abenson online store reviews: is abenson.com legit or scam?


A Leading Retailer in the Philippines for Over 50 Years

Abenson has been in the retail business for over 50 years, establishing itself as a leading retailer of appliances, gadgets, furniture and more across the Philippines. With over 130 brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, Abenson has built a reputation for offering wide product selections at competitive prices along with excellent customer service.

In recent years, Abenson has taken its business online with the launch of abenson.com – making their vast catalog of products available directly to customers wherever they may be located in the country. The online store has grown tremendously in popularity, becoming a top destination for Filipinos to shop conveniently from home.

A Well-Organized Online Shopping Experience

One of the major draws of Abenson’s online store is how well-organized the shopping experience is. Customers can easily browse through products grouped neatly into categories like Appliances, Electronics, Furniture and more. Popular categories include Refrigerators, Televisions, Beds, Washing Machines and Air Conditioners.

Within each category, products are further filtered by relevant attributes. For appliances, options include brand, energy rating and size. Customers can also sort product listings based on factors like price – low to high or vice versa. This level of categorization and filtering capabilities makes finding the desired product effortless.

In addition to categories and filters, Abenson has put thought into integrating helpful search functions. Typing a keyword brings up relevant results instantly from their extensive catalog. Recent and popular searches are also displayed to aid discovery. With these easy navigation aids, shoppers are empowered to locate exactly what fits their needs with minimal effort.

Comprehensive Payment Options

Once the perfect product is in the cart, Abenson ensures checkout is simple and secure with multiple payment choices. Credit and debit cards from major banks are accepted online for hassle-free purchases. Those preferring alternative methods can select bank deposit or cash on delivery as options too.

For added convenience during the COVID-19 pandemic, Abenson introduced bill payment via GCash and PayMaya e-wallets. This allows contactless transactions for safety. Customers appreciate the flexible payment selections to suit their individual preferences and circumstances. With various secure options supported, there are no barriers to completing the purchase successfully.

Fast and Reliable Delivery Services

Getting the ordered products into customers’ hands swiftly is another area Abenson excels at. A wide range of delivery options are on offer to suit varying timelines and locations:

  • Same Day Delivery: For orders placed before cutoff times, items are delivered on the same day within Metro Manila.

  • Next Day Delivery: Standard delivery for areas within Luzon takes one business day.

  • Scheduled Delivery: Customers can pick the most suitable date and time slot for delivery.

  • Provincial Delivery: Dedicated logistics partners ensure timely and safe delivery even to remote locations nationwide.

Abenson has invested heavily in building an efficient supply chain and logistics network. Customers appreciate the flexibility and control over delivery. It ensures a satisfying shopping experience from start to end, eliminating hassles.

Huge Selection Under One Roof

One major USP of Abenson’s online store is the wide selection of products available in one convenient location. Customers can fulfill all their appliance, gadget and furniture needs without having to visit multiple sites.

Product lines from top global and local brands like Samsung, LG, Epson, Sony, Panasonic, Century and more are neatly organized online. From refrigerators and air conditioning to laptops, printers, sofas and more – over 10,000 SKUs ensure finding the right fit.

This enormous and well-maintained selection addresses the research and decision fatigue customers experience on other marketplaces with limited filters. It streamlines the shopping process and delivers great value through a “one-stop-shop” experience.

Competitive Pricing Year-Round

Abenson commits to offering best value on key home and lifestyle products. An automated price-matching system ensures listed prices are constantly evaluated against competition to deliver more savings.

Product bundles, combo deals and bundled financing further sweeten the value proposition. Memorable seasonal and holiday themed sales keep the deals flowing non-stop. Loyalty programs provide extra points and discounts for regular customers too.

This commitment to competitive pricing has won Abenson a reputation as the “low price leader” – continually undercutting other major retailers. It motivates more shoppers to consider them as a go-to option for all budget ranges, safe in the knowledge of getting good prices.

Excellent Post-Purchase Support

Being in the retail business for over 50 years means Abenson has perfected customer service to an art. The focus extends beyond sales to honoring commitments made to buyers.

Standard warranty terms are upgraded on many products. Repair and technical support queries are handled efficiently via multiple touchpoints – online, phone, retail stores and authorized service centers island-wide. Speedy resolution ensures a pleasant experience after purchase as well.

Returns, refunds, exchanges and damaged deliveries present no hassles either with generous policies in place. Customers feel secure making big-ticket purchases from an authoritative brand that stands by its quality promise through exemplary after-sales support.

Trusted Brand with Strong Reviews

These factors have elevated Abenson to being the go-to home appliance and electronics store for many Filipinos over the past few decades. While expanding online, it has retained the same high service standards synonymous with the brand name.

Third-party websites like Trustpilot showcase an impressive 4.5/5 star average rating for Abenson’s online store from thousands of verified buyers. Consistent 5-star feedback validates claims of seamless shopping, on-time delivery and helpful customer assistance.

Social media is also filled with positive reviews for prices, product quality and the overall online store experience. This creates a virtuous cycle where satisfied customers become brand advocates, driving more sales organically through word-of-mouth.


Shopping local legend Abenson online is a smart choice for numerous reasons. Decades of retail excellence, a well-designed shopping experience, wide selection, competitive prices and excellent after-sales care make it a top marketplace for Philippine consumers.

The convenience of fulfilling all appliance, gadgets and furniture needs in one place from the comfort of home further enhances Abenson’s appeal. It has cemented its status as the one-stop destination for quality home and lifestyle products in the digital era as well.

No wonder Abenson’s online store continues to attract new customers daily and sees record sales growth each year. It truly offers a winning combination of value, variety and service liked nowhere else.

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