Presidio Petroleum LLC Settlement reviews: legit or scam?


Is The Presidio Petroleum LLC Settlement Legitimate? An In-Depth Analysis

Have you received an email notification about a potential cash payout from the Presidio Petroleum LLC class action settlement? Many people have, but scams involving fake class action mailers are common. Let’s take a closer look at this particular case to determine if it’s genuine.

Background On The Presidio Petroleum Lawsuit

Presidio Petroleum LLC is an oil and gas company based in Texas that operates primarily in Oklahoma. In 2022, a former client named Suzanne Broadbent filed a class action lawsuit against them, represented by the Cates Law Firm. 🇺🇸

Broadbent claimed Presidio failed to pay statutory interest on late royalty payments owed to mineral rights owners, as required by Oklahoma law. Specifically, the Oklahoma Production Revenue Standards Act (PRSA). 🧑‍⚖️

It was alleged this violated the PRSA, financially harming mineral owners. Presidio denied wrongdoing but agreed to settle to avoid a lengthy legal battle. 📃

The proposed settlement is for $475,000 total, to be distributed among qualifying class members. But is this case truly legitimate? 🤔

Verifying Key Settlement Details

To determine the settlement’s authenticity, I checked some important identifiers:

  • The court docket number matches public records: CV-2022-15 📄

  • Key dates line up with case timelines in official documents. 📅

  • Named parties and law firms involved all checked out. 🧑‍⚖️

  • Settlement website domain name reflected the real case name. 💻

  • Official settlement notices used correct legal wording and format. 📰

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All signs point to this mirroring an actual ongoing class action case against Presidio Petroleum. No obvious fakes or tricks. 👍

Eligibility Requirements Appear Legitimate

To claim a payment, individuals must meet these criteria:

  • Own mineral rights Presidio made late payments on 🌎

  • Be a class member as defined in settlement papers. 📄

  • Submit valid proof of royalty ownership by deadline. 📩

  • Attest payments owed met statutory interest standards. 📝

These mirrored typical rules for similar class action oil/gas cases. Nothing strange that raised red flags. 🚩

Weighing Potential Payout Amounts

While total payout is $475k, individual sums vary based on:

  • Amount of interest owed by Presidio on late payments 💰

  • Timing of when payments were made 📆

  • Other case-specific allocation formulas 📊

Smaller claims under $5 won’t be paid to reduce processing costs. 💸

Overall, potential payouts seem reasonable and in line with similar past settlements. Not oddly inflated. 🤑

Presidio Petroleum LLC Settlement Conclusion

After reviewing available details, this settlement involving Presidio Petroleum LLC appears entirely legitimate based on matching public case records.

Eligibility rules, total payout amount, court identifiers and timelines all align with an authentic class action resolution. No suspicious red flags were raised.

Individuals who meet prerequisite ownership criteria should feel comfortable submitting claims by the posted deadline if seeking potential financial reimbursement. Just be sure all information provided can be validated.

When in doubt, consulting with a legal representative is best. But this particular case has the hallmarks of a legitimate class action settlement rather than a scam.


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