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An Iconic Parisian Cabaret Show Worth Experiencing

The Crazy Horse Paris is one of the most famous cabaret shows in the world. Located just off the Champs-Elysées in Paris, it has been entertaining audiences since 1951 with graceful choreography and sensual dances featuring barely-there costumes. While the show pushes boundaries of nudity and sexuality, reviews consistently praise the quality of performances and artistic vision behind each routine. With its history spanning over 70 years, the Crazy Horse remains a popular destination for both locals and travelers visiting the city.

A Brief History

The cabaret first opened its doors in 1951 under the direction of founder Louis Leplée, who sought to present novelty dance performances in a respectable setting. In contrast to the seedier nightclubs and brothels of Montmartre, Leplée envisioned artistic nudity incorporated into modern choreography. This proved a hit with audiences, as the dancers’ talent and classy atmosphere made the venue stand out compared to competitors.

Famous performers like exotic dancer Claudine Auger got their start at the Crazy Horse before moving on to film careers. In the 1960s the venue came under new management that enhanced productions with clever use of lighting, props, and lifted sections of the stage to multiply the dancers’ movements. This further elevated the artistry on display and expanded the popularity of the Crazy Horse as a premier destination club in Paris.

When Leplée passed away in 1984, control of the business went to his widow, who kept the vision alive through the next generation. Major refurbishments in 1991 and 2015 incorporated state-of-the-art technical equipment while preserving the classic theater layout and environs. Over seven decades, the Crazy Horse has withstood shifts in social attitudes through creative evolution that maintains its signature blend of provocative choreography and high production values.

Popular With Locals and Tourists Alike

While some outsiders may see the Crazy Horse as simply a strip club, most reviews point out it has a devoted following of regular patrons from Paris and abroad who come to appreciate the dancers’ talents. One travel blogger expressed surprise at “the number of couples and groups of friends we saw there on a weekday evening, along with many repeat customers waving and chatting with staff.”

Tourists also list it as a “must-see” attraction, being exposed to an iconic piece of French culture pushing artistic boundaries. A TripAdvisor reviewer commented, “Even if nudity isn’t your thing, I’d still recommend catching a show – the technical skill and sheer imagination on display is really something to behold.” It’s recommended for open-minded travelers looking for an interesting live show, though may not be suitable for all ages or tastes.

Polished Productions and Performances

Reviews frequently praise the precision and complexity found in each Crazy Horse routine. An ensemble dance titled “Fever” incorporates quick lifts and spins with glowing props to conjure a “feverish frenzy.” Meanwhile solo dances allow individual talents to shine, like “Diva” showcasing flexible contortionism. Costumes range from intricate body paint transforming dancers into exotic jungle animals, to feathered headdresses and glittering avatars of seduction.

Musical selections complement routines through diverse genres from classical to modern pop hits. Behind each production is a visionary artistic director and team of collaborators devoted to crafting boundary-pushing performances. According to one theatre critic, “Attending a Crazy Horse show drove home for me the immense skill and artistry required even for adult entertainment. From lighting to live music, the attention to detail elevates each number beyond simple nude dancing.” Creative risks are balanced with technical mastery.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Reviews also commonly praise the Crazy Horse’s plush theater-style seats and polished service worthy of Paris’s finest houses of culture. Upholstered armrests and high backs provide support through multiple acts without sacrificing visibility. Well-spaced rows allow unobstructed sight lines even for taller patrons. Food and drinks served by smartly dressed staff receive positive remarks for being “reasonably priced in an expensive city.”

Front-of-house ushers contribute to an orderly, relaxed environment where spectators can fully appreciate productions. One Yelp reviewer commented: “The mixed crowd was respectful and excited without being rowdy. Staff kept things moving smoothly.” With two or three shows nightly, it remains a popular destination for date nights, celebrations or simply mingling over pre-theater bites. Clean facilities and attentiveness help sustain the Crazy Horse’s refined atmosphere.

Verdict – A Unique Experience

While not a conventional entertainment option, most reviews conclude the Crazy Horse Paris is like no other cabaret venue in the world. Spectacles incorporating nudity into sophisticated choreography rise above explicit content alone. One Reddit thread debated whether it qualified as modern “art,” agreeing the technical skills on display along with conceptual advances through the decades “push creative limits in novel directions.”

For the relatively affordable price of admission, skeptical visitors report being pleasantly “wowed” rather than offended. Overall, the venue wins praise for respectable settings presenting risqué material tastefully through generations. With its beloved place in Parisian culture, the Crazy Horse remains a distinguishing live experience attracting both connoisseurs and first-timers to judge for themselves. While not catering to prudish tastes, most reviews deem it a creative landmark worth exploring at least once during a trip to the iconic City of Light.

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