cityline bus review 2024; An honest review

Unveiling Cityline Bus Reviews: Navigating the Transport Landscape

Traveling between Singapore and Malaysia opens up a myriad of transport options, and one that often catches the eye is the Cityline bus. With its reputation for convenience and affordable fares, it stands as a prominent choice for many. However, the crucial question remains: is Cityline truly reliable? In this extensive exploration, we’ll delve into Cityline bus reviews sourced from various platforms and periods, aiming to provide readers with a comprehensive perspective to aid their decision-making process.

Visualizing the Journey: Initial Impressions from Video Reviews

TikTok Review from @thedanceflour

Embarking on our journey, a TikTok review from May 2023, presented by @thedanceflour, provides a visual feast of Cityline’s interior. The video showcases a relatively new-looking bus, emphasizing spacious and comfortable seats. Privacy curtains are highlighted as a unique touch, and the overall journey is depicted as smooth.

YouTube Tour of Cityline from Serangoon to Berjaya Times Square

March 2023 offered a scenic YouTube tour of the Cityline journey from Serangoon to Berjaya Times Square. The footage captured a spacious aisle, generous legroom, and plush seats. Punctuality and driver courtesy were commended, contributing to an initial positive perception of Cityline’s offerings.

While these video reviews set a promising tone, we acknowledge the need to further scrutinize diverse perspectives to form a comprehensive view.

TripAdvisor Discussions: Navigating Mixed Feedback

An April 2019 TripAdvisor thread introduces a dose of reality, shedding light on some passengers’ concerns:

  • Reports of frequent lateness, with one user noting a staggering 3-hour delay.
  • Discomfort arising from compact seating, seemingly installed to maximize capacity.
  • Modifications that potentially prioritize profits over passenger comfort.

Though dated, these critiques hint at possible reliability and comfort issues. To garner more recent insights, we turn to a global review aggregator.

Unpacking Recent Global Reviews on GetByBus

As of July 2023, GetByBus consolidates a significant volume of Cityline reviews globally:

  • Cityline boasts a commendable average rating of 7.7/10 based on 22 total reviews.
  • Positive sentiments revolve around affordable fares and generally smooth rides.
  • Criticisms, albeit occasional, involve crowded buses and occasional delays.

While the global feedback is encouraging, the true litmus test lies in Singapore-specific reviews. Let’s explore local platforms that provide a wealth of firsthand accounts.

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Singapore-Focused Reviews: A Local Lens on Cityline User Feedback

Between May and July 2023, over 30 reviews present an optimistic picture, averaging at 4/5 stars. Highlights include:

  • Consistent cleanliness and on-time departures.
  • Commendations for comfortable seats and effective air conditioning.
  • Appreciation for helpful drivers distributing snacks and drinks.

While a few acknowledge occasional congestion delays, the majority express high levels of satisfaction with their Cityline experience. Customer Ratings

On, a platform housing approximately 750 Cityline reviews, the average rating aligns at 4/5 stars. Passengers consistently laud:

  • Spacious, reclining seats with ample legroom.
  • Reliable schedules, minimizing waiting times.
  • Professional and multilingual customer service teams.

These local reviews echo the positive sentiments witnessed in global feedback, raising the overall reliability quotient of Cityline. However, a crucial data point remains unexplored.

Unveiling Insights from Official Social Media

Official social media pages serve as a treasure trove, providing curated glimpses into a business’s positive moments. A dive into Cityline Travel’s Facebook page reveals:

  • Regular value-added promotions, including passenger movie screenings.
  • High passenger satisfaction ratings shared by the company.
  • Gratitude messages from content customers.
  • Visual evidence of awards and certificates attesting to service excellence.

While inherently biased, the social media evidence aligns seamlessly with the most recent five-star reviews. These positive signals from owned platforms hint at a consistent commitment to excellence.

A Thoughtful Decision: Synthesizing Cityline Bus Reviews

Summarizing the diverse perspectives gleaned from Cityline bus reviews:

  • Older reports hint at historical reliability and comfort concerns.
  • Recent global feedback paints an overwhelmingly positive picture.
  • Local Singapore reviews consistently average high levels of satisfaction.
  • Official social media showcases a dedication to maintaining service excellence.

While acknowledging that perfection may remain elusive, Cityline appears to have made strides over time, upgrading its fleet and service quality standards. For those seeking affordable travel between Singapore and Malaysia, choosing Cityline seems, at least based on reviews, a reasonably safe bet. Of course, individual experiences may vary, but the comprehensive research conducted uncovers Cityline as a trusted transport option.

In a landscape brimming with choices, the journey of exploring Cityline bus reviews acts as a guide, steering potential passengers towards a well-informed decision. May your travels be seamless, comfortable, and filled with positive experiences as you embark on the adventure with Cityline. Safe travels!


In conclusion, our extensive exploration of Cityline bus reviews has unveiled a nuanced tapestry of passenger experiences, providing prospective travelers with a multifaceted understanding of the service. Beginning with visual impressions from TikTok and YouTube reviews, we observed positive sentiments highlighting clean, comfortable interiors and smooth journeys. However, recognizing the limitations of video reviews, we delved into written feedback across various platforms and periods.

TripAdvisor discussions from 2019 raised valid concerns about punctuality, seating comfort, and potential prioritization of profits over passenger well-being. While these critiques offered historical perspectives, recent global reviews on GetByBus signaled an encouraging shift. Cityline garnered a commendable average rating of 7.7/10, emphasizing affordable fares and generally smooth rides, albeit with occasional criticisms.

Zooming in on Singapore-focused reviews from and unveiled a more optimistic local lens. Passengers consistently praised Cityline for cleanliness, on-time departures, and comfortable amenities. A notable number of positive reviews reflected high levels of satisfaction, overshadowing sporadic reports of congestion delays.

The insights gleaned from official social media platforms added another layer to our understanding. Cityline Travel’s Facebook page showcased a commitment to passenger satisfaction, evident through regular promotions, high ratings, and expressions of gratitude from content customers. While acknowledging the inherent bias of owned social media, the alignment with recent positive reviews reinforced the impression of improved operations.

Synthesizing these diverse perspectives, Cityline appears to have undergone positive transformations over time, addressing historical concerns and earning commendation for its recent service quality. While no service can claim perfection, Cityline emerges as a reasonably safe and trusted option for affordable travel between Singapore and Malaysia, especially considering the overwhelmingly positive recent feedback.

As travelers navigate the sea of choices for their journeys, the journey through Cityline bus reviews serves as a guidepost. The decision to embark on this transport adventure is now informed by a comprehensive understanding of the service’s strengths and potential areas of improvement. May the road ahead be smooth, the seats comfortable, and the experiences positive for all those who choose to travel with Cityline. Safe and pleasant travels await!

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