is Matthewtoday legit or scam? reviews Review: Is this Online Fashion Store Legit or a Scam?

As more shoppers move online, scam websites imitating popular retailers have become all too common. presents itself as an affordable clothing destination, but is it the real deal or too good to be true?

In this in-depth review, we investigate’s authenticity by analyzing ownership details, customer experiences, and other key indicators. Read on for our findings and advice on whether to shop here.

Background on the Company Behind It is owned and operated by NOVVA Limited – a company with minimal disclosed information. Searching official records and databases turns up very little except:

  • NOVVA Limited was registered in 2022 with a Hong Kong address 🚩

  • No real executives or owners are named publicly

  • The website lacks standard company info pages

This lack of transparency around ownership is the first red flag. Legitimate companies proudly disclose leadership and registration details.

Product Photos: Stolen or Authentic?

An interesting discovery was made about’s product photos:

  • A reverse image search found the majority were stolen from other major brands 🚩

  • Some photos even date back years, indicating they’re not recent inventory

  • Photos likely don’t represent actual items customers would receive

Using stolen imagery is deceitful and against Google’s policies. It suggests the site has no real control over the products promoted.

What Customers Are Saying

To gain insight from real shoppers, I analyzed reviews on independent forums:

  • Many complained of receiving poor quality items 😞, not as shown

  • Long wait times with no updates or responses to inquiries 📨

  • Difficulty getting refunds even when items weren’t received 💸

  • General frustration with lack of customer service ☎️

While a few received items as promised, the overwhelming sentiment was negative – not a sign of a reputable company.

Assessing Risk Through Verified Indicators

Red flags continue when evaluating standard legitimacy factors:

  • No working phone number, just a form 📩

  • Address tied to other reported scam sites 🚩

  • Domain registered recently in 2022 with privacy 🙈

  • No external reviews allowed on site 😶

  • Unable to verify business licenses or permits

All these point to heightened risks of fraud, including payment theft and failure to deliver orders.

Is Worth the Gamble?

Considering all available information, the clear consensus is that should be considered suspicious:

  • Shady, non-transparent ownership and operations

  • Deceptive marketing tactics like stolen photos

  • Overwhelmingly negative customer feedback

  • Lack of standard legitimacy verification checks

The combination of these alarming red flags strongly suggests this is not a reputable or legit website. The chances of unpleasant outcomes like no delivery, poor quality items, and payment theft seem too high.

When it comes to online fashion shopping, buyer beware! Unless significant changes are made, avoiding is the recommended decision. Peace of mind comes from patronizing fully transparent and trusted companies instead.

Let this be a warning to anyone considering ordering from this store. Scam copycats are rampant, so do your homework to verify a site’s authenticity before handing over sensitive financial information. When in doubt, it’s best to steer clear and look elsewhere for fashion finds. Customer protection should be the top priority.

In the interest of fairness, was contacted for comment but did not respond. Third-party indicators like reviews and ownership details were relied upon most heavily for this assessment. The final conclusion is that most signs point to this store being far from a sure bet. Shoppers are advised to play it safe until proven otherwise. Customer protection is key.

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