is dickssportinggoods-us legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2023


Unveiling the Truth Behind Dickssportinggoods-us: Scam or Legit?

Dick’s Sporting Goods, a powerhouse in the sporting goods retail industry with over 800 stores across the United States, commands trust and reliability. However, a shadowy presence looms in the form of Dickssportinggoods-us, claiming to be an authorized online store for Dick’s products. This comprehensive investigation delves into the depths of Dickssportinggoods-us to unravel the truth about its legitimacy.

Decoding the Website Design Anomalies

A cursory glance at Dickssportinggoods-us might not raise immediate alarms, as it mirrors the official Dick’s Sporting Goods site at with uncanny precision. Yet, nuances in design and layout hint at a potential ruse. Some product images, upon reverse searching, lead to other retailers, exposing a facade of authenticity. The URL itself, using hyphens instead of periods, further blurs the line between legitimacy and deception.

The meticulous mimicry of Dick’s branding is disrupted by misalignments and a seemingly lower-quality aesthetic. These subtleties hint at a sophisticated imitation, urging caution among potential customers.

Contact Details: A Conspicuous Absence

Transparent communication channels are the hallmark of legitimate businesses, offering customers reassurance. However, Dickssportinggoods-us shrouds itself in mystery by providing minimal contact avenues. No valid phone number is disclosed, leaving only an email form with no accompanying address. The “About” page offers scant information, and corporate records searches yield nothing. Legitimate entities thrive on open communication, but Dickssportinggoods-us opts for opacity, a glaring red flag.

Echoes of Scam in Sparse Reviews

Customer reviews, a compass for navigating online trust, are notably scarce for Dickssportinggoods-us. However, the reviews that do surface unanimously brand the site as a scam. Tales of unfulfilled orders and absent refunds echo the familiar narrative of online retail scams. Platforms like ScamDoc, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot resound with warnings, creating a chorus of caution against Dickssportinggoods-us. The absence of positive reviews intensifies the skepticism, as legitimate businesses rarely garner such unanimous negativity.

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Unmasking Domain Registration Discrepancies

WHOIS records, a window into a domain’s ownership history, reveal significant disparities. Legitimate retailers typically hold domain names for extended periods under their company name. In stark contrast, Dickssportinggoods-us, registered just three months ago under private registration, conceals the true owner. The use of a private mailbox drop instead of a corporate address further fuels suspicion. These irregularities in registration records cast a shadow over Dickssportinggoods-us, suggesting nefarious intent rather than authentic sales.

Dick’s Denial: No Affiliation with Dickssportinggoods-us

A definitive answer regarding Dickssportinggoods-us’ legitimacy is found in a direct denial from Dick’s Sporting Goods itself. Customer support representatives explicitly state that there is no affiliation or partnership with Dickssportinggoods-us. Dick’s emphasizes that they do not authorize any third-party resellers, leaving no room for ambiguity. This unequivocal denial from the parent company solidifies the verdict: Dickssportinggoods-us is unequivocally not a verified retailer.

Unveiling Potential Scam Tactics and Risks

As the evidence aligns against Dickssportinggoods-us, it is imperative to comprehend the potential tactics employed by scammers:

  • Stealing Payment Info: The risk of fraudulent charges or unauthorized withdrawals from credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Identity Theft: Personal details entered during fake orders could be illicitly sold on the dark web.
  • False Inventory Claims: Products listed may be non-existent, aimed at luring payments for phantom goods.
  • Mimicking Legitimacy: By imitating Dick’s branding, scammers aspire to deceive unsuspecting shoppers.
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Given these risks, sharing private financial or personal information on Dickssportinggoods-us is perilous. Prudence dictates steering clear of the site and relying solely on the official for genuine deals and a secure shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Dickssportinggoods-us?

A: Dickssportinggoods-us is a website claiming to be an authorized online store for Dick’s Sporting Goods products. However, there are concerns about its legitimacy.

Q2: How can I distinguish between Dickssportinggoods-us and the official Dick’s Sporting Goods site?

A: Pay attention to details. Dickssportinggoods-us has design anomalies, lacks transparent contact details, and has negative reviews. Always ensure you are on for legitimate purchases.

Q3: Is Dickssportinggoods-us a scam?

A: All signs point to Dickssportinggoods-us being a sophisticated scam. Design issues, sparse contact details, negative reviews, and a denial of affiliation from Dick’s Sporting Goods indicate it’s not a trustworthy site.

Q4: Can I trust the reviews about Dickssportinggoods-us?

A: Reviews labeling Dickssportinggoods-us as a scam are consistent across various platforms. While individual experiences may vary, the overwhelming negative feedback suggests a high risk.

Q5: Why are contact details important when assessing a website’s legitimacy?

A: Legitimate businesses prioritize open communication. The absence of valid contact details raises concerns about transparency and accountability, common characteristics of scams.

Q6: What risks are associated with Dickssportinggoods-us?

A: Potential risks include stealing payment information, identity theft, false inventory claims, and the use of a deceptive facade to appear legitimate. It’s crucial to avoid sharing any private information on the site.

Q7: Can I trust

A: Yes, is the official and legitimate online store for Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is recommended for secure transactions and genuine products.

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Q8: How can I ensure a safe online shopping experience?

A: Stick to well-known and reputable websites, verify website URLs, read reviews from trusted sources, and avoid sites with suspicious design, sparse contact details, or negative feedback.

Q9: What should I do if I suspect an online scam?

A: Report the suspicious site to relevant authorities, contact your bank if any financial information is shared, and share your experience on review platforms to warn others.

Q10: Where can I get genuine sporting goods from Dick’s Sporting Goods?

A: For authentic products and a secure shopping experience, visit, the official online store of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Remember, staying informed and cautious is key to a safe online shopping experience.

The Verdict: A Sophisticated Scam Unveiled

After an exhaustive exploration of Dickssportinggoods-us, a resounding conclusion emerges—it is not a legitimate retailer but a sophisticated scam exploiting Dick’s Sporting Goods’ reputation. From design discrepancies to the absence of contact details, negative reviews, questionable domain registration, and Dick’s explicit denial of association—every piece of evidence converges on Dickssportinggoods-us being an unauthorized operation with the intent to compromise users’ sensitive information.

Consumers are vehemently advised against any engagement with this deceptive site or providing any form of private data. The sanctuary lies in the established and reputable domain, offering genuine deals and an unparalleled shopping experience from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Vigilance is paramount in the face of seemingly enticing yet deceitful imitations online.


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