5 star corner western food reviews and complaints in Singapore 2023

A Neighborhood Gem: 5 Star Corner Western Food

Nestled in a coffee shop in Hougang, Singapore lies a hidden gem serving affordable and hearty Western fare – 5 Star Corner Western Food. This family-run hawker stall has been a mainstay in the neighborhood for nearly 20 years, delighting customers with generous portions of their popular dishes.

A Wide Variety of Western Dishes

5 Star Corner offers a diverse menu to satisfy all appetites. Along with staples like fish and chips, chicken cutlets and steaks, they also have dishes cooked on a hot plate like black pepper chicken. This allows patrons to enjoy both fried and grilled options. The menu changes periodically as well to keep things interesting. No matter what’s available, reviewers praise the quality and taste of the meats that are always tender and juicy.

Generous Portions at Affordable Prices

Value for money is what keeps customers coming back to 5 Star Corner. At around $6-10 SGD per meal, the portions are remarkably filling. Multiple reviews highlight how the chicken chop or steak servings are larger than expected. This means patrons leave feeling fully satisfied without breaking the bank. The sides that accompany entrees like baked potatoes, coleslaw and garlic bread complement the hearty mains too.

Signature Dishes Earn Rave Reviews

Some dishes have become signatures over the years based on glowing reviews. The Fish and Chips ($6) features abundantly fresh and crispy battered fish along with crunchy fries. Another favorite is the Chicken Cutlet ($6) – a huge chicken cutlet served with ample coleslaw and shoestring fries. However, the undisputed crowd pleaser seems to be the Black Pepper Chicken Chop ($8).

Black Pepper Chicken Chop Excellence

Served piping hot on a sizzling plate, the Black Pepper Chicken Chop includes tender chicken thigh meat coated in a thick, flavorful sauce. It’s accompanied by mixed vegetables, baked beans, garlic bread and a baked potato dolloped with butter. The robust yet balanced blend of ingredients results in a truly satisfying dish. Reviewers note it’s a joy to eat while hot but tends to toughen up if left too long on the plate as the sauce thickens.

Consistency Over the Years

Impressively, 5 Star Corner maintains high culinary standards despite being in operation for nearly two decades. Multiple reviewers comment on returning time and again because favorites from the past like chicken cutlets and black pepper chicken chops still deliver on taste and value. This speaks volumes about the skill and work ethic of the family running the stall. Customers feel confident dishes will consistently meet or exceed expectations each visit.

A Community Fixture with Loyal Patrons

Through positive word of mouth over the years, 5 Star Corner has become a cherished part of the Hougang community. Reviewers recommend it to colleagues, friends and family members living nearby. Many customers mention making repeat trips when back visiting the area proving how attached patrons become to their dishes. It’s clear the warm, homestyle flavors and hospitality offered keep bringing residents back for more.

Accessible Location in Busy Coffee Shop

5 Star Corner’s location inside Hougang Central Market and Food Centre (Blk 805 Hougang Central) enhances its convenience factor. Situated in a lively coffeeshop, it’s easy to spot among the many stalls. Near MRT access and local amenities adds to the appeal. While it can get busy during peak hours resulting in wait times, patrons seem happy to queue for the meals. The central location in the heart of the neighborhood has served 5 Star Corner well.

Hawker Institution Gets Rave Reviews

Over 25 reviews on platforms like Burpple and Google feature near perfect ratings for 5 Star Corner Western Food. Repeated mentions are made of generous portions, consistently great cooking and fair pricing making it great value. Reviewers recommend it for fulfilling hunger or as an introduction to local hawker favorites. The long operating history and satisfied customer base is a true testament to the delicious, homestyle cooking offered here.

In Summary

Through nearly 20 years, 5 Star Corner Western Food has established itself as a beloved neighborhood institution with a devoted customer base. Offering hearty, homemade Western fare at affordable prices along with generous portions, it consistently delivers on taste and value. Signature dishes like black pepper chicken chop and fish and chips keep patrons returning time and again to enjoy the consistently great cooking. With an accessible location inside a busy coffee shop, it’s easy to understand why 5 Star Corner has become such a treasured community fixture. The incredible reviews show how the family’s passion and cooking skills have earned them loyal customers for life.

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