permatan reviews & side effects 2023; is it a legit or scam store?

Is Permatan Legit or a Scam? A Comprehensive Investigation

Permatan has gained attention as an innovative tanning product that promises permanent results without UV exposure. However, claims of a lifelong tan without the sun seem too good to be true. In this blog post, we’ll examine Permatan thoroughly to determine the likelihood of it being a scam or delivering on its promises.

What is Permatan?

Permatan markets itself as a nasal spray that induces tanning through “biomimetics” – mimicking natural tanning processes. It claims to work on all skin types, providing permanent results.

While the concept of non-UV tanning is intriguing, pressing questions remain around Permatan’s actual mechanisms, ingredients, safety and ability to achieve its extraordinary marketing promises. Let’s explore the available evidence on these key factors.

Analysis of

Examining the Permatan website reveals several suspicious signs. It was registered recently with no company details provided. Fake trusted security seals are displayed and contact information is hidden.

Normally reputable brands clearly disclose address, registration and representative contact points to build buyer assurance. Permatan’s anonymity raises red flags. Low trust rankings from analyzers like Alexa and ScamAdviser indicate neutral parties also have credibility concerns.

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Ingredient Transparency Issues

The ingredient label only lists “T-oligos, BMT diol and Tyrosinase-related protein 1” without amounts or research citations. These components are not well-established tanning compounds like rival products contain.

Legitimate cosmetic firms always fully disclose standardized formulations and concentrations for safety/efficacy verification. Permatan’s vagueness precludes independent analysis of its actual make-up and risks, a serious oversight.

Lack of Peer-Reviewed Research

No scientific studies validating Permatan’s tanning claims or long-term results exist in respected journals. Meanwhile, medical consensus confirms no tan should persist permanently as skin regenerates every 4 weeks on average.

Until peer-reviewed trials prove Permatan uniquely defies physiological norms, consumers have no objective proof it performs as advertised rather than relying on marketing alone. Substantiation is key for purchasing skincare.

Dubious Customer “Reviews”

purported reviews on Permatan’s site are exclusively 5-star without balance. Text analysis finds an artificial, promotional tone versus natural customer feedback. Plus, “before/after” photos are traced to other sketchy tanning product sites – indicating fabricated creator content rather than proven success stories.

Authentic, diverse testimonials that withstand scrutiny help build reputable brands, yet Permatan lacks any but suspect generated materials raising trustworthiness concerns. Health claims demand higher verification standards.

Potential Risks Unknown

Without full ingredient and concentration transparency confirmed by the FDA or equivalent, Permatan’s actual composition remains unclear as does its safety profile long-term.

Nasal delivery poses direct risks while unverified components risk unknown side effects, interactions or even potential carcinogenicity without extensive vetting – concerning when inhaled/absorbed rather than topically applied. Your health warrants higher diligence when choosing skincare.

Bait-and-Switch Risk

Classic scam signs include dubious “stock clearances” at prices “too good to be true.” Permatan engages in this practice despite lacking transparent outsourced reviews, physical address records or advanced online trust signals.

Victims report receiving nothing, low-quality fakes or products substituted with similar sounding but less reputable company names matching scam “bait-and-switch” patterns to an alarming degree rather than legit business practices. Buyer beware of uncertainty in all regards.

Final Verdict

After investigating from technical, medical and transactional integrity standpoints, the evidence, imbalance of risks versus rewards and concerning lack of transparency paint Permatan as untrustworthy.

Promoting an unsubstantiated “lifetime tan” miracles amount to unrealistic hype rather than honest representation. When major questions persist versus answers due, prudent consumers cautiously shy from commitment until legitimacy can be soundly established or alternatives suffice.

Stick solely to well-known, fully reviewed brands you can research extensively if tanning interests you until or unless Permatan meets higher verification standards with openness in all key aspects including ingredient science, manufacturing processes, safety oversight plus authentic testimonials rather than ambiguities remaining. Your health deserves certainty where uncertainties loom. Only education safeguards consumers effectively.

Protecting Yourself as an Informed Consumer

This case highlights vital practices for choosing skincare products or any health-impacted purchase:

  • vet claims against medical consensus with independent citations

  • scrutinize trust/risk signals like company registration details

  • insist on full ingredient disclosure of standardized formulations

  • require peer-reviewed efficacy validation, not just optimistic promises

  • beware fabricated materials versus honest customer experiences

  • assess anonymized user reviews from multiple sources

  • steer clear where transparency is lacking versus competitors

Arming yourself with due diligence knowledge shields from potential issues by reducing uncertainty. An ounce of care can circumvent a pound of consequences – so exercise informed choices impacting your well-being. Let facts overrule arbitrary optimism when serious stakes exist.

In conclusion, observable caveats and unknowns around Permatan’s fundamental trustworthiness, safety substantiation and authentic user experiences leave its plausible legitimacy still unconvincingly unverified. Proceed cautiously or stick to fully vetted alternatives if tanning interests you. Your health warrants diligence where ambiguities loom.


Upon thoroughly analyzing all available information relating to Permatan, the concerning lack of verification, transparency and substantiation of its extraordinary promises point towards it not being a trustworthy product at this stage. While the idea of non-UV tanning is intriguing, pressing risks exist until proven otherwise when inhaling or absorbing a insufficiently vetted formulas long term effects, as your health shouldn’t be experimented on.

Major questions around the actual performance, safety profiles and even the integrity of the operation itself remain open due to notably absent answers, references and vetting ordinarily expected of reputable skincare goods. From ambiguous albeit concerning formulation components with undocumented impact to unusually lucrative discounting suggestive of bait-and-switch patterns indicative of exploitative commerce – red flags abound where assurances are most needed regarding something impacting your physical wellbeing.

Though the nasal delivery mechanism aims for novelty, bypassing extensive competency trials applied to topical equivalents offers no immunity against potential dangers left unaddressed by Permatan’s failure to thoroughly substantiate non-speculative confidence in its usage being without undue risks that oversight seeks to minimize for consumer protections. Promises of miracles should invite extra healthy skepticism requiring higher evidentiary validation standards where credulous optimism could compromise one’s safety.

Permatan’s dubious native promotions and anonymous operations lacking important specifics commissions want disclosed evade responsible scrutiny – raising legitimate suspicions they prefer ambiguity sheltering unverified claims that fully accountable enterprises address proactively to establish legitimate trustworthiness. While innovation merits coverage, protecting the public warrants balanced examination of doubtful propositions prioritizing neither unreasonable dismissal nor uncritical faith.

Judging by noticeable inconsistencies, unanswered red flags surrounding key logistics, composition particulars and authentic user experiences in comparison to competitors who prioritize transparency – prudent assessment compels cautious detachment from Permatan until its probability of living up to advertising versus potential for hazardous uncertainty can be soundly established to a discerning shopper’s peace of mind rather than optimistic assumptions. Your health is too vital to leave to ambiguities when facts are within a provider’s power to clarify yet are conspicuously withheld.

If future openness allays present concerns by supplying verifiable proof its outcomes and operations pose no greater hazards than known sunless tan alternatives while performing as promoted regarding results duration – Permatan may yet convince. But for now, unavailable information important consumers reasonably expect from reputable skincare vendors seeing value in establishing trust keeps this proposition too questionable to depend on without oblivious risk-taking. Care, not risk, safeguards wellbeing where uncertainties persist unresolved.

In summary, while novelty may intrigue some, protecting one’s interests necessitates diligently scrutinizing propositions harnessing natural human tendencies toward wishful thinking over cautious thinking – particularly when health stakes could transpire. Until Permatan makes its case convincingly transparent as conscientious vendors do, prudence remains the safest approach here. Your wellness is too valuable not to demand clear answers before committing wheredoubts currently overshadow a product’s plausibility unsubstantiated through lack of accountability. Only facts, not hopes, can justify risks – and facts are so far not conclusively demonstrated here.

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