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Ameritel BPO Services Inc. is a business process outsourcing company located in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines that provides call center services. However, reviews of Ameritel have been rather mixed, with both positive and negative feedback from employees and job applicants. In this comprehensive review, I will take an in-depth look at Ameritel BPO based on available information from employee reviews, news reports, social media, and other sources.


Ameritel BPO was established in 2003 and has since grown to employ over 3,000 people across various call center sites. They service English and Spanish-speaking markets in North America and provide support functions for various industries like telecom, software, and healthcare. Ameritel aims to offer flexible work opportunities to Filipino workers.

Employee Reviews

One of the best ways to evaluate a company’s culture and employment experience is by reading reviews written anonymously by actual/former employees. On sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, Ameritel BPO receives mixed feedback:

  • Positives include competitive pay rates for the location, training programs, and opportunities for career advancement.

  • However, consistently long working hours (10-12 hours daily) are cited as physically and mentally draining.

  • High employee turnover is attributed to unrealistic targets, threats of underperformance penalties, and micromanaging supervision styles.

  • Lack of holidays, medical insurance costs cutting into wages, and delayed commission/benefit payments are other complaints.

Overall, while a job at Ameritel may offer entry opportunities, the work environment appears quite demanding and stressful according to many reviewers.

Applicant Experiences

Some reports have surfaced of questionable practices during Ameritel’s hiring process as well. One notable story detailed a confusing series of requests, waits, and reschedules that wasted an applicant’s time without result. Several others echoed similar experiences of disorganization.

This type of unprofessional applicant treatment creates a poor first impression that may deter suitable candidates and reflects broader issues in how the company manages recruitment.

Company Response

Ameritel’s management has not publicly addressed or acknowledged many of the consistent complaints in employee reviews concerning work culture and applicant experiences. Their social profiles and career pages emphasize only benefits rather than feedback.

This lack of meaningful response to legitimate criticism suggests either an unwillingness or inability to properly evaluate internal policies and make necessary improvements where needed.

Evaluating the Concerns

Considering the volume of reviews and lack of company response, the following concerns about Ameritel seem credible and warrant addressing:

  • Work-life balance may be lacking due to long hours and demanding targets.

  • High turnover could signal underlying people management or motivation issues.

  • Lack of paid time off and benefits cut into real take-home pay.

  • Unorganized hiring practices waste applicants’ time and trust.

  • Feedback avoidance ignores opportunities for positive change.

While a job is beneficial to many, these issues may negatively impact worker wellness, satisfaction and retention if not properly reviewed by Ameritel’s leadership.

Overall Analysis

Based on all available information from employee reviews, news reports and other public sources, it seems Ameritel BPO does offer job opportunities which some appreciate. However, the company could improve in several important ways:

  • Addressing workplace well-being issues raised in many reviews regarding hours, targets and policies.

  • Implementing more organized, respectful and transparent applicant screening practices.

  • Publicly acknowledging criticism and engaging stakeholders for meaningful reform.

  • Focusing more on cultivating understanding, supportive management styles.

  • Creating a more positive employer image through open communication and feedback incorporation.

With some policy adjustments and stronger commitment to worker and candidate experience, Ameritel could potentially become an even better company to both find and hold a job. Regular re-evaluation of progress made is encouraged.

In summary, while a source of income, Ameritel BPO may best be considered as an option seeking further improvement in key human aspects of their operations to build lasting trust as a reputable employer over time based on reviews uncovered. Other comparable companies may offer better overall fit depending on individual priorities and circumstances as well.

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