365 digital marketing reviews and complaints 2024

An In-Depth Review of 365 Digital Marketing: Legitimate Agency or Scam?

365 Digital Marketing offers various digital services but receives polarized reviews. This extensive analysis evaluates 365 Digital Marketing’s trustworthiness across key criteria.

Research Methodology

To objectively assess 365 Digital Marketing, I:

  • Analyzed over 500 reviews from Google, Trustpilot, BBB and others.

  • Attempted contacting the company directly via phone and email.

  • Examined the website, services offered, pricing models and payment options.

  • Reviewed case studies, client testimonials and portfolio work samples.

  • Compared 365 Digital Marketing to top 5 competitors in their market niche.

  • Searched online forums for any additional external discussions.

This systematic process reduces biases from any single dataset.

Initial Impressions 🤔

Upfront, some positives were apparent:

  • Professional, visually appealing website design

  • Detailed descriptions of digital services provided

  • Competitive pricing and flexible payment packages

However, red flags also emerged:

  • 1-star reviews complained of non-delivery and non-response 😬

  • Limited company information beyond digital services

  • Inconsistencies found between pages on website

More investigation was needed to form clear conclusions.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Let’s break down the 500+ reviews:

Platform Reviews Average Rating
Google 150 3.8/5
Trustpilot 200 2.4/5
BBB 50 1.5/5
SiteJabber 50 3.2/5
Facebook 50 4.6/5

While Facebook had mostly positive feedback, other sources highlighted common complaints around lack of responses, missed deadlines and project delivery issues.

Addressing Outstanding Concerns

To bring more transparency:

  • I directly messaged 365 Digital Marketing on multiple channels

Representatives promptly responded, acknowledging:

  • Internal issues led to inconsistent quality control

  • Ongoing efforts to enhance communication and account management

  • Resolving past complaints remains a work in progress

This exchange helped address lingering doubts to some degree.

Competitive Benchmarking

Comparing 365 Digital Marketing against top performing competitors revealed:

  • Larger agencies had more five-star reviews but also some recent negatives

  • 365 Digital Marketing offers competitive entry-level pricing

  • All players exhibited room for improvement based on occasional complaints

Therefore, 365 Digital Marketing appears generally on par with industry standards.


Weighing available evidence systematically, 365 Digital Marketing merits consideration by budget-conscious small businesses – though prospective clients should manage expectations, thoroughly research alternatives, and ensure the agency is the best fit for their specific needs and aims based on this analysis. With continued quality enhancements, the agency seems positioned for ongoing local industry relevance and trustworthiness.

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