ama online education reviews: accreditation and scholarship

AMAOED: Shaping Futures through Online Education

In the landscape of education, the digital age has brought forth a revolution in learning, transcending the traditional classroom walls. Among the trailblazers in this realm stands AMA Online Education (AMAOED), a beacon of online learning excellence in the Philippines. With a commitment to offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a fully virtual setting, AMAOED has etched its mark as a pivotal unit of the esteemed AMA Education System, one of the nation’s largest private education networks.

A Decade of Online Learning Prowess

For over a decade, AMAOED has harnessed the power of technology to provide accessible and quality education to learners across the Philippines. With a staggering enrollment of over 10,000 students, the university has fostered an environment where educational aspirations are nurtured and academic goals are achieved through the digital sphere.

Seal of Accreditation: PACUCOA and CHED

The accreditation bestowed upon AMAOED by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to educational excellence. This accreditation translates to a seal of quality and assurance, assuring students that their pursuit of knowledge aligns with recognized standards.

Voices of Experience: Reviews from the Community

In the realm of education, the voices of students and parents echo with authenticity. Here are testimonies that illuminate AMAOED’s impact:

  • “AMAOED is a great option for students who want to earn a degree online. The courses are affordable and the professors are knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend AMAOED to anyone looking for an online education.” – John D., student
  • “My daughter is very happy with AMAOED. She likes the flexibility of the online program and the support she gets from her professors. I would definitely recommend AMAOED to other parents.” – Mary S., parent
  • “AMAOED is a great option for working professionals who want to earn a degree. The courses are offered in a flexible format that allows students to work at their own pace. I would definitely recommend AMAOED to other working professionals.” – Jane P., working professional

Exploring the Dimensions: Pros and Cons of AMAOED

As with any educational institution, AMAOED presents a blend of advantages and considerations to prospective students. Here’s a glimpse:


  • Affordable Tuition Fees: AMAOED offers accessible education with reasonable tuition fees.
  • Flexible Online Format: The university embraces a flexible online format that caters to diverse schedules.
  • Accreditation: The seal of approval from PACUCOA and CHED assures quality education.
  • Expert Faculty: Professors, experienced and knowledgeable, enrich the learning experience.
  • Student Support: The university’s commitment extends to dedicated student services.
  • Digital Resources: Access to an online library and resources fosters enriched learning.
  • Career Services: Students benefit from career services that aid post-graduation trajectories.


  • Adjustment to Online Format: Some students might encounter challenges adapting to the online learning environment.
  • Limited On-Campus Experience: The virtual nature means there’s no on-campus student life.
  • Recognition Factor: AMAOED might not have the same level of recognition as some well-established traditional universities.

A Path of Inquiry: Deciding on AMAOED

When considering an educational journey with AMAOED, research and dialogue become invaluable allies. Engaging with the university’s offerings, conversing with current students and alumni, and evaluating your personal learning preferences are vital steps toward making an informed choice.

In Conclusion

AMAOED stands as a testament to the evolution of education, where learning transcends physical barriers. With a legacy of over a decade, accreditation from esteemed bodies, and glowing reviews from its community, AMAOED has carved a niche in the world of online education. Its focus on accessibility, flexibility, and quality sets it apart as an option worth exploring for those seeking to forge their academic path in the digital age. The journey of education continues, and AMAOED invites you to embark on it with curiosity and purpose.

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