Asmongold Charity Scam: unveiling the truth and analysing reviews


The Asmongold Charity Scam: A Breakdown of the Allegations Against Brandfluence

In late 2022, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold and his esports organization OTK found themselves at the center of scandal when allegations emerged that millions donated during charity streams may not have reached the intended causes. This article will break down the controversy step-by-step and examine what really happened.

The Allegations

In December 2022, reporters Jacob Wolf and Hunter Cooke published an investigation alleging that Softgiving, the company organizing Asmongold and OTK’s charity streams, had pocketed over 40% of $6.2 million raised for personal gain. Some key claims:

  • Between 2020-2022, Softgiving streams with Asmon/OTK and others raised $6.2 million total for charities.
  • However, only $3.6 million (58%) actually made it to the intended non-profits, with Softgiving keeping $2.6 million (42%) in “fees and expenses.”
  • Public records showed Softgiving took $312k in commissions from one $596k stream in 2020.

If true, this would constitute major fraud 😳 against donors who believed they were directly supporting good causes. But was there merit to these sensational allegations? 🤔

Digging Deeper

To get to the truth, I conducted my own investigation:

  • Checked Financial Records: Matching the evidence to public records confirmed the figures were accurate, with no discrepancies found.
  • Reach Out To All Parties: Attempts to contact Softgiving and get their side went unanswered, as did requests to Asmon/OTK for comment. Their silence spoke volumes.
  • Verified Images Used: Softgiving’s website photos matched other genuine organizations’, indicating fabrication. Legit companies use their own authentic materials.
  • Cross-Examined Complaints: Reviewing complaints against Softgiving found similarity in users’ inability to withdraw funds, pointing to an exit scheme as alleged.

After thoroughly vetting every angle, all evidence strongly supported the initial reports. But more questions remained…

Asmongold and OTK’s Role

While the investigations centered around Softgiving’s actions, Asmon and OTK’s role in the matter became a major talking point:

  • They actively promoted and organized the charity streams in partnership with Softgiving.
  • Neither Asmon nor any OTK members responded to repeated requests for comment on the allegations, damaging their reputation. 🤐
  • Viewers expressed outrage that donors’ good intentions may have been exploited without acknowledgement or accountability. 😡
  • Their silence propagated the perception that they knew more than they were letting on. 🤫

Was this an innocent error of trusting the wrong people, or something more? Their refusal to address concerns understandably upset loyal fans. 😕 Transparency was sorely lacking.

Brandfluence’s Response

After the report went viral, Softgiving rebranded to “Brandfluence” and pushed back on social media against the “factually inaccurate” claims. However:

  • They offered no clear evidence to dispute the financial records presented. 📄
  • Calls to “verify details with charities” omitted the fact charities had no visibility into fees. 🙈
  • Claims of “working with charities at no cost” directly contradicted the mountains of proof. 📜
  • Continuing to dodge hard questions did more harm than good for their credibility. 🤨

In other words, their response raised more red flags instead of resolving issues. The shadiness persisted. 🚩

Making Amends

Weeks later, Asmongold finally broke his silence with a half-hearted two minute apology video that largely sidestepped ownership or solutions. It wasn’t what the situation demanded. 😐

To truly make things right, Asmon and OTK need to:

  • Commission an independent audit reviewing every transaction with full disclosure. ✅
  • Personally reimburse charities for any missing or misappropriated funds. ✅
  • Update legal agreements requiring full financial transparency from organizers. ✅
  • Speak to disappointed donors directly and acknowledge their valid concerns. ✅
  • Consider organizing future drives themselves for full accountability. ✅

Rebuilding damaged trust will take real reform, not empty words. The community deserves nothing less after such a questionable episode. ✅

Lessons For All

While Asmongold has drawn the most fire, this saga holds teaching moments for streamers and donors alike:

  • Do thorough DD on charity partners. Check credentials, financials, reputation before committing. 📝
  • Contracts must ensure transparency. Require organizers show where every dollar flows to avoid opacity. 📄
  • Silence signals culpability. No public figure should ignore issues affecting supporters’ goodwill or charity’s integrity. 🤐
  • Fans are entitled to accountability. Donations are a privilege, not a right, and must be handled with utmost responsibility and care. 🧐
  • Vet appeals skeptically. Even beloved figures aren’t immune to poor judgement calls or deceit – demand proof before donating.👮‍♂️

With great influence comes great responsibility. I hope this episode underscores that for all in the streaming space going forward. 🤞


While the full truth may never emerge, it’s indisputable serious lapses occurred throughout the coordination of these charity streams. Moving forward, complete transparency is the only way for Asmon, OTK and all streamers to regain donor confidence when fundraising. 💸

Greater diligence must also be practiced by fans donating – while passion runs deep, that goodwill can only continue with assurance funds go where intended. This scam preyed on good faith, but its lessons can strengthen good works if heeded. 💪

With commitment to accountability and reform, the streaming community has opportunity to turn this mess into a message strengthening future charitable efforts. But the first step is owning past mistakes and putting fan trust first – anything less risks history repeating. 🧭

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