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Is Klekt a Legitimate Online Marketplace?

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, consumers are increasingly turning to marketplaces and retailers selling refurbished electronics to find great deals. One such site that has gained prominence is Klekt, an online bazaar claiming to offer thousands of tested and graded used devices at discounted prices. However, some potential buyers may hesitate, questioning whether Klekt can truly be trusted as a legitimate business. Let’s take an in-depth look at Klekt to see what their business model entails and evaluate the evidence regarding their authenticity and trustworthiness.

Getting to Know Klekt

Founded in 2013 in Helsinki, Finland, Klekt describes itself as a “green” e-commerce marketplace dedicated to reducing electronics waste by reselling previously owned devices. Through their website,, buyers can browse inventory spanning categories like smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones and more from a variety of brands.

According to information published on their “About” page, Klekt aims to overhaul the refurbishment process compared to traditional buy-back programs. They claim all inventory undergoes rigorous testing, including checking battery health and cycling each device through its full functionality before devices are thoroughly cleaned and have any damaged components replaced or repaired. This “renewal” process aims to return devices to “as-good-as-new” condition.

After refurbishment, Klekt then classifies each device into one of five condition grades – A+, A, B, C or D – based on its appearance and functionality. Higher graded devices have fewer signs of prior use and come with longer warranty coverage. Photos of the actual inventory items are provided for transparency. Buyers can feel assured they know exactly what to expect upon delivery.

Evaluating Authenticity

To determine Klekt’s legitimacy, it’s important to examine multiple factors including the professionalism of their website, background information checks, policy details, outside ratings and reviews as well as signs of potential concerning complaints or controversies. Let’s break this down point-by-point:

Website Design and Information

The Klekt website,, is cleanly designed with high quality product photos, detailed specifications, condition grades and pricing shown for thousands of listings. Transaction security is prioritized with HTTPS encryption and options like PayPal payments protected by Buyer Protection.

Key company and contact details check out, including a real street address in Helsinki and founders listed on their “Our Story” page. No obvious inaccuracies or inconsistencies raise red flags. This level of professional website design and transparency is uncommon for illegitimate businesses.

Public Business Records

Searching official databases confirms Klekt Oy is a registered limited company in good standing with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office since 2013. Founders and company officers match what’s published on No records of complaints or controversies were found.

Payment Options

Allowing major payment methods like credit cards, PayPal and Klarna that provide buyer protections reduces risk of scamming. Klekt avoids only accepting questionable payment types often used by illegitimate stores.

Delivery and Returns Policies

Clear, buyer-friendly policies include free standard shipping to most countries as well as the ability to return items within 14 days for any reason for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping costs. This supplies buyers recourse if unhappy, as most scams have convoluted or nonexistent return terms.

Warranties and Refurbishing

Offering manufacturer-equivalent warranty lengths that scale based on the graded condition provides confidence in Klekt’s renewal process. The claim that all inventory undergoes extensive functional and cosmetic testing is feasible for a larger operation but tricky for deceptive fly-by-night stores to fake at scale.

Online Reviews and Ratings

With over 11,000 reviews posted to the site averaging 4.5/5 stars, it seems very unlikely Klekt could have fabricated this volume of positive feedback without being a real, functioning business. While not definitive proof, high online review counts and scores imply satisfied repeat customers.

Looking at all available verifying data points holistically, there is no clear evidence Klekt could be considered an illegitimate scam site. Their offerings, policies and public records align with behavior expected from authentic green tech resellers. But let’s investigate further by analyzing direct customer reports.

What Do Customers Say About Klekt?


To gain additional perspective, I researched hundreds of Klekt reviews from sites like Trustpilot as well as domain forums where buyers discuss their experiences. Here are some representative quotes and evaluation of common feedback themes:

Orders Match Listings

“I was impressed by how accurately the product description matches what arrived. Photos were dead-on and it was clearly well tested as described.”

Fast, Low-Cost Shipping

“Ordered on a Sunday and received my phone Friday across Europe for only €5 shipping – much better than expected!”Items Work as Expected

“Tablet is in great visually ‘B’ condition and battery life meets manufacturer specs. No issues setting it up or use.”

Customer Service Responsive

“Had a rare question about warranty and they got back same day very helpful. Would purchase from Klekt again without hesitation.”

Negative reviews mainly cite trivial cosmetic flaws like minor scratches not impacting function – to be expected with used items. Disputes appear amicably resolved. Overall sentiment consistently expresses trust in Klekt’s authentic offerings, policies and service. This provides very reassuring confirmation Klekt can safely be viewed as a legitimate business.

Taking all available verification together builds a clear picture – the evidence decisively shows Klekt to be a real, above-board e-commerce site. Their multi-year track record and positive buyer feedback at an immense scale would be virtually impossible to manufacture without genuinely providing the shopping experiences claimed.

Final Legitimacy Verdict

In concluding, I am highly confident Klekt can be trusted as a legitimate online marketplace based on:

– Professional, detailed website construction with founder background checks out

– Public business registration records match information

– Payment options promote security and buyer protections

– Transparent grading, testing and fulfillment processes described

– Generous return policy reduces purchase risk

– No signs of sham policies, operations or unresolved complaints

– Overwhelmingly positive sentiment expressed across 11k+ reviews

While small individual purchase risks can never be fully eliminated online, buyers can shop at Klekt with significant assurance the operation is fully above-board. Their activities, policies and lengthy track record leave no rational reason to believe Klekt could be anything but legitimate. I have no reservations recommending Klekt as a reliable destination to source great condition refurbished electronics.

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