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Brazilian Botox, also known as a Keratin hair treatment or smoothing treatment, has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to combat frizzy, unmanageable hair. This chemical treatment promises to straighten curly or wavy hair, decrease frizz and flyaways, add shine, and last for several months with minimal heat styling needed.

While the results seem impressive, many wonder if Brazilian Botox hair treatments are really worth the time and money investment. In this blog post, I will be reviewing multiple customer reviews and experiences with Brazilian Botox hair treatments to give a balanced view of both the positives and potential negatives to consider.

What is a Brazilian Botox Hair Treatment?

A Brazilian Botox hair treatment is a professional in-salon treatment that uses formaldehyde-based smoothening products to restructure the hair by breaking and rejoining disulfide bonds in the hair shaft. This straightens and tames frizz by closing off the hair cuticle. It is applied with small sections of hair wrapped around a rod or flexi-rod and heated with infrared light or lamps for 10-30 minutes.

The treatment aims to temporarily relax and straighten texture while filling in the cuticle for frizz-free, blowout-style hair that can last 2-4 months depending on hair type and product used. It is intended for all hair types from wavy to coarse or curly, with the effects lasting longer on tighter curls and textures.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Let’s dive into some customer reviews and experiences with Brazilian Botox hair treatments:

Positive reviews

Many reviews praise the incredible smoothing and frizz-fighting results. Customers with 2c-4c hair types especially see their hair transformed from a frizzy mess to sleek, straight strands. Some highlights:

  • Reviews say it “completely changed” coarse, dry, frizzy hair, making it super soft and silky straight for months.

  • Flyaways and frizz are non-existent even in humid weather. Hair looks “naturally straight.”

  • It’s a “magical” treatment for anyone who struggles with unmanageable curls or waves. Hair is soft, shiny, frizz-free.

  • Most report results lasting 8-12 weeks with minimal heat or product needed between salon visits. Low maintenance is a big plus.

  • Others appreciate how it doesn’t damage hair or cut ends like chemical relaxers can. Hair still feels nourished.

Clearly for many customers, the results live up to the hype with beautiful, frizz-free hair that’s much easier to style long-term. The treatment makes a dramatic visible difference.

Potential downsides

Of course, no treatment is perfect. Some common criticisms include:

  • Results don’t always last the promised 2-4 months. Texture starts to return within 4-6 weeks for some.

  • As hair grows out, roots can look fairly textured until the next treatment, creating an odd line of demarcation. Touch-ups are needed.

  • Drying time or clamping under rods in the salon can be long (30-60 minutes). It’s not a quick treatment.

  • Formaldehyde exposure worries some, though levels are deemed safe by health agencies in properly ventilated salons.

  • Expense of $150-300 per treatment every 2-3 months adds up over time compared to blowouts or flat irons.

  • There is risk of overprocessing hair, especially fine hair types, causing breakage or damage over many treatments. Professional is key.

  • A small percent report increased hair shedding, hair loss at roots as texture returns or from multiple processes over time.

As with any chemical service, results and potential side effects will vary greatly person to person based on hair type, health, and treatment application. It may not be suitable or worth it for everyone long-term.

Best Brazilian Botox Products – Customer Reviews

Let’s look now at some of the top-rated Brazilian Botox hair treatment products being used at home or in salons:

KeraZon Keratin Treatment Hair Mask

This popular at-home Brazilian Botox kit has over 50,000 ratings on Amazon with an impressive average of 4.5 stars. Reviews say:

  • Leaves even coarse, curly hair straight and silky for 6+ weeks with just 1 treatment.

  • Smells pleasant, smooth application. Great for touch-ups between salon visits.

  • Worked incredibly well even on thick, unmanageable ethnic hair according to many reviewers.

  • Some report results lasted 2+ months and hair looked better than a salon treatment. Highly effective.

Negative reviews cite minimal or no results for their hair type or complaint of a plasticky finish. Overall it seems to work remarkably well for many.

Wella Smoothing Therapist Kit

Used widely in professional salons, this formaldehyde-free keratin treatment kit has over 700 reviews on beauty supplier sites. Feedback includes:

  • Smooth, long-lasting straightening for 2 months even in humidity according to many stylist reviews.

  • Sleek, shiny finish without damage or frizziness returning quickly like other brand treatments.

  • Soft, healthy hair after and minimizes use of flat irons or curling tools between touch-ups needed.

  • Higher price point ($125-200) for salon professionals but results justify the cost, say reviews. Reliable brand.

Drawbacks involve a long 1-2 hour application time and effects wearing off slightly faster for coarse, Afro-textured hair types. Still, most reports are very positive overall.

Brazilian Botox Treatment Reviews – Is It Worth It?

After reviewing customer experiences and top-rated product reviews, here are some final considerations on whether a Brazilian Botox treatment is worth it:

  • For anyone frustrated by frizzy, unmanageable curls or waves, especially coarser hair textures, it very well transform hair quality of life and self-confidence.

  • If properly applied by an experienced stylist, results can be incredible and long-lasting without damage for many hair types.

  • While formaldehyde exposure worries some, amounts are within safety levels according to research, and formaldehyde-free options now exist too.

  • Expense of $150-300 every 2-3 months is substantial but could save money versus regular blowouts, flat iron straightening or relaxers long-term.

  • Downsides like short-term roots or rod clamp time are minor annoyances for dramatic frizz elimination results achieved.

  • The right at-home product may suffice between salon visits for touch-ups and cost savings versus full professional treatments.

While YMMV based on individual hair, it seems an effective treatment for most based on positive reviews – just be aware of potential limitations for very fine or damaged hair types. For easy heat-free styling and beautiful texture transformation over long periods, Brazilian Botox could certainly be worth a try. Just do your research and find a trusted stylist.

In summary, if eliminating frizz and gaining smooth, frizz-free hair with minimal effort is a priority, customer reviews indicate Brazilian Botox treatments provide incredible results for many. Just go into it with realistic expectations on potential limitations or side effects based on your unique hair type and needs. When done right by a pro, it offers beautifully transformed texture that will improve your hair health and confidence.


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