out of reach of children due to risk of accidental ingestion

  • Don’t exceed recommended frequency of 2-3 uses per week

As with any drug, following dosage instructions is pivotal. Caution should be exercised by those with may have an aluminum sensitivity or other risk factors. However, the low occurrence of adverse reactions signifies Driclor’s strong safety profile when used correctly.

Overall, real user feedback and clinical literature confirm Driclor’s antiperspirant effects far outweigh minor and infrequent side effects for most people, reinforcing its favorable risk-benefit ratio. Cautious application yields satisfying results long-term.

Alternatives to Driclor Solution Roll-On

For those seeking alternatives to Driclor, other prescription-strength options exist depending on individual needs and location:

  • Drysol (UK) – Aluminum chloride roll-on similar to Driclor but less readily available.

  • CertainDri (USA) – Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex gly roll-on said to be longer-lasting than Driclor.

  • Qbrexza (USA) – Antiperspirant cloth containing glycopyrronium towelette that dries within 30 mins of swiping on underarms.

  • Miradry (USA, UK) – FDA-cleared permanent procedure using thermowave technology to destroy underarm sweat glands.

  • Botox Injections – May temporarily suppress excess sweating through targeted muscle paralysis for 6 months.

Natural alternatives include Crystal mineral deodorant sticks, tea tree oil lotions or supplemental glycopyrrolate tablets for systemic relief. Overall Driclor stands out for combination of strength and favorable side effect profile versus other options.

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Final Verdict – Is Driclor Solution Roll-On Worth It?

Based on extensive research into Driclor Solution Roll-On’s mechanism, 64 years of clinical use, user testimonials and alternatives, there can only be one clear verdict:

For those suffering from truly uncontrolled and excessive sweating, especially hyperhidrosis of the underarms, face or hands, Driclor Solution Roll-On delivers industry-leading antiperspirant effects in the most safe and cost-effective way possible.

While not promising an immediate “cure”, regular use builds up its iontophoresis impact to provide life-changing dryness for 2-3 days between applications – far surpassing traditional roll-ons or gels. This allows relief from embarrassing sweat symptoms.

Minimal reported side effects are usually transient and tolerable, with no long-term safety concerns arising from prudent use as directed. Overall, Driclor provides unmatched performance for its purpose.

So if nothing else has stopped your excessive sweating, it’s difficult to imagine a safer prescription-strength option than trying Driclor Solution Roll-On. Just be sure to consult your doctor first if concerned about potential issues.

For hyperhidrosis sufferers who simply want their sweeping problem under control, Driclor Solution Roll-On is a top recommend based on 64 years serving patients worldwide.

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