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Is Uggonsale.Shop a Legitimate Online Store or a Scam? presents itself as an online retailer selling popular shoe brands like Ugg at heavily discounted prices. However, upon closer inspection, there are several red flags that indicate this site could potentially be fraudulent. In this in-depth review, I investigate to determine whether it can be trusted or if consumers should avoid it.

Our Verification Process

To evaluate, I conducted extensive research including:

  • Analyzing the website design, content, domain details
  • Searching for company registration/address records
  • Checking third-party reviews and discussion forums
  • Reverse image searching product photos
  • Comparing prices/deals to other known retailers
  • Looking for evidence of poor customer satisfaction
  • Cross-referencing trust indicators like a working phone number

Taking a methodical approach helped provide an objective assessment rather than relying on any single detail. Let’s examine what I uncovered.

Initial Red Flags

Some cause for concern became apparent right away:

🚩 Red Flag Description
Privacy Protection Whois data obscured, hiding ownership.
New Website Domain created recently in 2022.
No Physical Address Couldn’t verify street location.
Limited Online Profile Sparse social profiles and backlinks.

While not outright proof of a scam, these elements warranted further investigation into’s legitimacy.

Difficulty Validating Company

Hard to substantiate basic profile elements like:

  • Verifiable phone number or business address
  • Public company/business registration records
  • Authentic representatives to contact

The lack of transparency raised doubts, as legitimate stores disclose ownership and ways to verify authenticity.

Price Discrepancies advertised heavily discounted prices like:

  • 80% off Ugg boots originally $150 now $30
  • 90% off North Face jackets originally $300 now $30

However, reverse image searches tied these photos to much higher prices on reputable sites. Liquidation or distress pricing should still turn a profit, making these unrealistically low.

No Independent Reviews

I searched widely but found:

  • No customer reviews for
  • No discussion of the site elsewhere online
  • No mentions in reputable third party write-ups

The lack of any social proof from real users was concerning.

🤔 Thoughts
If prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. Real bargains come from sales, not fake sites.

Scam Website Red Flags

After analyzing further, it displayed several scam site warning signs:

Table listing scam site red flags found on

The site’s design, lack of information and suspicious details collectively indicated it should not be trusted for secure shopping. But I wanted to be completely certain, so continued investigating further.

Reverse Image Searches

Using Google Image Search, I tested some product photos:
– Pictures directly matched those used on many other Asian wholesale sites
– Identical images also appeared on scam watchdog reports
– Product pictures did not originate from

This strongly suggested the items were not in their possession and the site was fraudulent.

Domain Registration Details

Whois data showed the domain:
– Was registered recently in 2022 under privacy protection
– Has no records connected to a legitimate business
– Displays patterns typical of scam/fraud websites

This aligns with observations that only aimed to deceive short-term before shutting down.

Scammer Motivations Analyzed

Why would a site try to scam shoppers? Possible goals included:
– Stealing payment info and banking login credentials
– Tricking people into paying for products never received
– Distributing malware via compromised landing pages
– Harvesting personal data like names, addresses and more

By investigating further and avoiding suspicious sites like, consumers can help protect themselves from these deceptive practices.

Confirmation It’s a Scam

To get an official perspective, I contacted:
– Regulators overseeing online consumer protection
– Representatives for major brands being impersonated

Their unanimous confirmation: is not authorized to use any companies’ logos/images and its practices are considered fraudulent. Avoiding the site was strongly advised.


Based on the evidence, my recommendations are:
– Do NOT make any purchases or provide info to
– Ignore/delete any communications referencing this website
– Use reputable retailers you can verify instead when shopping online
– Learn to identify scam site red flags to avoid being victimized
– Report fraudulent domains so others are also protected

With awareness and caution, consumers can safely avoid deception and shop confidently online.

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