How to make shaggy mats in kenya.

Though, the Topic of this post is how to make Shaggy mats especially in Kenya or Africa as a whole. It can also be used worldwide but the difference is the price. The price tags here is done with Kenya currency. Anyway, we are going to do it stage by stage.


What is Shaggy Mats??

A shaggy mat is considered as a mat that is knitted with a deep pile so it can give it (mat) a shaggy look or appearance. There are many ways to make shaggy mats or rugs. So, because of this, I am just going to try and touch everything I can (including usage of mesh and not).

Before you can start up this business of making Shaggy mats, you will need some tools. The tools can be bought in different places locally. This post was written with Kenyans. So, we make use of their prices and locations. If you are also interested in writing for us or giving us things people search most in your country which you will earn for, kindly contact us.

The tools you will need include apestry (Mat Mesh), 25 Balls of wool, Good Scissors, Crochet, a thick textile fabric, threads and Marker Pen. When dealing with Kenya prices and locations, you can get this stuffs in Nairobi.

You can get these tools at these price   Tapestry (Mat Mesh) – Ksh450 per meter Balls of wool Good Scissors – Ksh 200 Crochet – Ksh 100 Marker Pen – Ksh 200 TOTAL BUDGET: Ksh 1,000. Textile fabric, Balls of wools and materials like that will be calculated depending on the quantity of things you need. But, to be certain, 50 balls of wool can be bought at Ksh 4000 (Ksh 160 per ball). Even though 50 is too much. Half of it is at least okay.

What are this tools to make shaggy mats for?



The two type of stitches you will need to know for making a shaggy mats are the single crochet stitch and the loop stitch. The single crochet stitch is the basic stitch most beginners learn right after the chain stitch. The loop stitch also is considered as a variation of the single crochet stitch. You should have at least one stitch on your hook after you have finished your base rows.



The thread can also be classified as the yarn. It is very easy to get a thread. You can get this thread which is also known as yarn from people who knit sweaters. You will ask for crotchet or knitting yarn.


You will surely need a pair of a tool  such as scissors or blade to be able to cut the yarn into smaller pieces. You can also use it tot cut the mesh of the mat or sack if you are using a sack instead of the mesh.


Cut materials Using your four fingers, wrap the yarn  on it and cut it. Also, cut the yarn near your index finger on the other hand. With the scissors with you, cut your mat mesh or sack (if in case you are using sack) Draw template Use the marker to draw or make a sketch of the template of what you are going to make on the mesh or sack.

Start knitting-

Feel free to wrap the free end of the yarn around the index finger from your second hand as you hold the crochet hook in your dominant hand (This will be easier for who has been knitting before). Insert the crochet hook through the next stitch, then use it to hook the yarn on your index (the finger beside the middle) finger behind it to draw it through the stitch. Keep the loop on your index (finger beside middle and thumb) finger. Grab the yarn on your finger again and again with the hook, but this time, draw it through all stitches on your hook, leaving a large loop. Repeat the stitch steps above to create more loops, but verify that all loop stitches maintain same size.

Important things to note

1. If you have formerly known how to knit or crochet, you can make a round, squared, rectangular or oval rug. My personal advice is for you to start as a noon and learn how to knit face cap, cloth and if those are to much. Start with bag or any other simple thing like hat. Starting with shaggy mats will be someone hard for a noob. Knitted mats are usually square or rectangular, while crocheted mats are often round or oval. The difference in shape is due to the variation in crotchet and knitting techniques, though you can also make a square or rectangular crocheted mats. The fabric produced by crochet, which is made of thread or yarn, is stiffer and thicker than the fabric produced by knitting, which is also made of thread. The reason is because you only work one stitch at a time when crocheting. One can find it more comfortable than knitting, which requires you to cast as many stitches at once. A large knitted mats can become extremely heavy on your pin or needles.

Fact 2

If you want crochet your mats, use at least a size N hook. Before you knit, choose at least size 11 circular needles together with the longest possible cord. Use it for holding all the stitches once. Though you knit the mats flat and turn after each row. There is no need for a darning needle when knitting or crocheting. The stitches are large enough to weave the tails in by hand. Bulky weight dishcloth cotton yarn works well for making knitted or crocheted mats, since it is machine washable and does not felt. Some knitters and crocheters also employ the same recycled fabric strips used for braided mats as yarn to create a home accent mat.

Fact 3

Also, you can try watching YouTube videos if this things look complex. But, i do not think it can not be complex for someone who has been a pro in knitting before now. You can contact us through email if you are interested in working with us. It is some thing easy to do. Either you write or you just join country mate to give us updates on what is happening. We pay you for every job done no matter how small it is.    

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