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Sunnystep is a Singapore based shoe brand that is gaining popularity for its lightweight, versatile travel shoes. As someone who is always on the move either for work or pleasure, I’m constantly on the lookout for comfortable yet stylish shoes I can wear for long periods of walking or travelling. When Sunnystep reached out to me to review one of their shoe styles, I was eager to try them out and see if they lived up to their claims of being perfect travel companions. In this in-depth review, I will share my experiences wearing the Sunnystep Balance Runner shoes over several weeks of daily use, travel, and put them through their paces in different environments and conditions.

About Sunnystep

Founded in 2019, Sunnystep is a relatively new footwear brand based in Singapore that specialises in lightweight, breathable shoes. Their goal is to create versatile, minimalist styles that can seamlessly transition between everyday wear and travel. All of their shoes weigh under 160g to maximize comfort while minimizing pack weight. Simple,clean designs with no overt branding allow the shoes to pair with most outfits. Sunnystep currently has 9 retail stores located around Singapore as well as distribution in major department stores. They’ve gained a loyal following for high quality craftsmanship, comfort, and versatility in their shoes.

First Impressions and Design

The first thing you notice about the Sunnystep Balance Runner is just how lightweight they feel. At only 140g per shoe, they’re extremely packable and don’t add noticeable weight or bulk when travelling. Available in a variety of neutral and bold colourways, I chose the unique olive green hue. The leather and mesh uppers have a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with no logos or labels for a discreet look. Thin yet flexible leather allows the shoes to pack down small when needed. A cushioned footbed and springy midsole provide support and bounce with every step. The rubber outsole has sufficient traction without being too thick or heavy duty. Overall the design succeeds at its goals of being versatile, packable and comfortable for all-day wear.

Fit and Comfort

I was pleased to find the Balance Runners have a decently wide toe box, important for my wider feet that don’t like feeling compressed. The footbed uses anatomical grooves and acupressure nodes to alleviate pressure points during walks. After breaking them in slightly, the shoes molded well to the shape of my feet without causing any discomfort even after extended wear. Due to the supple leather uppers, I recommend wearing thicker socks to wick away moisture as the material isn’t overly breathable on its own. Overall comfort levels are on par with popular running shoes with the bonus of all-day lightweight comfort. The minimalist yet cushioned design prevents fatigue beautifully.


To truly test the Sunnystep shoes, I incorporated them into my daily routines as well as strenuous travel days. On regular days, they proved perfect for casual footwear providing lightweight support through many hours on my feet whether at work or running errands around the city. During an recent overseas trip, the Balance Runners exceeded my expectations. They kept feet comfortable walking over 10 miles exploring new destinations. Their flexibility and packability meant squeezing them into limited luggage space was no problem. Perhaps most impressively, the shoes handled a major downpour without allowing feet to get soaked, a testament to their weather resistance. All in all, they delivered on promises of versatile functionality both in daily life and adventurous travel scenarios.

Aesthetics and Style

While designed for maximum comfort and functionality, the Balance Runners don’t compromise on style either. Sleek and understated, they can blend into any casual outfit from jeans and tees to dresses and skirts. I was delighted to find I could even pair them with business-casual looks for the office. The subtle olive green hue adds visual interest without being too bold or flashy. Clean lines and absence of logos keep them discreet whether wandering city streets or visiting cultural sights. I’ve happily received many compliments when wearing these shoes both at home and abroad. Their appearance belies the comfort within, making them a fashionable choice alongside dedicated performance footwear.

Value and Durability

At around $80, the Sunnystep Balance Runners deliver amazing value for money considering their versatility and quality construction. The supple full-grain leather uppers feel luxurious yet have proven hardy enough to withstand weeks of rigorous daily wear and travel abuse without signs of damage. Strong stitching and materials suggest they will last for many months, if not years, of regular use before needing replacement. When factoring in their extreme lightweight comfort across all scenarios, packability and fashionable appearance, it’s easy to feel you’re getting far more than what you pay for. Replacement costs are reasonable too should general wear and tear eventually take its toll. All in all, they offer unbeatable value as a travel shoe investment.

Sizing and Fit

True to most Asian sizing, Sunnystep shoes tend to run small. I’m generally a narrow US size 8.5 and took a size 38 which fitted me perfectly with just enough room at the toes for all-day comfort without slipping around. Those between standard shoe sizes may want to size up half a size. Wider feet will appreciate the generous toe box space without feeling constrained. After several wears, the supple leather molded seamlessly to my foot shape. Buyers should consult Sunnystep’s detailed sizing chart and customer reviews for accurate guidance on which size to order based on their own foot dimensions. Proper sizing is essential for optimum comfort from these shoes.

Summary and Recommendation

In summary, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Sunnystep Balance Runner as an outstanding travel shoe for versatility, comfort and value. Their minimalist yet supportive design offers lightweight cushioning for all-day activities whether adventuring in new destinations or just running errands around town. Easy packing, weather resistance and handsome understated aesthetics make them suitable across varying scenarios. Excellent sizing, craftsmanship and reasonable replacement costs provide peace of mind for an essential shoe investment. Without compromising fashion or functionality, they prove the perfect companion both for busy lifestyles on the move as well as occasional weekend excursions. Overall these are among the best travel shoes I’ve tested at an affordable price point.

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