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An In-depth Review of Impulse Inc – A Legit Video Review Company or Not?

Impulse Inc is a company that offers product review jobs to individuals working from home. However, there seems to be some controversy around whether Impulse Inc is actually a legitimate company or just a scam. In this blog post, I have tried to objectively review Impulse Inc by analyzing all available information on them from multiple sources to help readers understand if working with Impulse Inc is a good idea or not.

What does Impulse Inc claim to offer?

On their website, Impulse Inc markets themselves as a professional product review company that helps brands get honest reviews by hiring independent contractors to test and review various products.

They claim to have partnerships with top brands and retailers who rely on Impulse Inc to generate unbiased product reviews that help consumers make informed purchase decisions. Some of the products they say they need reviews for include electronics, toys, furniture, beauty products, books etc.

Impulse Inc offers the following opportunities for individuals interested in becoming product reviewers:

  • Video product reviews: Reviewers are sent products and record unboxing, demonstration and review videos which they later submit to Impulse Inc.

  • Photo product reviews: Similar to video reviews but without the video recording and submission aspect. Reviewers need to take photos of the product and submit written reviews.

  • Data entry jobs: Reviewers are given access to a dashboard where they need to enter product specifications, descriptions, ratings etc supplied by brands.

  • At-home typing jobs: Involves checking and reformatting product descriptions from brands for quality and consistency.

Reviewers get to keep the products they review and are paid a fixed rate per product or hourly wages based on the type of job. Impulse Inc claims all work can be done remotely from home in flexible hours.

What do online reviews and forums say about Impulse Inc?

To understand the legitimacy and actual work experience at Impulse Inc, I analyzed reviews from multiple sources:

Indeed reviews

On the jobs site Indeed, Impulse Inc has an overall rating of 3.5/5 based on 77 reviews.

The positives mentioned are flexibility to work from home and keep products. However, the negatives far outweigh – lack of communication, late or no payments, unreliable work opportunities, poor management and disorganization.

Many ex-employees label Impulse Inc a scam citing weeks of unpaid wages even after multiple follow-ups. The quality and regularity of work is also inconsistent as per reviews.


Glassdoor reviews

Glassdoor reviews for both Impulse Inc and its website are also mostly negative citing late payments, inconsistent projects and lack of proper onboarding or support from managers.

Employees question the legitimacy of the business model and clients. Glassdoor flags several reviews as suspicious, pointing to the likelihood of manipulated reviews.



On subreddits like r/jobs and r/workfromhome, Impulse Inc repeatedly comes up in discussions around work from home scams. Most advise avoiding Impulse Inc due to a history of not paying reviewers on time or full amounts owed.


BBB profile

Impulse Inc is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is a red flag. Their BBB profile has only one customer review rating them 1/5 for failing to resolve a late payment issue. The business is also non-responsive to customer complaints filed with BBB.


Quora discussions


Quora threads on Impulse Inc reveal mixed experiences. While a few claim to have been paid, most describe facing issues like unclear payment schedules, lack of minimum work guarantees and contracts that favor the company over reviewers.


Analyzing key red flags about Impulse Inc


After reviewing all available online sources, here are some of the major red flags and inconsistencies that suggest Impulse Inc could potentially be a scam:


  • No clear details about actual clients and partnerships: Impulse Inc does not disclose the brand names and retailers they claim to work with to verify the legitimacy of work opportunities.


  • Manipulated reviews: Impulse Inc’s own website features only positive reviews while independent sites have a preponderance of negative reviews raising credibility issues.


  • Non-accredited and non-responsive: The lack of BBB accreditation coupled with ignoring customer complaints is a major warning.


  • Payment issues: Widespread reports of delayed, partial or non-payment of wages despite work being completed raises serious doubts about business practices.


  • Inconsistent work: Reviewers complain of irregular work opportunities with long gaps and lack of minimum work guarantees as promised initially.


  • Unclear policies: Important aspects like payment schedules, minimum work availability, contracts etc are ambiguous exposing reviewers to risk.


  • Contact problems: Reviewers often face issues reaching managers or resolving payment disputes via phone or email.


  • Low entry barriers: The ease with which anyone can sign up raises the possibility of it being a work-from-home scheme with no real clients or work.


Are there any positives?


Despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews, a few positive points also emerged:


  • Flexible work hours: The ability to review products and complete tasks according to one’s schedule is appreciated by some.


  • Keep products: Getting to sample and keep products for free is an incentive for many although quality may be low.


  • Good intentions: Impulse Inc’s stated goal of wanting honest product reviews is admirable if actually implemented transparently.


  • Some payments made: A small minority claim to have received timely and full payments for completed tasks.


However, the fact that the vast majority of reviewers report facing issues outweighs these few positive aspects. Authentic remote opportunities will have a far more positive employer reputation and rating.


Should you work with Impulse Inc?


After analyzing all available information, here is my considered recommendation on working with Impulse Inc:


  • Proceed with extreme caution: Do not commit too much time or share sensitive financial info until you can verify payment practices.


  • Seek alternative options: More reputed platforms exist for product reviewers that do not risk delayed income or non-payment like many report facing at Impulse Inc.


  • Thorough due diligence: Do your own research on forums to corroborate findings here before onboarding. Question policies and managers closely.


  • Payment verification: Ask to be paid for initial simple tasks first before committing to larger jobs to test payment efficiency upfront.


  • Back up communication: Keep screenshots of job briefs and payment promises made in case of future disputes.


  • Limit personal details: Share only minimum data needed for work and bank accounts separately to avoid risks if issues arise.


  • Prioritize legitimate employers: Given the risks, it may be worth spending time seeking authentic remote opportunities with established brands instead.


In summary, while Impulse Inc presents itself well, available information suggests a high likelihood of it not being a fully legitimate employer. There are better remote work options that do not carry such prominent risks of payment problems and unclear business practices. Proceed only after verifying their actual payment track record yourself.


That covers my in-depth analysis of Impulse Inc based on publicly available information shared on search engines and review sites. I have tried to present a balanced perspective highlighting both positive and negative aspects reported by actual and potential employees. Please do your own research as well before taking a call on working with Impulse Inc or similar companies offering remote opportunities. I hope this post helps readers make an informed decision. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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