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A Comprehensive Review of Greater Bay Airlines

Greater Bay Airlines is a relatively new budget carrier that launched operations in 2022 serving routes within Asia. In this in-depth review, I will explore various key aspects of flying with Greater Bay Airlines based on their policies, aircraft fleet and reviews from verified passengers. My aim is to help readers objectively assess whether this airline is a suitable option for their travel needs.

Background & Route Network

Greater Bay Airlines was established in Hong Kong in 2022. While a new entrant, their goal is to become a leading low-cost airline in the region connecting multiple cities in Southeast Asia to Hong Kong. Currently they operate a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft on routes to Bangkok, Taipei, Manila and more.

By 2023, the airline plans to expand their network beyond Asia to include destinations like Tokyo, Osaka and South Korea as well. This ambitious growth strategy could allow them to compete with established regional carriers like Cathay Pacific if executed smoothly.

However, the challenges of rapid scaling as a newcomer should not be underestimated. Let’s evaluate their operational performance based on first-hand feedback so far.

Fleet & Cabin Experience

All of Greater Bay Airlines’ flights currently utilize single-aisle Boeing 737-800 aircraft that seat up to 189 passengers. These medium-haul planes are generally comfortable for journeys under 5 hours.

Reports from flyers note the legroom in economy is average for this aircraft type at around 31 inches. Seat comfort was average as well with basic padding and limited recline. Cabin amenities consisted of free snacks/drinks.

While not the most spacious in economy, these planes seem suitable for short international hops. Flyers will need to check baggage policies thoroughly to avoid excess fees though.

Flight Punctuality & Check-In

On-time departure and arrival performance is important for any airline to maintain customer satisfaction. Based on several passenger reviews, Greater Bay Airlines achieved an on-time performance between 70-80% since commencing services in 2022, which is respectable for a startup carrier.

Check-in procedures were also smooth according to most flyers. However, a few reported lengthy baggage checking and boarding times at certain airports during peak periods. Better queue management will be key as passenger volumes increase.

Food & In-Flight Service

Refreshments offered by Greater Bay Airlines on flights spanning 3 hours or more included snacks like cookies, sandwiches and bottled water/juices. However, reviews noted the selection was somewhat limited.

Premium economy and business class cabins are not currently available either, so flyers had no alternative to the basic offerings. Greater variety and hot meals on longer routes could enhance the travel experience.

In-flight service quality also depends on individual crew but overall seemed polite and attentive based on passenger feedback so far. Full meal services will not be missed given the short duration of most routes.

Customer Support & Complaint Resolution

An area that determines repeat customers is how effectively airlines resolve issues. While Greater Bay Airlines’ customer service was rated courteous, many noted long wait times to reach agents via phone or live chat on their website.

Complaints about mishandled baggage also took over a week to investigate in some cases according to reviews. Timelier responses will be critical to retain flyers as operations mature.

Self-service options like email support and online tracking tools might help supplement traditional contact methods to improve accessibility for passengers. Clear policies on compensation too play a role.


Overall, Greater Bay Airlines demonstrates promise as a viable low-cost alternative for short-haul travel within Asia based on their affordable fares and generally positive reviews regarding operations so far. However, enhancing amenities, beefing up customer support and expanding their network strategically will be key to achieving stability as a young airline.

Regular travelers should also check baggage policies closely. But for one-off leisure trips within 3-4 hours where passengers prioritize price over comfort, Greater Bay Airlines offers a fair option according to experience shared. With refinements, they could compete strongly.

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