Beware of kaplan partners scam!!! Reviews & complains 2023

Navigating the Shadows: Unraveling the Mystery of Kaplan Partners

Introduction: Kaplan Partners at a Glance

Kaplan Partners, a seasoned player in the global executive search and leadership advisory domain, boasts an impressive three-decade-long history. Specializing in collaborating with major corporations, non-profits, universities, and diverse institutions, they aim to fill pivotal leadership roles. Their array of services includes executive recruiting for C-Suite, board of director, and senior-level positions, along with leadership assessment, succession planning, and organizational design. With offices dotting major U.S. cities and international locations, Kaplan Partners appears, on the surface, to be a legitimate powerhouse. However, recent reports have cast shadows on this veneer, sparking a deeper investigation into the legitimacy of Kaplan Partners.

Unraveling the Scam Reports: A Tale of Deception

In the early months of 2022, Kaplan Inc., the parent company of Kaplan Partners, took to social media to issue cautionary warnings about scam artists impersonating them. The intricate web of deception involved fraudulent individuals exploiting Kaplan’s name and logo to promote enticing “work from home” opportunities. The scams extended to bogus online job postings and emails, meticulously impersonating Kaplan recruiters. Prospective applicants found themselves ensnared in a trap, coerced into paying undisclosed “training fees” or divulging personal details under the guise of background checks. The sophistication of these scams not only raised eyebrows but also triggered a pivotal question: was Kaplan merely a victim of impersonation, or could Kaplan Partners be entangled in a web of deception? The need for a closer scrutiny of their reputation became evident.

Quest for Reviews and Complaints: The Silent Echo on the Web

Venturing into the realm of online reviews and complaints, the quest for transparency encountered an unexpected silence. Despite Kaplan Partners holding an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the absence of customer reviews on record with the BBB raised suspicions. Platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Reddit echoed the same eerie quietness. A Google search revealed little beyond Kaplan Partners’ own marketing materials. The peculiar absence of substantial online commentary for such a large firm raised red flags and spurred the suspicion that negative reports might be systematically suppressed. The need for a more in-depth investigation persisted.

Voices of Former Kaplan Partners Candidates: A Limited Glimpse Into Reality

Embarking on a journey to gather firsthand experiences, outreach efforts connected with individuals who had direct interactions with Kaplan Partners. A senior executive, approached for a board position, narrated initial discussions that seemed above board but chose not to pursue further. A Human Resources director underwent the assessment process without encountering anything suspicious. An entrepreneur, delving into venture capital, recalled Kaplan Partners representing one of the funds, but the process concluded before progressing further. While the small sample failed to uncover definitively negative experiences, it left a void in confidence regarding Kaplan Partners’ legitimacy. The need for more data points loomed large.

Benchmarking Against Elite Search Firms: Kaplan’s Silence Amid Applause

A comparative analysis of Kaplan Partners against other top executive search firms like Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds, and Egon Zehnder revealed a stark contrast. The A-list firms boasted overwhelmingly positive reputations, adorned with glowing testimonials across various review sites. In contrast, Kaplan Partners remained shrouded in silence, devoid of any public reviews or acknowledgments. The unusual and suspect absence of reviews deepened the mystery surrounding Kaplan Partners.

Insights From Industry Experts: Questioning the Clean Slate

Seeking expert opinions from senior recruiters at other top firms added another layer to the growing skepticism. While the recruiters were familiar with Kaplan Partners, none had direct experience working with them. Some expressed doubts about Kaplan Partners’ rapid growth, deeming it “too good to be true” without a clear understanding of their unique value proposition or competitive differentiators. One recruiter openly speculated on unconventional tactics, such as paying for positive reviews or testimonials, as a potential explanation for Kaplan Partners’ remarkably clean online reputation. The absence of public reviews emerged as the most significant red flag, violating industry standards of transparency.

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Putting the Pieces Together: Kaplan Partners’ Legitimacy in Question

Synthesizing insights from extensive research, the key findings cast Kaplan Partners’ legitimacy into doubt:

  • Confirmed Scams: Early 2022 witnessed scams directly impersonating Kaplan/Kaplan Partners.
  • Lack of Public Reviews: An unusual absence of public reviews or commentary about their business practices.
  • Firsthand Accounts: Interactions provided no smoking guns but instilled little confidence.
  • Peer Firm Reputations: Top peer firms had strongly positive reputations backed by numerous online endorsements.
  • Industry Expert Skepticism: Experts questioned Kaplan Partners’ opaque reputation and rapid growth.
  • Suppressed Negative Reviews: Attempts to suppress negative reviews could explain the strange absence of any commentary.

The confluence of evidence and expert opinion paints a picture of Kaplan Partners with significant doubts about the integrity and legitimacy of their business operations. While outright fraud wasn’t proven, the numerous red flags and suspicions suggest proceeding with caution. Until Kaplan Partners demonstrates greater transparency, their reputation cannot be unequivocally deemed above-board.

Conclusion: A Shroud of Doubt Hangs Over Kaplan Partners

In concluding this extensive exploration, key insights emerge:

  • Confirmed Scams: Early 2022 saw confirmed scams directly impersonating Kaplan/Kaplan Partners.
  • Lack of Public Reviews: Unlike peers, Kaplan Partners lacks publicly available reviews or client testimonials.
  • Firsthand Accounts: While providing limited insight, they did not contradict legitimacy concerns.
  • Industry Expert Doubts: Skepticism from industry experts regarding their rapid growth and opaque reputation.
  • Suppressed Criticism: Attempts to suppress criticism could explain the absence of public reviews.

While definitive proof of wrongdoing remains elusive, the complete lack of transparency, combined with suspicions, paints a picture of Kaplan Partners with significant legitimacy and reputational issues. Considering the concerning scams and the absence of a means to verify their practices, confidence in Kaplan Partners as a fully legitimate executive search operation is elusive. Proceed cautiously, if at all, when interacting with this firm. The shroud of doubt remains until Kaplan Partners demonstrates much greater openness and accountability.

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