is cadetpilot aero legit or scam? reviews and complaints

Is CadetPilot.Aero a Legitimate Pilot Training Program?

CadetPilot.Aero presents itself as an affordable pathway for individuals to become commercial pilots through a fully-sponsored training program. However, some questions have arisen regarding the legitimacy and credibility of this organization. In this in-depth review, I examine different aspects of CadetPilot.Aero to determine whether it truly delivers on its promises.

Program Overview

CadetPilot.Aero markets a 24-month training course taking students from zero flight hours to obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Trainees complete modular training at partner flight schools in Europe and the Philippines.

Upon completion, graduates receive guaranteed job placement with a partner airline. The full cost of training estimated at $80,000-$100,000 USD is advertised as covered by sponsorship in exchange for a commitment to fly for the airline for a set period.

Sponsorship & Employment Contract Details

While the sponsorship aspect seems appealing, some important questions remain:

  • Who are the actual sponsor(s)? Information is vague beyond “private investors.”

  • What are full contractual obligations to airlines post-training? Commitment lengths and penalties aren’t specified.

  • How guaranteed is the job placement really? Placement rates and salary transparency is limited.

Without more transparent documentation, the sponsorship agreement terms are too ambiguously described to properly assess.

Trainer & Partner Affiliations

Let’s examine the training providers and airline partners claimed:

  • Flight schools mentioned like Blue Sky Aviation do exist but their direct involvement cannot be independently verified.

  • Listed partner airlines like Philippine Airlines haven’t acknowledged official relationships.

  • Professional credentials of management remain unverified through relevant aviation licensing bodies.

At best, the extent and legitimacy of these important relationships require further credible proof.

Student Reviews & Outcomes

Through extensive online research:

  • No public reviews from actual graduates could be found reporting their experiences.

  • No data shows tracking success rates like certifications achieved, placement percentages, salaries.

  • An concerning absence of any official accreditations or regulatory school oversight.

The lack of demonstrated student outcomes and oversight are huge transparency red flags.

Final Evaluation

While the appealing concept of fully-paid pilot training is enticing, CadetPilot.Aero presents too many unanswered questions, unverified claims and missing credible assurances. Without more transparency into the crucial aspects examined, it is simply too risky for individuals to entrust their career development and personal obligations to this relatively new unproven operation. Prospective students are best served exploring established pilot pathway programs with demonstrated track records of success until CadetPilot.Aero can provide more substantive proof of legitimacy. Caveat emptor remains the most prudent approach for now.

Safer Alternative Pathways for Aspiring Pilots

Some reputable options that may be preferable includes:

  • Flight school programs (e.g. CAE, SIMCOM) providing flexible financing options.

  • Airline sponsored cadet pilot programs (e.g. Philippine Airlines) with direct industry ties.

  • Aviation university degrees with integrated flight training curriculum (e.g. CAFSU).

  • Regional/cargo airlines offering pilot career development programs.

  • Robust aviation financing options (e.g. SallieMae, Discover student loans).

While still requiring significant personal investment, these proven pathways offer greater accountability, regulatory oversight and increased likelihood of achieving one’s flying aspirations through established industry partnerships.

In summary, more verification is needed before endorsing CadetPilot.Aero’s claimed legitimacy. Prospective pilots would be best served thoroughly vetting any program through independent research and due diligence prior to entrusting their future aviation career progression and commitments. Safety always comes before unattained promises when it matters most.

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