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Barking Bags is a UK based brand that creates handmade leather bags and accessories. Since launching in 2011, they have built a reputation for producing high-quality yet affordable products. Their leather goods are crafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their work.

This post will provide an overview of Barking Bags, including their product range and design philosophy. Various tips and techniques for optimizing product pages on Onbuy will also be discussed. The goal is to help online retailers maximize visibility and sales conversions for Barking Bags products.

Product Range

Barking Bags offers a diverse selection of bags, wallets, and other leather goods. Some of their most popular items include:


Totes are one of their best-selling styles. Options range from classic totes to structured satchels. Different sizes allow the bags to be used for work, travel, or everyday activities. Many feature organizational pockets and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. Colors like tan, black, and burgundy are versatile additions to any wardrobe.

Crossbody Bags

For hands-free carrying, crossbody bags are a go-to choice. Models like the signature ‘Phoebe’ come in buttery soft leather with an adjustable strap. They’re the perfect size for carrying essentials around town. Metallic accents add a touch of sparkle to brighten up an outfit.


Wallet designs at Barking Bags emphasize functionality. Bi-fold and tri-fold styles accommodate cards, cash, and receipts. Window pockets allow quick access to ID cards. Colors and materials match popular bag collections for a coordinated look. Wallets make for budget-friendly extras or stocking stuffers.


To complete an ensemble, Barking Bags provides small leather goods like keychains, luggage tags, and notebook covers. Backpacks fuse classical and modern details for casual wear. Belt bags let festivalgoers or tourists stash items securely on warm weather outings.

By catering to different carrying needs, the product assortment from Barking Bags has something for every lifestyle. Versatile designs work for any occasion from work to weekends.

Craftsmanship and Materials

Barking Bags strives to produce premium quality goods in an ethical manner. Artisans carefully select top grain leathers that develop a beautiful patina with age and use. Hide selections include:

  • Vegetable-tanned cowhide for a sturdy yet supple feel
  • Grain-based goatskin with a silky texture
  • Exotic skins like crocodile or lizard for statement pieces

All materials meet high environmental and sourcing standards. Dyes are solvent-free to protect workers and the planet. Rich color palettes suit a variety of personal styles.

Construction emphasizes durable construction tailored for everyday use. Reinforced seams and protective feet prolong product lifespan. Hardware components like zippers and studs are tested to withstand frequent opening and closing. Lining fabrics like cotton or microfiber resist dirt and spills. Interior pockets maintain organization on the go.

Through attentive craftsmanship and conscious material choices, Barking Bags delivers heirloom quality goods that improve over time. Products are designed to last for years of loyal service.

Presenting Products Effectively Online

To market these well-made goods successfully through an online marketplace like Onbuy, certain aspects must be optimized. Here are some tips for highlighting Barking Bags’ attributes and moving visitors to action:

Showcase Craftsmanship in Product Images

Detailed shots that zoom in on leather texture, stitching, and hardware help customers assess quality virtually. Images should be bright, colorful and professionally lit. At least 10-15 high resolution photos per listing leave no detail uncovered. Album or 360-degree views enable inspecting from all angles.

Use Compelling Titles and Copy

Headline keywords mention top features like the type of leather or convenient size. Descriptions then elaborate on how each element enhances functionality and longevity. Benefits like durability and value are stressed versus standalone attributes. Reviews from happy customers reinforce these selling points.

Provide Multiple Sizing and Color Options

Allowing users to narrow choices streamlines decision making. Filtering inventory by attributes like size, material, and shade increases selection versatility. Customers appreciate transparent inventory availability indicators too.

Highlight Sustainable Practices Prominently

Ethically-sourced leathers and solvent-free production processes help Barking Bags stand out from fast fashion competitors. Discuss partnerships with artisan groups and supply chains upfront to build trust in the brand mission. Sustainability sells to eco-conscious buyers.

Leverage Related Product Placements

Cross-promoting complementary accessories increases average order value. Recommending ideal matching wallets with each bag broadens customer basket size. Upsells at checkout provide one-stop-shopping convenience as well.

Optimize Page Speed for Mobile

As online consumers heavily rely on phones, site performance ranks high. Minimizing page weight through image compression keeps the checkout funnel moving seamlessly. Responsive design adapts perfectly across devices too.

Set Competitive Pricing

Barking Bags aims for affordability, but costs still must undercut mass market substitutes. Create a balance between quality perceptions and wallet friendliness. Special discounts like student/teacher discounts build loyalty programs.

With these strategies, Barking Bags listings can truly shine and appeal to today’s savvy digital shoppers on Onbuy. Thoughtful merchandising transforms raw materials into a cohesive branded experience.

Promoting Through SEO and Social Media

To reach potential customers and maintain visibility, Barking Bags would be wise to practice search engine optimization and leverage social platforms as well.

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SEO Best Practices

  • Use target keywords naturally in page URLs, titles, and meta descriptions. Focus on informational intent keywords versus transactional.
  • Optimize product pages individually instead of lumping all inventory under a root category URL.
  • Curate new blog posts at least bi-weekly. Topics cover industry trends, craft tutorials, and brand culture.
  • Include high resolution images with accurate alt text throughout the site for image SEO benefits.
  • Pursue relevant local citations and directories to rank for geography-based queries.
  • Analyze Google Search Console and Google Analytics for opportunities to improve. Monitor keywords and traffic sources.

Leveraging Social Media

  • Maintain consistent brand presence and voice across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Instagram Stories are ideal for behind-the-scenes looks at the workshop and artisans. Reels showcase products in-use.
  • Facebook and Pinterest showcase style inspiration albums with Barking Bags products tagged.
  • YouTube and IGTV feature how-to videos, hauls, and reviews from influencers.
  • Collaborate with influencers across lifestyle domains like fashion, travel, and crafting for organic product placements.
  • Encourage customer UGC by rewarding social shares and reviews with small discounts or rewards.
  • Analyze engagement metrics to understand what resonates most across each platform for future campaign planning.

Search and social strategies together bolster Barking Bags visibility, foster relationships, and spread the brand message far beyond their Onbuy listings alone. Awareness grows traffic and inbound links aid search rankings over time.

Customer Service is Key

Solid customer experiences encourage long-term loyalty and powerful word-of-mouth marketing. Barking Bags provides:

  • Quick shipping from UK and EU warehouses to reach global customers promptly.
  • Free standard shipping and affordable express/tracked options.
  • Easy returns and sensitive sizing exchanges supported by the hassle-free process.
  • Responsive email support answered within 24 business hours initially and 8 hours for subsequent replies.
  • Live chatting available during peak shopping periods for instant assistance.
  • Detailed order status updates keep customers in the know every step of the journey.
  • Help Center articles address common questions to minimize direct inquiries.
  • The occasional friendly branded gift or handwritten thank you note extends hospitality.

Going above and beyond builds trust that Barking Bags values customer happiness as much as their carefully made products. Complaint remedies demonstrate a commitment to lifelong relationships over single transactions. Positive experiences motivate customers to recommend the brand to others.


Through premium craftsmanship, versatile styles, and savvy marketing, Barking Bags has found success reaching a global audience of leather goods enthusiasts. Strategies like complete product asset packs, SEO best practices, influencer partnerships and exceptional service help distinguish the brand amidst competition on marketplaces. As operations progress, Barking Bags seems well positioned to deepen their customer loyalty and following with quality that improves over a lifetime of enjoyment. Continuing to invest in e-commerce and digital brand building promises further growth opportunities ahead.

Barking Bags has built a solid foundation over the past decade crafting beautifully made leather goods. Their emphasis on using high-quality raw materials, skilled labor practices and durable design has rightfully earned them devoted fans around the world. However, to continue empowering artisans and connecting more customers to their mission, vigilant e-commerce strategies remain integral to success.

One area Barking Bags excels is showcasing the intricacies of their products online through superb visual merchandising. Detailed product pages that zoom in on textures, accentuate colors and allow rotating 360 degree views help shoppers evaluate quality from afar. Maintaining top-tier product photography across all new styles and colors launching will be crucial to drive ongoing website traffic and sales. Supplementary content marketing like blogs, videos and social media give clients a glimpse into the production process and people behind the brand and strengthen advocacy.

While organic search and word-of-mouth referrals certainly bring audiences, collaborating with influencers in aligned genres is a meaningful way to introduce the brand to fresh demographics. Careful tracking of campaign metrics will illuminate which creative executions or influencer types most tangibly boost visibility and conversions for future initiatives. Superior customer service also cultivates long-lasting customers that become walking advertisements. Consistently delighting clients through speedy order fulfillment, easy communication and generous return policies inspires brand loyalty.

Looking ahead, Barking Bags is well-equipped to capitalize further on the growing desire for ethically-made goods through robust digital transformations. Maintaining a finger on the pulse of emergent channels and new opportunities wherever consumers spend time online helps preserve relevance. Most importantly, the company’s dedication to honoring craft traditions while innovating distribution ensures the styles people love will be discoverable and accessible for many years to come.

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