Racksterli (has it crashed, what happened?)

Some are presently confused if racksterli has crashed or not. Some are waiting for refund while some are waiting for upgrade. I know and I am sure, racksterli has crashed!!!

Just as you know that holyprofweb gives business review. Last week, when writing about LINFORLY review, during my typing, I said racksterli will crash soon. That is it!!! Even someone abuse at the comment. I am not a noob in the line of online business and I have experience already. Most of the investment website are popularly known as ponzi scheme. The goal is to earn from them before they earn from you. I can give minimum month and when you should stop in investing In a website and that is why I said Linforly would be the best to invest with now. But, I will advice all investors to stop by August or September.

Racksterli website is popularly known to has crashed no more paying the site is inaccessible that means it is no more. The same thing that happened to mybonus isme. So, your money for those who invested waiting for profits would not get paid again.

By the way this was how racksterli was paying reintroduction below



Has racksterli crashed

Currently racksterli.com is not working and racksterli created different domains which are as follows

  • Omcgold.com
  • Goldomc.com

This can just be as prove that the site was about to crash so invest what you can avoid to loose.


It is popularly argued that is a ponzi scheme because of many reasons. Even DAVIDO advertised it😂. According to wikipedia and experts, racksterli is defined as a platform that uses new members money to pay old members.


Is Racksterli upgrading

The problem right now is that many thinks that racksterli is upgrading to a new server and according to the CEO on Instagram they are upgrading and he said everything will be ready within 24 hours (1 day)


Is racksterli legit

Racksterli has been paying members earlier the started so it is legit but now, it is gone😭.



  1. Thank God. My plan was about to end and I wanted to get new update on new site. When I came and saw Linforly and you talking of racksterli about to crash, I borrowed money to join Linforly with the belief that they will pay me before crashing. I have cashed out and Linforly issa bam💯. Guy, thanks
    You are blessed

  2. Okay. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t make sense to come and write

  3. So, it was inside post, I Sha notice I no see am🙈. I dey always fly when reading. I no fi see am.😭

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