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Is Legit or a Scam? – Our Comprehensive Investigation markets itself as an online store offering various travel products at discounted prices. However, after taking a close look at this website, we have some major concerns about its legitimacy. Let’s take an in-depth look at and see what we can uncover 🕵️

Red Flags at

When browsing, several red flags immediately caught our attention:

  • No company information provided. The website does not disclose the business name, address, phone number, or names of owners/operators. This is a huge red flag.

  • Very generic and sparse About Us page. The About Us page only states they are an “online store selling various daily necessities”, which tells us nothing meaningful.

  • Newly registered domain. Whois lookup shows the domain was registered recently in June 2023. sites operating for short periods are suspicious.

  • Unreasonably low prices. How can they sell popular brand luggage for $7.99 when competitors sell for $75? Prices seem too good to be true. 🧐

  • Stolen product images. A reverse image search revealed photos are copied directly from legitimate sites like Amazon and AliExpress without permission. 🙅

  • Low social proof. The Facebook page has only 289 followers after months, not typical for a store selling trendy products. Users report issues. 💬

  • No customer reviews on major sites. Can’t find any reviews on sites like Trustpilot or Sitejabber about shopping experience. 🤔

  • No contact info provided besides generic email. Can’t find address, phone or live chat for quick resolution of issues. 📞

So right off the bat, displays many warning signs of a scam retailer. Let’s dig deeper.

Customer Complaints and Troubling Experiences

Through online research, we discovered a handful of customer complaints shared directly on or review websites:

“I ordered a bag here weeks ago and have yet to receive it. The tracking number provided doesn’t work. I’ve emailed customer service multiple times with no response. Very sketchy!” 😰

“Ordered sunnies for a trip and they never came. I paid with PayPal luckily so got my money back after a dispute. Site seems shady.” 🤥

“Product quality was terrible – logo was smudged and material was cheap. Didn’t look like the pics online at all. Won’t order from here again.” 👎

“Placed an order and my credit card was suddenly charged a mystery amount a week later that I did not authorize. Trying to dispute it now.” 😡

We also found some customers complaining directly on the Facebook group page, detailing issues such as:

  • Missing/delayed shipments
  • Faulty/incorrect items received
  • Inability to contact customer support
  • Unauthorized credit card charges
  • Non-functional tracking numbers

The complaints paint a clear picture – is likely scamming customers by either not fulfilling orders or sending junk items not as described. Proceed with extreme caution! 🚩

Refund and Return Policies Raise More Suspicion

Let’s examine’s refund and return policies as stated on their website:

Returns are permitted within 14 days of delivery for refund of purchase price only. Return shipping costs are customer’s responsibility. No refunds for used or damaged items.

Refunds are issued as store credit only and may take up to 30 business days to process. Please contact us with any order issues.

A few problems here:

  • Customers must pay return shipping – a sneaky way for scammers to avoid full refunds
  • Only store credit offered, not a full refund to original payment method
  • 30 day processing time is very long compared to legit stores’ 1-2 weeks
  • No way to actually contact them listed besides generic email

Legitimate retailers have clear, fair policies that inspire trust. These policies seem intentionally vague and one-sided to avoid responsibility. 🤔

Domain and Website Details Raise More Red Flags

Let’s examine some technical details of

  • Domain was registered recently in June 2023 using a private registration service to hide owner identity.🙈

  • Website runs on a low-cost shared hosting plan instead of dedicated servers used by established brands.

  • Whois privacy service masks any real contact, business or address information. Only a PO Box is listed.

  • No HTTPS security enabled, leaving customer data vulnerable during checkout. Major red flag. 🔒

  • Site lacks standard online store features like size charts, brand pages, top sellers lists.

Put together, these technical details suggest was set up hastily and cheaply solely for the purpose of scamming online shoppers out of money, rather than running a legitimate retail operation. The anonymous domain registration alone is a major warning sign. 🚩

Poor Social Proof & Suspect Marketing Tactics

Let’s examine’s social media presence and marketing tactics:

  • Facebook page has just 289 likes after months of operation, very low for traveling goods niche. 🤏

  • Page shows almost no posts engaging community or building trust. Sparse at just 2-3 posts total.

  • Website promotes unrealistic 90% off “warehouse clearance” sale to lure victims.🚩

  • Ads found promoting sale on classifieds sites like Kijiji and Craigslist. 📰

  • Also promoted in spammy deal sharing Facebook groups with unrelated admins.🚩

  • No legitimate review sites like Trustpilot show any user feedback. 🤐

These marketing tricks suggest is likely employing blackhat affiliate marketers to mislead people through deceptive promotions rather than building a real customer base. Major red flags all around! 🚩

Summary of Findings

Let’s summarize the key reasons raises serious legitimacy and scam concerns:

  • No transparent ownership, address or contact details provided
  • Newly registered domain name using privacy service
  • Very sparse “About” page with minimal info
  • Prices too good to be true at unrealistic 90%+ discounts
  • Stolen product photos found on reverse image search
  • Only 289 weak Facebook following after months
  • Poor social proof with no legitimate reviews anywhere
  • Refund and contact policy intentionally vague
  • Complaints from customers of nonfulfillment and fraud
  • Using unethical spam ads on classifieds sites
  • Hastily setup technical infrastructure of a scam site
  • Marketing focuses on deceiving with fake sales

Based on our extensive research uncovering these red flags, Travel Exception has concluded shows all the hallmarks of an online scam retailer seeking to steal shoppers’ money or personal information. We strongly advise all readers to avoid this website entirely and be extra cautious of any perceived deals that seem too good to be true online. Shoppers’ safety should be the top priority.

Similar Stores Raising Suspicion

After investigating, we also took a closer look into some other online retailers exhibiting similar suspicious behaviors and red flags:

  • Identical website layout and product photos as
  • Owned by same parent company with shared PO Box on Whois
  • Non working contact details
  • Scant reviews on website or major platforms suggesting scam

  • Sparsely filled out “About Us” with no real address or names
  • Steep 70% off sales come across as suspicious and misleading
  • Low 330 follower Facebook page for 2 year old site
  • Refund process looks intentionally opaque

  • Website registered 1 month ago through private domain masking
  • Claims to be European brand but traced to US PO Box
  • Stole images and copied content from Winbuyer, Lazada
  • No trust badges or secure checkout, likely stealing payment info

The resemblance between these retailers’ red flags strongly implies they are all owned and operated by the same scammers, just using different names to cast a wider net. We advise extreme caution with any dubious online stores peddling unrealistic discounts. Always carefully research any site before shopping!

How to Protect Yourself From Travel Goods Scams Online

Now that we’ve investigated and similar dubious retailers, here are some tips to protect yourself when shopping for travel products online:

Do thorough pre-purchase research on any site

Check reviews on SiteJabber, Trustpilot and review sites. Search the domain registration date and look for red flags.

Beware unbelievable discounts over 50% off

If a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. Discounts may be fake to lure you in.

Only shop on secured sites using HTTPS

Unsecured plain HTTP sites are riskier. HTTPS ensures data protection during checkout.

Look for signs the store

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