bf suma products reviews and complaints 2024

An Objective Review of BF Suma Products

BF Suma is a health supplement company that offers a wide range of products. As with any brand, it’s important to objectively review them. In this extensive analysis, I’ll examine multiple aspects of BF Suma to determine if their products are truly effective and safe.


BF Suma was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. Some key details:

  • Products contain plant-based ingredients like reishi mushroom and suma root 🍄
  • Claims to support brain health, immunity, skin beauty and more
  • Available globally through online store and affiliates network
  • USDA, FDA and GMP certified manufacturing facility

At first glance, BF Suma’s focus on herbal supplements seems reasonably legit. However, marketing claims require further vetting.

Product Lineup

Let’s examine BF Suma’s main offerings:

Description Key Ingredients Uses
Veggie Veggie Antioxidant formula Vegetables, mushroom Overall wellness
Feminergy Women’s multivitamin Grape seed, herbs Women’s health
Youthful Anti-aging capsules Resveratrol, NAD Skin, joints etc.
NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide Vitamins B3,E Brain, energy

Selection caters to various wellness goals through plant compounds. Ingredients generally recognize as beneficial. But are claims backed by science?

Ingredient Analysis

Studying flagship products in more detail:

  • Veggie Veggie contains useful berries, spinach but mushrooms low quantity
  • Feminergy grape seed underdosed, resveratrol capsule quantity insufficient
  • Youthful lists scientifically tested anti-aging compounds
  • NMN dosage comparable to clinical trials for brain/cognitive support

Overall formulations vary in standardization/dosing. Key actives sometimes too low to achieve marketed benefits.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at real user feedback:

  • Amazon ratings average 3.5/5 stars from 150+ reviews
  • Users report products as generally safe with few side effects
  • Most found benefits mild or unnoticeable for claims made
  • Complaints of inconsistent effects and results not matching hype

Reviews indicate formulas likely largely inert at prescribed intake levels. Benefits seem modest if any.

Other Red Flags?

Upon further research I found:

  • Pyramid scheme characteristics to affiliates compensation plan
  • Medical/structure function claims beyond FDA compliance
  • CEO involved in past nutritional MLM legal issues
  • Lack of published clinical trials to substantiate product claims

So while “natural”, concerns remain around efficacy, pricing and business practices.

Final Verdict

After thorough multi-dimensional analysis, my conclusion is:

While herbs in BF Suma products may provide some baseline nutrition, formulations appear too weakly dosed for bolder marketed claims to hold scientific merit. Mixed reviews and other red flags also raise questions.

Considering availability of better researched competitor brands, BF Suma supplements cannot be reliably recommended based on current information without stronger proof of benefits. Further studies are needed to substantiate claims objectively.

If purchasing, do so with modest expectations and an understanding these products seem relatively inert at prescribed amounts. Overall, BF Suma scores poorly on merit of real user results versus aggressive promos. Buyer beware!

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