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    Is crowders really paying
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    Does crowders app pay users
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Many questions will surely be asked about this big project (crowders app). All answers can not be given here but to some extent, we are going to talk about all that is needed to be known about this big project.

Firstly, I give honor and respect the founder for bringing a project like this to limelight. Its a very good and situation helping project not only to him but to us as well.

Yes, What is Crowders??

Crowders is an app from that servers as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers.

Crowders is not just a website ad company like adsense but it is all in one containing all places especially all social medias which you can use to boost your business.

We are here today to give review about this app and with no comma, we are giving the app an “A” which means Go ahead. The app has been noticed, followed, worked with even the mission and vision of the app is a very cool something.



Many businesses can be boosted by this amazing project. You can use this to boost your YouTube subscribers, Youtube views, instagram likes, Instagram followers, whatsapp views, facebook likes, facebook members, facebook comment and any thing at all that requires voting or you need more members to perform.


Is Crowders app paying??

Obviously, they make their money and pay you some with it. Infact, they gain absolutely well on the project. Just as the plans, it depends on your time of withdrawal, if you withdraw on crowders 3 days ago and someone with better plan withdraws today, that same person will be paid today which will makes yours pending. They only come to lower plans when they believe to be done with the higher plans.


How many plans are on the crowders app?

Crowders app according to their system believe to have 6 different plans such are the free, basic, standard, premium, elite and the unlimited plan.

Is referral compulsory

Absolutely No, referral is temporary but i always advise most people to refer because of the bonus involved at most times.

Difference between tasks on crowders app

Yeah, we can not start outlining the difference one after the other. But as far as i can remember, we will make it outlined in a one formal way.

The difference between all plans are as follow.

1. Ads

2. Customer care

3. Safety of account

4. Punishment

5. Account banning and termination

6. Referral bonus

7. Reduction for advert.

8. Task earnings

9. Daily profit.

10. Group chats

Initially, all these things are not supposed to be explained any longer. For example, with ads, Free plans has too much ads on their account. Ads such as banners, rewards and institutial while on the other hand, the unlimited has no ads at all. That is how everything should be explained. The privilege is different from each other.

Things to note!

* Do not try to perform any trick or go against an instructions.*
* Try referring and advertising for the business
* You can have or use your two accounts for performing tasks in case something mistakenly happens to one.
* Kindly upgrade to available package if you have the money for there is no regret.
* Check and enter the app at least once in 10 hours.




For more about crowders app, chat me up on WhatsApp or telegram or check the contact us page.






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