reviews: is Giftofbro legit or scam?

KINDLY CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY WHATSAPP GROUP FOR ONLINE BUSINESS UPDATES 🇳🇬🇳🇬 Reviews: Is this store trustworthy or a scam? presents itself as an online fashion retailer with affordable clothing and accessories. However, many shoppers have reported problems with the store, leaving consumers questioning its legitimacy.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a closer look at the company behind it, customer experiences, and warning signs that suggest it may not be all it seems. Our findings suggest proceeding with caution when shopping here.

Shady ownership and tactics 🚩 is owned and operated by Sayhi International Co., Limited – a Chinese company linked to numerous questionable online stores.

Customers have complained of receiving:

  • Poor quality or defective items instead of what was ordered
  • Items that differ significantly from product photos
  • No items shipped after payment

This is a classic “bait and switch” scam tactic. The company also displays fake product reviews on its website to mislead shoppers.

Stolen or misleading product photos 🛎

An investigation found uses photos stolen from legitimate fashion brands and retailers. These images likely do not represent the actual items received.

Shoppers are shown higher quality clothing in photos but often receive cheap imitations or completely different products instead. This dishonest practice leaves customers feeling duped.

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No real customer feedback ❓

Strangely, has not enabled reviews or customer testimonials on its site. This is a huge red flag, as legitimate online stores appreciate transparent feedback.

It suggests they want to hide poor reviews that would warn others away. Real shoppers have taken to third-party sites like Trustpilot to share negative experiences instead.

So in summary,’s ownership ties to past scams, tendency to bait-and-switch shoppers, and lack of on-site reviews are major warning signs. But let’s take a closer look at what else consumers should know:

Verifying the company’s legitimacy

To check’s authenticity, I conducted some research:

  • The domain was registered recently in September 2023 🚩
  • No physical address listed, just a PO Box in China 🚩
  • Contact details didn’t work or elicit any response 🚩
  • Searches found no active business licenses or trademark info

This lack of transparency about the company’s roots and operations is typical of deceptive online vendors. Legitimate stores pride themselves on building trust.

What real shoppers say about

By analyzing independent feedback on sites like Trustpilot, some common complaints emerge:

  • Poor quality items don’t match product descriptions
  • Long delivery times with no communication
  • Difficulty getting refunds for undelivered orders
  • Customer service is unresponsive or rude

While a few did receive items as described, overall negative reviews greatly outweighed positive ones. This collective feedback sheds more light on’s questionable reputation.

So is trustworthy to shop at?

After reviewing all available information, the prevailing opinion is that exhibits all the signs of being an untrustworthy website:

  • Shady ownership tied to past scams
  • Deceptive tactics like bait-and-switch come up often
  • Lack transparency about company legitimacy
  • No authentic reviews or feedback allowed on-site
  • Majority of independent reviews are very negative
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Unless makes major changes to assuage legitimacy concerns, it’s recommended consumers avoid shopping there and consider alternatives. The risks of payment fraud, poor quality items, or no delivery at all are simply too high. When it comes to online fashion, buyer beware!

In conclusion, raises serious doubts about its trustworthiness and intentions based on deceptive practices, lack of transparency, and ample complaints from real shoppers. For peace of mind, reputable companies with verified customer reviews are a much safer bet. Consider supporting transparent sellers instead.


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