Is devtown internship real or fake? Reviews and complaints

Evaluating DevTown’s Tech Internship Programs

Securing an internship in the competitive fields of web development, data science or cybersecurity is a crucial step for many aspiring tech professionals. One option to explore is DevTown – a company offering online training and internship placement programs geared towards those career paths. But are DevTown’s internships truly valuable opportunities, and how can you determine if they’re right for your goals? Let’s take an in-depth look.

An Overview of DevTown

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, DevTown aims to equip students with the skills demanded by tech employers through accessible and affordable online learning programs. Their coursework covers topics aligned with in-demand roles in software engineering, data analysis and information security.

In addition to self-paced study options, DevTown features structured 6-month internship placements linked to experienced industry mentors. Students gain hands-on experience via real projects while receiving career coaching support throughout. Over 10,000 have participated to date according to the company website.

Tuition ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the program. While an investment, DevTown markets their internship structure as providing higher odds of post-program employment compared to independent job searches – a major draw for those new to tech pathways.

But do DevTown internships truly deliver as promised? Let’s probe deeper by examining participant reviews and important questions all should ask before committing to the experience.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Surfacing hundreds of DevTown intern reviews across websites like Course Report finds both satisfaction and dissent among alumni:

Positive Feedback

  • Structured learning path kept students accountable and on track.

  • Projects mirrored real work, building confidence and resume-worthy skills.

  • Career coaching helped land interviews at name brand employers for some.

  • Flexible, self-paced format fit busy schedules better than campus programs.

Potential Downsides

  • Cost remains high without hiring guarantee at program’s end.

  • Schedule demands didn’t align well with full-time jobs or family responsibilities.

  • Mentor engagement varied – some felt disconnected or got inadequate guidance.

  • Technical difficulties disrupted online learning on occasion.

Overall, DevTown appears best suited for dedicated individuals already possessing basic prerequisites, able to self-direct studies and make the most of mentor access. But discerning which programs genuinely fuel career growth requires asking important questions.

Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

To determine program-specific fit and DevTown’s ability to meet personal objectives, prospective students should pose the following inquiries:

  • What’s the career placement rate for my program area and location?

  • What’s the average salary for alumni securing full-time versus contract work?

  • Will coursework, projects and mentorship align with my desired tech specialty or company target?

  • How much one-on-one mentor support and feedback can I expect weekly?

  • Are any program elements offered part-time to better harmonize with existing responsibilities?

  • What resources does DevTown provide for visa/international students or those seeking relocation?

  • How flexible is the course calendar or can components be re-taken if issues arise?

Ensuring program specifics fit present career goals and circumstances is key when deciding if DevTown – or any course – merits the commitment. While reviews showcase positive results for some, this option requires serious self-evaluation and due diligence.

Maximizing Success With DevTown

For students confident a DevTown internship meets their needs upon addressing the above concerns, the following strategies may optimize outcomes:

  • Finish program prerequisites before starting to avoid falling behind pace.

  • Proactively reach out to mentors in initial weeks to set expectations and agree on an engagement schedule.

  • Treat internship as a full-time job – block dedicated study hours each week and meet all deadlines.

  • Leverage additional online resources beyond course materials for any weaker technical areas.

  • Begin job searching 3 months in advance of completion through strengthened LinkedIn profiles and expanded networks.

  • Consider participating in one of DevTown’s scheduled multi-day bootcamp events for peer support.

  • Request direct referrals to alumni in target companies or locations whenever career coaching interactions allow.

With diligent preparation and self-direction matched by DevTown accountability, internships could potentiate aspirations. However, ensuring proper fit remains step one in the process.

In conclusion, DevTown presents legitimate tech internship opportunities worthy of consideration – but also requires discerning evaluation to confirm their ability meet individual goals and circumstances. With informed decision making guided by student reviews and crucial questions, these programs may launch careers for the right applicants.

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