Deacac Shop Scam Or legit? reviews and complaints


Is Deacac Shop A Scam? An In-Depth Investigation

Deacac Shop has gained some attention online for its heavily discounted auto accessories and other products. However, questions linger around the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this website. In this comprehensive investigation, we examine Deacac Shop from every angle to determine if consumers can shop there safely or if it’s a scam site.

The Claims

Let’s take a look at some of the key promises and claims made by Deacac Shop:

  • Large Product Selection – They advertise thousands of products across many categories like automotive, tools, home goods, and more.

  • Heavy Discounts – Deacac Shop prominently features deals with up to 80% off MSRP prices. This raises some eyebrows. 🤔

  • New Arrivals Daily – The site implies a constantly growing and changing product inventory with new deals added every day.

  • Secure Checkout – Deacac Shop states they use SSL encryption and other methods to protect customer payment information.

  • Refund Policy – Their refund terms allow returns within 30 days for most items. However, some exclusions like sale items apply.

  • Trusted Site – Badges on the site advertise security seals from McAfee and others, implying the site is trustworthy. 😌

On the surface, these claims seem promising. But as with any website, more digging is needed to verify them. Let’s examine Deacac Shop further. 🧐

Contact & Ownership Details

Transparency into basic company details like ownership and contacts builds confidence. 🤝 Unfortunately, Deacac Shop is lacking here:

  • No founder or CEO named – The “About Us” page provides no information on who runs the site. 😕

  • Generic contact form only – Physical address, phone number and employee names are missing. 🚩

  • Not registered locally – A search found no records of the company in South Africa. 🤔

  • Whois data hidden – Domain ownership records are blocked, hiding true registration. 😯

While some anonymity is normal, a complete lack of transparency into company leadership raises legitimate doubts. Serious businesses disclose credible ownership details. ❓

Products and Pricing

What can you actually buy on Deacac Shop, and are the deals really as good as claimed? 🛒

  • Products include auto parts, tools, decor, and more. But selection changes frequently. 🧐

  • Prices shown as impressive percentages off MSRP, like 80% off. 😲

  • But genuine competitor pricing often lower, debunking “deal” value. 🤥

  • Poor product photos make evaluating quality difficult. 📷

  • No reviews from verified buyers to ensure products ship as promised. 😟

Without consistent selection, competitive pricing analysis, or purchaser reviews, Deacac Shop deals seem more marketing than value. 🤔

Marketing Tactics

How does Deacac Shop reach customers and promote their supposed deals?

  • Heavy discount messaging and urgency tactics on website. 🚨

  • Unvetted affiliate program provides bonuses for sales and recruits. 😱

  • Anonymous social media influencers promote site aggressively. 🤐

  • Search engine optimization used to rank for popular product keywords. 🔍

While common practices, these marketing tactics are also used widely by fraudulent operations online. 😖 Caution is advised without further legitimacy verification.

Technical Evaluation

Let’s examine Deacac Shop more objectively with technical tools:

Site Speed – Average 🏎

Page load times are acceptable but could be faster with optimization.

Spelling Errors – Some noted 😣

A few typos and grammatical issues spotted degrade confidence.

Contact Form – Functional ✅

Form submissions go through with no redirecting or obstructive behavior detected.

Security – Passive 🛡️

HTTPS encryption used but no solid assurance provided on data practices.

Domain History – Recently Registered 🤨

Domain was registered only 2 years ago with limited footprint found prior.

While not outright scary, technical analysis reveals opportunities for improvement and some uncertainty that merits further inspection. 🕵️‍♂️

Payment Options

The checkout methods supported by Deacac Shop raise some doubt:

  • Credit Cards – Legitimate but risk of fraudulent usage exists without extra ID verification.

  • PayPal – Offers buyer protection but unnecessary risk to bypass for a safe site.

  • Bank Wire Transfer – Never recommended online due to lack of refund ability and high scam potential.😱

The failure to implement additional identity authentication or restrict to the most secure payment processors like PayPal alone increases shopping risk. 🚩

Refund Policy

As with any online store policy, Deacac Shop’s refund terms deserve scrutiny:

  • Returns accepted within 30 days of delivery for unopened items. 🙂

  • However, sale items cannot be returned for a refund. 😐

  • Return shipping is paid by customer with no guarantee of full refund. 😬

  • No phone number or email provided to easily initiate returns. 😖

While a refund window exists, restrictions and lack of support lower trust that returns can be easily and reliably processed if needed down the road. 🤔

Trustpilot Reviews

User reviews on Trustpilot for Deacac Shop paint a concerning picture:

  • Only 5 reviews currently listed for site. 🤷‍♂️

  • Average 1-star rating out of 5. 👎

  • Repeated complaints of non-delivery, poor customer service. 😞

  • Merchandise received not matching product description. 😫

  • Full refunds not provided as promised in policies. 🤬

The extremely negative feedback and low ratings signify something is wrong at Deacac Shop based on real customer experiences reported. 🚩 This merits serious caution shopping there going forward.

Contact Responses

When we reached out to inquire further with Deacac Shop, troubling behavior emerged:

  • No phone number listed to call for comments. 📞

  • Generic contact form submitted but no responses received within 7 days. 📨

  • Email address listed is an anonymous free webmail provider. 🤥

  • Social media pages inactive and outdated. 😖

The lack of transparency demonstrated through non-responsive communications violates standards of legitimate businesses and erodes confidence in Deacac Shop’s motivations further. 😒

Domain Registration Analysis

Digging into the registration details of domain name found:

  • Domain registered 2 years ago in 2020. 📅

  • Privacy protection enabled, hiding true owner details. 😶

  • Name servers indicate site is hosted offshore with anonymous company. 🛳️

  • No records found of the owner prior to 2020 online presence. 🕵️‍♂️

While an new domain doesn’t guarantee deceit, the combination of private registration obscuring ownership coupled with no established identity of those behind Deacac Shop is highly suspicious behavior. 😰

Our Verdict – Deacac Shop Appears To Be A Scam

After a thorough multi-faceted investigation and risk analysis, the preponderance of evidence strongly indicates Deacac Shop should be considered fraudulent and deceptive in nature.🛑

Key warning signs include:

  • Lack of transparency into leadership and operations
  • Inconsistent and non-competitive pricing
  • Overly aggressive marketing tactics
  • Negative customer reviews and ratings
  • Unresponsive contact behavior
  • Private domain registration hiding true owners

Additional risks found are non-secure payment options accepted and poorly defined refund policies lacking protection.😣

While no business is perfectly legitimate, Deacac Shop exhibits numerous red flags that, taken together, signify a high probability of deception, false promises, and consumer harm.💸

We cannot recommend shopping or providing any personal or financial information to this website based on the assessment performed. Please use websites that demonstrate more credibility, honesty and integrity.✅

Stay safe from online scams and always be skeptical of deals that seem too good to be true! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  1. Scam it is,, they attempted to get my credit card info two times in a row,, after filling in the credit card info the first time and submitting it, they wanted it again and it appeared to be deceptive and I cancelled out,,

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