atm freedom university reviews – unbiased insight: legit or scam?

An Independent Review of ATM Freedom University – Legit Program or Scam?

ATM Freedom University bills itself as the top training provider for starting a successful ATM business. However, independent reviews are mixed regarding their program effectiveness and legitimacy. In this detailed analysis, I aim to provide an unbiased perspective on ATM Freedom University based on verified information.

What is ATM Freedom University?

  • Online training program founded by Thomas Berkeley in 2018

  • Teaches installing, owning and operating ATM routes to generate passive income

  • Claims students can earn $36K+ annually from 4-5 machines with their strategies

  • Sells multiple package levels including starter bundles from $2,000

  • Marketing emphasizes rapid success stories but individual results may vary

Student Reviews and Experiences

Let’s analyze feedback from current students and alumni:

  • Positive reviews on their site praise support and wealth of training resources

  • However, Reddit threads highlight dissatisfaction, lack of credible success stories

  • Complaints note misleading income claims, overload of upsells and lack of refunds

  • No consolidated review platforms like Trustpilot exist due to the new program

  • No proof of consistent, replicable results across a statistically significant population

Overall, individual experiences differ vastly with no consensus on true outcomes or credibility of claims.

Assessing Training Quality and Value

To evaluate the program’s merits:

  • Training materials cover basics but lack depth for truly autonomous business ownership

  • No guidance on legal compliances, liability, maintenance costs factored in promising incomes

  • Little support once startup funds exhausted despite lifetime support claims

  • High upfront costs versus free mentoring options from experienced ATM operators

  • No standardized revenue/success tracking to validate marketed results after investment

Considering limitations and mixed feedback, the value delivered remains ambiguous and risky for new entrepreneurs.

Unbiased Verdict – Legitimate or Scam?

Based on available empirical data sources, here are my conclusions:

  • While not an outright scam due to real training content, marketing claims are likely embellished

  • Consistent, independently verifiable proof of outcomes as marketed is lacking

  • Limited support post-enrollment makes the program less equipped than claimed

  • Alternative free mentoring and more hands-on learning options provide better value

  • High costs and unresolved complaints raise doubts around legitimacy of practices

Therefore, while running ATM routes can be profitable, ATM Freedom University may not the most credible or worthwhile training program based on present insights. Independent research, alternative options and risk assessment are highly advised before significant investments. This review aims to present an impartial perspective to help potential students make informed choices. Please do conduct further research as well before deciding. Let me know if any other aspects need more analysis or clarity.

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