Review: Is It a Scam or Legit store? Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

In the world of online shopping, it’s crucial to exercise caution and diligence, especially when encountering lesser-known websites that promise unbelievable deals and discounts. One such website that has raised suspicion is In this comprehensive review, we will examine the various aspects of this online store and provide you with insights into whether it’s a legitimate platform or a potential scam.

The Dubious Nature of claims to offer a wide range of products, from belt bags to shirts and pants, all at incredibly low prices. While these offers might seem tempting at first glance, there are several alarming reasons why you should think twice before shopping on this website.

1. Lack of Business Address

One of the most glaring issues with is the absence of a physical business address. Legitimate businesses typically provide clear and verifiable contact information, including their location. The fact that does not disclose its business address raises significant concerns about transparency. This lack of transparency makes it challenging for customers to reach out to the store in case of any issues with their orders.

2. Recent Website Creation’s website was created in August 2023 and is set to expire in August 2024. This relatively short lifespan of the website is a telltale sign of what is often referred to as a “disposable” website. Scammers often create such websites to carry out fraudulent activities for a limited time before abandoning them. This should raise a red flag for anyone considering making a purchase on the platform.

3. Absence of Customer Support

A legitimate online store typically provides multiple channels for customer support, including email addresses and phone numbers. However, appears to offer no means of contacting customer support. Customers who encounter issues or have questions about their orders are left in the dark, unable to seek assistance. This lack of customer support is a significant cause for concern.

4. Inactive on Social Media

In today’s digital age, virtually all reputable online stores maintain an active presence on social media platforms to engage with their customers and build trust. Surprisingly, is conspicuously absent from any social media platforms. This absence raises doubts about the legitimacy of the store, as genuine businesses often use social media as a means of communication and promotion.

5. Unrealistic Discounts and Sales Offers

One of the most common tactics employed by fraudulent online stores is offering products at prices that are too good to be true. follows this pattern by advertising items at unbelievably low prices. The magnitude of these discounts is highly unrealistic, even during sales events. Such tactics are often used to lure unsuspecting buyers into making purchases based on the promise of enormous savings. In reality, no legitimate store can sustain such discounts.

6. Shady Refund Policy

While claims to offer a 30-day refund policy, there’s a significant caveat that customers should be aware of. According to the policy, customers are required to cover the cost of return shipping, which can be exorbitant. Legitimate online stores typically offer hassle-free return processes, and it’s unusual for customers to be burdened with return shipping fees.

The Modus Operandi of appears to operate in a manner consistent with common online shopping scams. Reports from customers who have interacted with the store describe a pattern that includes accepting payment, sending confirmation emails complete with tracking details, but ultimately failing to deliver the purchased items. In some cases, customers receive products that are either inferior in quality or entirely different from what they ordered. This deceptive practice is commonly referred to as a “bait and switch” scam.

Furthermore, there are concerns about the security of customers’ credit card information when making purchases on Some customers have reported unauthorized charges or potential credit card hacks associated with their transactions on the platform.

Is a Scam?

Based on the information gathered and the numerous red flags associated with, it is prudent to conclude that this website is highly suspicious and likely not a legitimate or genuine online store. The absence of a business address, the outrageous discounts, the recent creation of the website, the lack of social media presence, and the burdensome refund policy collectively indicate that is operating with questionable intentions.

In summary, should be approached with extreme caution, and it is strongly recommended to avoid making any purchases on this platform. The risk of encountering issues, receiving subpar or different products, and potential credit card security threats outweigh any perceived benefits.

Using PayPal: Are You Safe?

Some consumers may wonder if using PayPal to make purchases from provides an added layer of security. While PayPal has been a trusted payment method for online transactions, it’s essential to understand that recent developments have highlighted certain vulnerabilities. Fraudulent stores, like, have found ways to exploit weaknesses in PayPal’s dispute resolution system.

Here’s how it typically works: You make a purchase, and a few days later, the fraudulent store provides a tracking number that appears to have shipped to your area. However, this tracking number is often unrelated to your actual order. PayPal interprets the presence of this tracking number as evidence of a completed transaction, making it challenging to dispute the transaction successfully.

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What to Do If You’ve Already Shopped on

If you’ve already made a purchase from, it’s essential to take immediate action to protect your interests:

1. Contact Your Bank or Financial Institution

If your transaction is still pending or has recently been completed, consider contacting your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction. Prompt action may enable you to initiate a chargeback and recover your funds.

2. Update Your Passwords

If you’ve used the same password on that you’ve used on other websites or applications, it’s crucial to update your passwords immediately. This precautionary step enhances your online security and safeguards against potential security breaches.

3. Beware of Suspicious Emails

Exercise caution when dealing with emails from Do not click on any links within suspicious emails, as they may be phishing attempts aimed at compromising your device’s security. Be particularly vigilant if you receive unsolicited emails related to your transaction.

Conclusion raises multiple red flags that strongly suggest it is not a legitimate online store. The lack of a business address, the recent creation of the website, the absence of customer support, and the lack of an active social media presence are all concerning signs. The incredibly low prices and unrealistic discounts offered on the website are also indicative of a potential scam.

One of the most worrying aspects is the dubious refund policy, which places a burden on customers by requiring them to pay for return shipping costs. This is not a typical practice for reputable online stores.

The way operates, as reported by some customers, is consistent with common online shopping scams. This includes accepting payment, sending confirmation emails and tracking details, but failing to deliver the purchased items. In some cases, customers receive inferior or entirely different products from what they ordered.

Given these warning signs and the potential risks involved, it is strongly recommended to avoid shopping on If you have already made a purchase, it is advisable to contact your bank or financial institution to dispute the transaction and, if possible, cancel the payment. Additionally, it’s essential to update your passwords, particularly if you’ve used the same password on other websites, to enhance your online security and protect against potential phishing attempts.

In conclusion, appears to be a scam website, and consumers are urged to exercise caution and avoid making any purchases on this platform.

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