Centra Coin reviews 2024: is it a Scam or Legit Investment?


Centra Coin, launched in 2017, emerged onto the cryptocurrency scene with ambitious promises of revolutionizing everyday financial services. However, the journey of Centra Coin has been marred by legal troubles and controversy. This extensive review aims to unravel the intricacies of Centra Coin, examining its historical background, technological foundations, the cloud of controversy surrounding it, and ultimately questioning its legitimacy as a viable investment.

Background and History of Centra Coin

Founded in 2017 by Sohrab Sharma, Robert Farkas, and Raymond Trapani, Centra Coin set out with grand aspirations. The whitepaper outlined a vision of a cryptocurrency facilitating everyday transactions through Centra-branded debit cards and a range of financial services. Alleged partnerships with major companies like Visa and Mastercard fueled its ICO in October 2017, raising $32 million in Ethereum.

However, controversy quickly enveloped Centra. SEC and FBI investigations were launched in April 2018, revealing that the claimed partnerships were unfounded. Co-founder Robert Farkas faced legal repercussions, pleading guilty to fraud in 2019. The legal battles continue, leaving Centra Coin’s legitimacy hanging in the balance.

How Does Centra Coin Work?

Centra Coin, operating as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, aimed to be a versatile cryptocurrency for everyday use. The vision included Centra-branded debit cards, instant loans backed by crypto holdings, and a mobile app for financial management. However, the lack of evidence for claimed partnerships raises doubts about the feasibility of these features.

Controversy and Scam Allegations

The controversy surrounding Centra Coin is extensive, pointing towards potential fraudulent activities:

  • Faked Partnerships: Unverified claims of partnerships with major companies.
  • History of Fraud: Co-founder Robert Farkas’ prior fraud-related convictions.
  • Co-founders Fleeing: Sharma and Trapani reportedly fleeing the country.
  • Poor Transparency: Minimal disclosure on token allocation, team identities, and operational plans.
  • Wild Price Swings: Erratic price movements without clear catalysts.
  • No Working Product: Failure to deliver promised payment cards despite raising $32 million.
  • Ongoing Legal Trouble: Active pursuit by authorities, indicating unresolved issues.

The accumulation of lies, inconsistencies, and unfulfilled promises raises significant doubts about Centra Coin’s legitimacy.

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Technology Analysis of Centra Coin

While the concept of Centra Coin leveraging blockchain for financial services is promising, its technical execution faced challenges:

  • Relying on Ethereum: Dependence on the Ethereum network for transactions.
  • Limited Capabilities: Constraints imposed by operating atop Ethereum.
  • Card Network Integration: Lack of evidence for direct integrations with Visa and Mastercard.
  • Technological Readiness: Secrecy around systems and data raises questions about implementation readiness.

Centra Coin’s technical shortcomings, coupled with dubious partnerships, question its viability and adoption potential.

Centra Coin’s Price History

Analyzing CTR’s price history reveals a tumultuous journey:

  • Post ICO: Initial surge followed by a crash below $0.20 within weeks.
  • Mid-2018: Fraud accusations led to a 99% plunge to around $0.001.
  • Subsequent Years: Volatile but low-volume spikes, slumping to $0.0002 today.

CTR’s price behavior suggests manipulation rather than genuine demand, reflecting the coin’s dubious fundamentals.

Is Centra Coin A Legitimate Investment?

A comprehensive examination leads to the conclusion that Centra Coin is far from a legitimate investment opportunity:

  • Founders with Fraudulent Past: Co-founders involved in legal troubles and flight from authorities.
  • Faked Partnerships: Claims of major partnerships without substantiated evidence.
  • Poor Transparency: Lack of openness regarding token metrics, finance, and business plans.
  • Failure to Deliver: $32 million raised, yet no tangible product delivered.
  • Technological Flaws: ERC20 token model and lack of integration evidence question its functionality.
  • Ongoing Legal Issues: Active pursuit by authorities indicates unresolved problems.
  • Speculative Price Action: Manipulated price movements without genuine demand.
  • Low Community Interest: Minimal trading volumes and market cap demonstrate limited faith.

Investing in Centra Coin appears highly imprudent, considering the blatant signs of a scam and the ongoing legal challenges.

Red Flags In Investing

Centra Coin serves as a stark reminder of the red flags investors should be vigilant about:

  • Thorough Background Checks: Research founders’ histories for credibility.
  • Verify Extraordinary Claims: Scrutinize claims of major partnerships.
  • Transparency Matters: Be wary of projects with minimal transparency.
  • Tech Viability: Ensure cryptocurrency projects have a usable, functioning technology.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Monitor legal issues and regulatory scrutiny.
  • Price Action Analysis: Observe price movements for signs of manipulation.
  • Cut Losses When Needed: Don’t hold onto assets facing legal troubles or evident issues.
  • Invest Wisely: Allocate only what you can afford to lose in speculative ventures.

Centra Coin stands as a cautionary tale, urging investors to exercise discernment and avoid blind optimism.


In wrapping up this extensive exploration of Centra Coin, it becomes glaringly apparent that what began as an ambitious venture in the cryptocurrency realm has devolved into a cautionary tale of deceit and legal turmoil. Founded in 2017 with promises of revolutionizing financial services, Centra Coin’s trajectory has been tumultuous, marked by unfulfilled claims, a web of controversy, and a legal fallout that continues to cast a shadow over its legitimacy.

The historical background reveals a project initiated by three co-founders with a vision of creating a usable digital currency for everyday transactions. However, the lofty promises of partnerships with major corporations like Visa and Mastercard were never substantiated, leading to a cascade of legal investigations and the arrest of co-founder Robert Farkas. The aftermath saw a plummet in faith and trust in Centra Coin, leaving its legitimacy in question.

Examining the technological underpinnings of Centra Coin exposes critical flaws. Relying on the Ethereum blockchain network, the ERC20 token model, and the lack of evidence for claimed integrations with card networks raise doubts about the project’s viability and its ability to deliver on its ambitious vision. The technological promise of a versatile cryptocurrency for financial services appears unfulfilled and compromised.

The controversy surrounding Centra Coin is multifaceted, from fabricated partnerships and a co-founder with a history of fraud to fleeing executives and poor transparency. The litany of red flags, combined with wild price swings and ongoing legal troubles, paints a vivid picture of a project that falls far short of the trustworthiness and legitimacy one would expect in the cryptocurrency space.

Centra Coin’s price history further reflects its troubled journey. From an initial surge post-ICO to a subsequent crash and a current state of speculative, manipulated price movements, the coin’s value has eroded over time. The illiquid nature of CTR, coupled with minimal trading volumes and market cap, highlights the lack of genuine demand or interest in the cryptocurrency.

In the broader context of investing, Centra Coin serves as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence and skepticism. From scrutinizing founders’ backgrounds and verifying extraordinary claims to prioritizing transparency and heeding legal red flags, investors can draw valuable lessons from the pitfalls of Centra Coin.

In conclusion, the extensive analysis conducted on Centra Coin leads to an unequivocal verdict – it stands as an exemplar of a cryptocurrency scam rather than a legitimate investment opportunity. The founders’ deceptive tactics, legal entanglements, and the absence of any tangible product delivery underscore the need for vigilance and discernment in the dynamic and sometimes precarious landscape of cryptocurrency investing. As investors navigate this space, the cautionary tale of Centra Coin serves as a poignant reminder to tread carefully, question boldly, and, above all, exercise prudence in capital allocation.

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