Review- Is Coinexmining Legit or Scam? Review

Many new ways to make money online keep emerging every single day. In order to make use of these platforms and make money from them, you have to find out everything about the earning site or app, how it works, and how you can easily make money from them.

Without researching well or following expert advice, you may fall for scam scheme and lose a lot of money as well as waste your time.

Before investing into any new scheme, try to check if we have written a review to point out the red flags in these earning sites.

This review will explain how you can make money on, how to register an account on, packages on Coinexmining ng, and how you will withdraw on We will also point out if may be a scam or not.

What is

Coinex Mining claims to be a new project that enables registered users to mine cryptocurrency tokens.

On the Coinex Mining website, it says that the company aims to help users mine cryptocurrency because the first set of cryptocurrency tokens are beyond the reach of most people.

The website of Coinex mining also states that the system was developed by a certain Emmanuel and the Coinex Mining developing team.

Coinex mining says the system will enable registered users to mine coins on their website and withdraw it when due.

How do you register on Coinex Mining? This will be revealed later in the article. Before then, we will explain the available registration packages on Coinex Mine.

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Coinex Mining Packages

There are two packages you can register for and make money with on

Also note that there is no free mining package on Coinex Mining.

Here are the two packages you can register for on Coinex Mining although the company may want to add more when the mining system is fully launched:

Dime Mining Activity/Mining Package

This is the first mining activity package on Coinex Mining. It is also the least costly mining package on the platform.

How much is the Dime mining package?

The Dime mining package on Coinex Mining costs three thousand naira (N3000) to register. The Dime mining package allows you to manually mine on Coinex mining for one hour at a time.

Per hour, you can mine up to N30 on Coinex Mining and make about N720 per day.

Monero Mining activity/Mining package

This is the second Mining Package available on Coinex Mining. It is the most costly Coinex mining package for now, until the company adds more mining packages.

How much is the Monero Mining Package?

The Monero mining package costs six thousand naira (N6000) to register. The monera package has more advantages than the Dime package.

A major advantage is that the Monera mining package is an automatic mining account.

For the Dime package, you have to click to mine manually every hour. However, you only have to click once on the mining button with a monera package. The mining continues for twenty four hours.

This way, you can make One thousand naira (N1000) daily.

Coinex Mining Withdrawal

To withdraw on, there are various withdrawal methods available. However, you must understand how withdrawal is done:

Withdrawal is classified into two segments:

  • Activities earnings withdrawal/cashout
  • Affiliate earnings withdrawal/cashout

What do these terms mean?

Activities earnings withdrawal/cashout

On Coinex Mine, the activities earnings are the amounts you make from mining activities on the Coinexmining platform.

The money you make from these activities can only be withdrawn on a specific day of each month.

The day specified for activities earnings withdrawal on is the 16th of every month.

Affiliate earnings withdrawal/cashout

Affiliate earnings on Coinexmine are the amounts of money you make from referrals. You earn more amounts of money from referrals that from activities. This is the same with most earning sites. This is so that the money making platform can get more and more users.

You can withdraw your affiliate activities earnings from at anytime.

Note: You can only withdraw your earnings when you reach the required earning threshold for each activity.

Activities Earnings Withdrawal Threshold

For the Mining activities, you must have at least ten thousand naira (N10,000) earnings on your account.

Affiliate Earnings Withdrawal Threshold

In order to withdraw your affiliate earnings on, you must have reached the earning threshold of five thousand naira (N5000).

How to register on Coinex Mining

To register an account and start mining on Coinex Mining website, follow this process:

Visit the official Coinex Mining website at

Swipe through the homepage and click on get started. You can also click on the menu option and click on register/signup.

You will be required to fill some details in the fields provided. The required details are as follows:

  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Password (Input required twice)
  • Country/Nationality
  • Upline’s Username

Your Upline is the person who referred you. If you do not have any upline, leave the space empty.

Check the box that agrees to the terms and conditions of

You will be able to register your account and login after paying for the package.

Coinex Mining Login

To login to your Coinex Mining account, all you need to do is visit the official Coinex Mining website and input your details.

The details required are:

Username or Email Address


After inputting these details, click on login.

Who is the founder of Coinex Mining?

It is a little surprising that Coinex Mining specified who their founder is. Emmanuel and the Coinex Mining developing team are the ones who built Coinex Mining.

However, the name given does not mean anything. There is no face behind the Emmanuel.

How to contact Coinex Mining Admins

To send a message to Coinex Mining admins, visit the website at Click on the menu option in the top right corner and click on “contact us”.

You can send the message and submit it.

Is Coinex Mining a scam?

Is Coinex Mining legit or scam?

Coinex Mining is a new system so we cannot decide yet. Although we have seen some red flags that mean the site will pack after sometime, we cannot be sure now.


This Coinex Mining review makes sure that you have all the information you want about Coinex Mining before you venture into it.

Reasearch is an important thing to do before investing in anything.

We will update this article if we find any new thing.

Kindly leave a comment if you found this helpful.

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