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With household debt levels rising significantly in South Africa over the past decade, an increasing number of consumers are seeking relief through debt review and debt restructuring programs. Durban, as one of the largest cities in Kwa-Zulu Natal province, has also seen substantial growth in the debt counseling industry to help residents manage unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans and retail accounts.

This article covers the top 20 most reputable debt review companies currently operating in the Durban area. All firms listed are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and are authorized to provide debt review services under the National Credit Act. Details include company background, service offerings, fees involved and client testimonials where available. The aim is to help over-indebted Durban consumers make an informed choice when selecting a debt counselor.

eZ Debt Counsellors

eZ Debt is one of the largest debt counseling firms in South Africa with offices nationwide including central Durban. Established in 2006, they have successfully completed over 100,000 debt reviews. Services include Section 86 debt counseling, debt consolidation, garnishee orders and credit profile optimization. Fees are R150 initial signup and 10% of monthly installment value. Clients praise their professionalism and high success rates.


Established in 1997, DebtBusters is a leading debt counseling brand with coverage across KZN. Their Durban branch handles over 500 active matters monthly. In addition to Section 86 reviews, services comprise insurance premium collection, credit blacklist removals and financial education. Fees are 10% of installment amount plus R150 initial fee. Feedback highlights personable staff and effective communication throughout reviews.

NewHorizon Debt Counsellors

This popular debt counselor operates from central Durban with over 10,000 clients assisted to date. Their full-service package includes Section 86 administration, ITC clearance, installment arrangements, creditor negotiations and payment distribution services. Standard fees are R150 sign up and 10% of monthly installments. Clients appreciate thorough guidance and strong creditor support.

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Founded in 1997, DebtRescue has built a loyal following among Durban consumers through debt restructuring completed sensitively and affordably. Their innovative credit wellness program educates clients on financial literacy and money savings. Fees are strictly 10% of installment value or R200 minimum per month. Feedback highlights caring staff attitudes and a person-centric approach.

CC Financial Solutions

Established in 2003, CC Financial administers debt matters from their office near Durban CBD. Services include Section 86 reviews, debt management programs, vehicle finance restructuring and budgeting advice. Their R199 sign up fee includes a free budget assessment. Monthly maintenance is 10% of installment amount or R199 minimum. Clients commend thorough counseling support and convenient online payment options.

National Debt Mediators

Nationwide with an established Durban branch, NDM assists over 75,000 clients annually through debt review and restructuring. Additional services are ITC clearance applications, garnishee order reductions and credit report error corrections. Fees are R199 signup and 10% of monthly repayment value. Feedback highlights sensitivity of staff members during challenging periods.

Map Delta Debt Advisory

Established in 1998, Map Delta works with clients in Durban and surrounding areas through debt counseling and credit wellness education. Their holistic approach considers individual financial goals beyond debt clearance. Fees are R199 initial and 10% of monthly installments capped at R599. Ongoing support nurtures credit rebuild goals for the future.

C4 DebtMediators

Part of the C4 Group, C4 DebtMediators is a large debt counseling brand with coverage in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Their qualified team assists with Section 86 administration, insurance premium collection and creditor negotiations. Affordable fees are R199 sign up plus 10% installments or R199 monthly minimum. Testimonials highlight responsive service and favorable clearance letters.

DebtWorx Debt Counselling

Established in 2011, DebtWorx provides personal debt relief in Durban through affordable Section 86 counseling or complete in-house program management. Additional services comprise ITC clearance applications, budgeting guidance and salary garnishee reduction filing. Fees are R199 registration and 10% of monthly repayments capped at R799. Clients appreciate comprehensive support.

Debt Rescue SA

Founded in 2006, Debt Rescue SA operates a Durban branch overseen by professionally qualified counselors. Their full suite of services includes debt review, consolidation programs, insurance premium collection and clearance letter applications. Standard fee structure is R199 registration or 10% installment value monthly capped at R799. Clients commend caring counseling and creditor payment tracking assistance.

Sovereign Debt Counsellors

Registered with the NCR since 2009, Sovereign administers debt reviews, consolidation programs and clearance letters for clients in Durban and nationwide. Additional services are sequestration/rehabilitation filing, income garnishee reduction and ITC clearance support. Affordable fees are R199 signup and 10% monthly installments capped at R799. Feedback notes attentive counseling for every client circumstance.

Accredited Debt Counsellors

Established in 1997, Accredited Debt assists over 10,000 South Africans annually through their branches in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Signature services include Section 86 reviews, consolidations, budgeting advice and clearance certificate applications. Standard fees are R199 enrollment and 10% of monthly installments up to R799 maximum. Personable staff support is highlighted.

Just Debt Counselling

A KwaZulu-Natal based firm, Just Debt handles consumer reviews for Durban residents through their head office. Additional services provided are creditor negotiations, debt consolidation advisory and financial education programs. Upfront fee of R199 and 10% monthly installments up to R799 is charged on successful matters. Clients appreciate diligent communication and repayment tracking.

ABC Debt Counsellors

Since 2002, ABC Debt has assisted over 60,000 clients nationally through professional Section 86 reviews. Their Durban branch serves the local community capably. Standard fees are R199 registration plus 10% monthly installments capped at R799. Continuous care is provided through the debt counseling period. Feedback highlights hassle-free service supported deftly by experienced staff.

The Debt Clinic

With branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, The Debt Clinic has counseled 30,000+ clients since 2005. Holistic services include counseling, education programs, budgeting workshops and clearance letters. Competitively priced fees are R199 registration and 10% monthly installments up to R799 maximum. Quality service and consumer focus steers positive testimonials.


Nationwide presence includes a Durban branch assisting local consumers through Section 86 reviews. Additional services are affordable payment undertakings, creditor negotiations and clearance letters. Fees charged are reasonably capped at R199 upfront and 10% of monthly installments to R799 maximum. Helpful guidance throughout is reported by many satisfied clients.

Credit Counselling Services

Established in 1996, CCS administers debt reviews, consolidations and clearance applications for clients through their Cape Town and Durban branches. Additional offerings comprise garnishee order reductions, source document corrections and IT clearance letters. Standard fee structure is R199 registration plus 10% of installments not exceeding R799 monthly. Quality service is assured through proactive counseling staff.

Clear Debt

Established in 2008, Clear Debt provides Section 86 administration from head office in Klerksdorp plus secondary branches including Durban. Qualified counselors deliver full debt relief services and credit education programs. Affordable fees include R199 upfront plus 10% monthly installments to R799 maximum. Personable counseling and prompt support earns Clear Debt a stellar reputation.

Debt Mediation SA

Since 2008, Debt Mediation SA has assisted over 30,000 clients nationally through professionally managed Section 86 reviews and financial education. Services encompass counseling, payment undertakings, consolidations and clearance applications competently handled by their Durban branch. Standard fees are R199 registration plus reasonable 10% monthly installments capped at R799. Thorough attention is praised.

Resolve Debt Counsellors

Established in 2004, Resolve Debt Counsellors offers personalized debt reviews, consolidation programs and clearance certificates through their presence in Durban and nationwide. Additional services include affordable payment undertakings negotiated by experienced staff. Fees charged are reasonably capped at R199 startup and 10% monthly installments not exceeding R799. Satisfied feedback lauds supportive guidance from competent counselors.

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The debt counseling industry in Durban presents various reputable firms to assist over-indebted consumers through professional Section 86 debt review programs. By researching registration status, fees, services offered and client testimonials for options listed, individuals can make informed choices matching individual needs, budgets and circumstances. Approach is recommended for restoring financial wellness successfully over the long term.

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